Meet The Cute One From The Connelly Family

In August Rush, I play a rock ‘n’ roll guitarist from Dublin. I play Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ brother, and I play in a band with him, that moves to New York from Ireland.

It’s a really great supporting role. I can’t wait for it. My own guitar is in the movie, too.

– Alex O’Loughlin, MediaBlvd Magazine, Nov 2007


Irish temperament channeled by an Aussie 🙂



I lived with Johnny and the other guys in the band for four months.

We had to learn all the music that we perform in the film so we developed relationships.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Dolly, February 2008

The main thing was that I had a lot of work to do on the accent.

I was hanging out with other Irish guys and we played a lot of music together.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Dolly, February 2008

Question: What was working with Jonathan Rhys Meyers like?

Alex: Johnny and I played brothers and we lived together for the duration of filming in New York.

Johnny and his real life brother Jamie – he’s in the movie as well as the drummer of the band we’re all in – and I all lived together and we had a blast.

It was great being surrounded by Irish accents, too. We just tore the piss out of each other the whole time, we had a great repartee and they have a great sense of humour.

Jonathan is really well-read, a really smart guy.

– Alex O’Loughlin, News Weekly, 3 March 2008

Question: Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays your brother in August Rush. What’s he like?

Alex: He is sort of a model-like beautiful person and I am this hairy,  Aussie dude and I am thinking, ‘No-one’s gonna buy it’.

But we got on famously. We jammed together every day and went out at night.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Cleo Entertainment, April 2008

Question: What was it like to get a part in a film (August Rush) with such an amazing cast?

Alex: It was tricky, because I had to accept a local hire which is a kind of contract with Warner Brothers where I had to find my own accommodation and being in New York for four months, you do the maths, you don’t end up making money doing a film like that, but to have it on your resume, these are the sacrifices you make.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Cleo, March 2008



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19 responses to “Meet The Cute One From The Connelly Family

  1. karen1228

    Funny how a movie that had Robin Williams in it stayed so far under the radar! Alex was very good in it and I always thought his and JRM’s roles should have been reversed. Now for then, he could have lived with me for(ever) 4 months!!


    • FarkSpark

      Alex did actually read for JRM’s role, and did well at audition but they needed a bigger name to carry the movie…so I read somewhere, anyhow!


  2. OK, that settles it: I’ve got to have “August Rush”, too. I’ve already got the soundtrack because I really loved the music of this movie but up to now I’ve never realized that Alex actually played Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ brother! I know I’m a bad fan… 😉 And, hey, this was actually the first movie I saw Alex in. Somehow, though, I didn’t really notice him. Bad fangirl…
    Thx for the reminder! 🙂


  3. Kimphin1

    It’s funny – I’d seen August Rush on TV, but only the last half hour or so – and I wasn’t overly thrilled with the movie. Then I found out that Alex was in it! HELLO! So much better now, LOL.


  4. He made a great rock star. No surprise with a little bad boy and a lot of hot. I also really liked this movie.


  5. Alex should have played the lead, he was not on nearly enough now…


  6. “I am this hairy, Aussie dude”
    And the fangirls love you for it, Alex! You, Manly Masculine Man!


    • buttercup4u

      I love the hairy, Aussie dude, Manly Masculine Man! Yeah Andre3a, where are all the men with their hair 😆
      I love a man with some hair!


  7. lindae5o

    My only reason to watch this movie again is to fast-forward to Alex’s scenes. He was the best part of August Rush – real star-power !! The rest of the movie was just too tedious and slow, I wanted the two main characters to just find each other !!! Freddie Highmore was adorable. Robin Williams was so miscast in this, he just grated on my nerves.
    Love the gifs !!! Marshall and McG have the same beer-drinking mannerisms !!


  8. I love this movie and I love Alex for making me love this movie because if he wasn’t in it, I would never have watched it, and Alex aside, it’s a fantastic piece of film 🙂


  9. Donna

    I really enjoyed this movie. Johnny and Alex had a good chemistry. Wonder if they still are in touch. I would veery much like to see them worked together again. My 2 favoirte people.

    I noticed on H5O, did Alex have is birthmark removed on the right cheek? I don’t see it anymore.


  10. Definitely Marshall is my favorite Connelly brother. He is a hot guitar player and the role is too small for talented actor like him. Please can you add the deleted scene between Louis and Marshall for all the ladies here melt with his irish accent, please? Or even gifs of this scene? Thank you for bringing Marshall today. I loved this post.


  11. buttercup4u

    This is just great, Paula, you remind us what IntenseStudy is all about, not only SteveMcGarrett but also all these other roles he played, and you showed us how frkn sexy he looked in this movie, I mean, c’mon give that man a guitar to play, asap, I wanna see more of the p!nkbeAst and eyebrowPorn, they are fabolous alone, but together their just the best of the best!


    • FarkSpark

      I see a Season 5 undercover rock group where H50 have to form a band…that would be SO hilarious lol! Well, hilarious and HOT where it comes to AOL strumming those strong fingers…!


  12. karen

    AR was a very good movie, with amazing music, but Alex’s role was much too small. Same with that dead kid’s ghost movie. lol


  13. alexnymph

    Great post, good quotes. Poor guy, he thinks he’s less desirable because he has hair? Needless to say I’d take him over JRM any day. Id’ take him over ANYONE any day.

    JRM did his own singing, and I’m assuming Alex’s backup singing was also his own. Anyone have any good audio equipment to isolate Alex’s singing for us?


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