Andy needs a hug…

Andy missing Rena…




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16 responses to “Andy needs a hug…

  1. I’m not a huge fan of this series and am glad that his next career move was H50, I do love the scene of the break-up, though, because you see so perfectly how hurt and sad Andy is. The way he swallows, the tears in his eyes, how he looks into the sky to control his rising emotions… heartbreaking! You just want to take him into your arms and comfort him…


  2. karen1228

    I’m more than willing to take one for the team and go hug and comfort Andy – I’ll make him forget all about wretched Rena! Poor Andy, he was so hurt and sad. He was too good for Rena anyway. Who wouldn’t want his baby???


  3. For me Andy is Alex at his most gorgeous!!


  4. I agree, Alex as Andy is absolutely goergeous.
    I didn’t like Rena anyways but Alex’s performance in this scene made it worth to have her character in the show.
    He is awesome at conveying emotions and feelings without saying a word.


  5. buttercup4u

    I love Alex as Steve McGarrett, he will always be my NavySeal 😉 (because I’m a uniform lover)!
    But Alex as Andy rocked this show and this scene especially! He was very believable as a doctor and I love his tender and caring expression he shares with his patients and HERE with Rena!
    BTW, is she the only woman refusing him, I can’t remember any woman in any serie/or movie not wanting him 😆 (must be his charme) poor actrice who played Rene, she would have gotten the chance of her life time 😉


  6. awww I’ll hug him 😀 Loved Andy, he was such a sweet Doc.


  7. ugh, i got feels. *sniff sniff*


  8. I could hug Dr. Andy all day long.


  9. vanduyn

    When doing pics of Dr. Andy I must say Alex’s look in 3R is near perfect. Simply gorgeous. It’s not my fav show but awesome just the same! Excellent post! 😀


  10. marthalomew

    He can be my Gyne anytime! Am I evil or what?!   Martha In loving memory of my Sister Maria Elena Kludzinski(1/16/58 – 3/3/13) & Brother Nestor Alfredo Escalante(2/26/63 – 2/23/93), you live in our hearts forever, love you



  11. Andy: “Having one, family, you know a home….”
    Andy: “Is this all because you don’t want kids with me?”
    Andy: “Would you have them with someone else?”
    Andy: “I love you so much, Rena!”
    Start sniffing now.
    I do.


  12. Andy needs a hug and i’ll do it anytime and anyplace.
    We hadn’t the chance to know more about this couple (troubled boy that married to his high school girlfriend/ a girl that is just focus on her job, so family is not her priority), but definitely i will never understand Rena because she gives up on Andy without a second chance, without a will for fight for his love. If she wasn’t ready to form a family why she married him?
    TY Paula for giving me a Andy post. He is so handsome.


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