Steve McGarrett and the ‘Wife Beater’. It’s a Poll.

We both here at Intense Study knew about the term ‘wife beater‘, but were not sure how it is used correctly. As far as we understand, it apparently is a form-fitting white tank top or a vest. Something to do with Marlon Brando’s character Stanly in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ wearing it in the movie where he was beating up his wife, while he was drunk (and of course wearing the white vest).

In Epi 1:10, we were treated with McGarrett in such a wife beater. I know there are a lot of women who say they do not like a man in it, but really, a guy with a good body looks awesome in it. 😛 Just look at the picture of him in Epi 1:10 and tell me Steve/Alex does not look gorgeous in it! Unfortunately this was the only time we ever saw him in that white wife beater/guinea tee/vest/singlet/tank top  – or whatever you want to call it…….


It seems the correct term for other tank top shirts, when they are worn as outer shirts and are not intended to be an under garment, is an A-shirt (athletic shirts).

Season 1

Navy SEALS need to stay physically fit and will obviously train a lot. If Steve does not want to run around shirtless all the time, such a sleeveless A-shirt is a good idea. Therefor it is easy to see why he would be wearing his shirt when he is training to keep fit. First time we see him in his Navy SEAL A-shirt, is in Epi  1:14 when he is working around the house. The second time we see him in it, he is jogging and enjoying the beautiful views in Hawaii, in Epi 1:22.

In Epi 1:20 he is wearing a grey vest under his shirt, while he and Danny is hiking in the mountains. It is not really 100% part of this category because he was wearing an over shirt, but he just looked so gorgeous in this episode in general – we had to include it! 😀

Season 2

Of course ever good ‘criminal’ needs a grey vest under his orange overall. So why should McGarrett be any different? He needs his vest to look manly and mean, doing his push-ups in his prison cell. He also looked gorgeous, breaking out of prison all wounded and running around in the vest and his orange overall in Epi 2:01. 😀

When our SEAL had to carry a colleague down a mountain, he also needed the proper outfit 😛 . In Epi 2:15 we see the Commander all dressed up in his Navy SEAL singlet, running up Koko head with Lori and playing the proper gentleman, when he carried the damsel in distress down. This was of course after she twisted her ankle.

Season 3

As what should we classify the shirt in Epi 3:03 (when Steve and Danno are stranded in the dingy) – as a T-shirt or is it an A-shirt? Of course he looked so cute and his arms were so gorgeous without the sleeves, we just had to add it in here, in this post. 🙂

No man can go after intruders shirtless – so of course McGarrett just needed to put his shirt on first, in Epi 3:04 when he and Cath stormed downstairs, after hearing noises in the kitchen 😦 . Maybe better so, because they ran into mom and how awkward it would have been to run into mom half naked (with your girlfriend in tow) in your own kitchen? 😳

When handyman Steve lends a helping hand to a victim of crime to repair his boat in Epi 3:19, a workman’s outfit of jeans and a singlet, seems the best choice.

Season 4

I wonder if it is momma McG or the Navy, who taught Steve to be such a ‘gentleman’, to put a shirt on  before going outside? Of course it is a nice alternative for the make-up people to rather dress Steve in a tank-top, than to have to apply all the cover up make-up to hide the tattoos in Epi 4:03 and 4:04.

In Epi 4:09, we have Steve playing American Football with his friends and colleagues on Thanksgiving Day, wearing a large and loose tank top. Proper outfit for the occasion? Or is the shirt to big?

The singlet is a nice and easy way out for the make-up and wardrobe people, when we see Steve around the house. There are obviously lots of effort needed to cover up Alex’s tattoos when he is Steve. Most of us would surely like to see him shirtless in those scenes, but if he has to wear something, do you prefer a normal  T-shirt or a tank top?

We are pretty sure that at least the form-fitting wife beater is due for another run in the show, don’t you think? 🙂

Keep you eyes open for our follow-up post!



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29 responses to “Steve McGarrett and the ‘Wife Beater’. It’s a Poll.

  1. Anytime we get to see Alex/Steve’s arms is a good day, those tattoos need to be licked very slowly 😉


  2. gracenotpark

    Y’all come up with the moooost interesting posts, but I gotta say, this one is a new favorite! He looks so good in these tops when, frankly, most men do not. And he wears em at the right times, as a super casual shirt while laboring or exercising. They are a great compromise as a way of covering the chest ink, but still showing off his arm tats and, well, dem guns.

    So I voted for a fave, but I’m also happy with any and all of the above. 😉


  3. karen1228

    Morning Ladies! Ahh, we Americans and our words! LOL! To confuse the issue even more, some call the wife beaters “muscle” shirts since they are form-fitted and show off the men’s muscles!! Technically the grey shirts in s1,2&4 are also a wife-beaters or muscle shirts (they don’t have to be white – just form-fitting!) All the others are tanks or singlets (as you call them!) except for the light blue SEAL and the Kuakini shirts (s3&4) – they’re considered sleeveless t’s (or cut-off t’s). What can I say – this comes from a country where you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway!!


    • We call them ‘muscle t’s’ in New Zealand too. Absolutely hate the name wife beater


    • buttercup4u

      We call them “muscle shirts” too in Switzerland, althought it sounds really odd in German! I don’t usually like them, because most men haven’t got the right amount of muscle to really make it look good – but with ALEX – everything has a new dimension 😉
      Thanks for the good description – i’ve learnt some new words today!


  4. karen1228

    BTW – any shirt that we can see Alex’s tats and guns are great shirts!!


  5. kiwi1979

    Any shirt will do but my fav is the “wifebeater”. He can wear that doing anything.;)


  6. I prefer the top to hug his trim waist,abs and magnificent pecs! The “wife beater” fits him to perfection! It’s the closest thing to being topless. I love to see his skin, but if they are going to smear orange goo all over his chest, I prefer the muscle shirt. Anytime we get to see the skin glistening on his strong shoulders and clavicles, my mouth waters like a kid’s in a candy store. I know this is about the shirts, but I just have to say how much I love “the view” in 1.22. 😯 Another reason to love the tank top is for its’ “FOY viewing” length. Or, for viewing the FOY’s length 😉 😛


  7. Lisa

    Oh my, my heart is racing. Can he be any sexier? Damn that is ONE sexy man in anything! It was a hard decision to make, they are ALL good:) Let’s just say I have the cleanest iPad screen ever;). Thank you for this wonderful website, you ALWAYS make my day:)


  8. vanduyn

    Like I said previously wife beaters were MADE for this man! To me the difference between Tank tops and wife beaters is wife beaters are actually undershirts. Not that men can’t wear them as a shirt but when you buy them in the store they are packaged as under shirts.


  9. Sylvie

    I think he’s nearly the only man on earth who can wear tank top without being ridiculous. Even more he leaves me breathless wearing this. I vote for one but LOVE all of them.
    THX FOYeur for all that gorgeous photos, I’d better go and take a shower it’s too hot here suddenly.


  10. I love Steve in his tank tops Alex has the perfect body for it 🙂


  11. He looks gorgeous in all of these, they show off his yummmy arms and chest to perfection. They don;t look good on everyone tho. Must admit my mind stuttered and stalled abit on that pic of him at the top of the cliff in ‘those’ shorts OMG !! He looks very ‘happy’ to be on a run 😉


  12. “Wife beater” is my choice. No matter what colour, white, gray, blue, black, as long is a form-fitting tank top.


  13. That “Wife beater is also a “Heart thumper” MINE.!! S&T


  14. Voted for the “wife beater” (I had NEVER heard of that expression before – I’d always say “muscle shirt”, even in German) – I love the contrast between the white shirt and the tanned and tattooed body of his.

    As a side note – even if this is probably the easiest thing to do of all the things you do with the pics and gifs: I love how you made the background black&white! You’ve probably been doing that for quite a while; this is the first time I actually noticed that.


  15. buttercup4u

    This is a great post, omg I have so much to say and RL is keeping me so busy with holiday plans for the summer and my hair sucks, but THIS ….
    is always a pleasure and place to find beauty, hilariousity, gorgeousness, throbbingness, sexity, longingness and all those words (I’m sure some don’t exsist 😉 )
    Thanks 😆 and the White and Grey tanks are my fav because I love the look on Steve’s face in that grey tank in the end of the ep!


  16. buttercup4u

    BTW, is it the same grey tank he wore in prison? Max must have washed it 😆


  17. Dorian

    Alex had said in many interviews he used to do construction & loves doing it. In fact he’s been doing some reno on the first home he ever purchased In Hawaii. He loved the location of his home and knew he could do the updating it needed….( as long as he had the time off). Too bad he recently lost some personal property when there was a fire in his garage. He’s said that it was just “stuff ” and no human or animal lost their life. As anyone who has had a fire, earthquake, tornado, & other catastrophes knows it’s the lost of life that is final…stuff is stuff that can be replaced…(mostly except photos & kids drawings etc.)


  18. Season 1 When he is enjoying the view, something popped up in my head and that was the only view I have ever seen since! 😉


  19. Carolyn

    It’s a shirt. Whether you call it a ‘wife beater’ or not. And it’s not just the shirt, it’s the whole demeanor as to whether you see ‘wife beather’ or just shirt


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    Omg yes


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