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Steve McGarrett – An Officer and a Gentleman …….

What makes Hawaii Five-0 different from other cop shows we have on our Televisions at the moment? What makes it something special to watch? What makes us devoted fans love it so much and follow it religiously? I am sure, we all fall in different groups, of why we like it…….

Of course, for us here at Intense Study, it is all about Alex/ Steve McGarrett;  Navy SEAL and leader of the special task force. He is the grandson of a soldier, and his father was both a soldier and a policeman. And don’t forget, his mother is a super spy 😀 . You can say it is in his genes to protect the innocent and the weak. He is a special soldier, a warrior and protector of the land!

Most women get weak in the knees at the sight of a man in uniform. But he joined the reserve forces and is now head of the ‘Special Task Force’ of the Governor of Hawaii. It is not part of his daily life or job, to be in uniform all the time anymore 😦 .

Over the seasons of Hawaii Five-0 we have been fortunate enough to be treated with some moments of Steve in uniform. In the very first scene of the Pilot episode, we see him in his combat gear, transporting a prisoner and fight off the terrorists trying to set him free – and we fell in love of course. Next up he was flying to Hawaii, attending his dad´s funeral and meeting the Governor in full uniform. 🙂

Camouflage and Working uniform:

In Episode 1:16 we see Steve following assassins, all dressed up in his camouflage gear – with a painted face and all 😀 . One of the most adorable episodes ever – although I am not sure adorable is what they were aiming for here, for our dangerous Navy SEAL 😉 . We also see him in this uniform in Episodes 216 and 217 – for obvious reasons not my favorite. To be honest, I cringe at the sight of the thin, mostly sad looking Alex, in those scenes………

For me the best thing of Alex, when we see Steve in this working uniform again, is how healthy and gorgeous he looks – Episode 320 Alex (and Steve) at his best!

Service Dress Blues

Also in the first episode we see Steve in his Dress Blues for the first time, after his fathers funeral, meeting the Governor. And as Peter Lenkov said on the first season dvd, when they shot those scenes, they knew that they had the right McGarrett. In Episode 1:02 we see all our boys in uniform, welcoming Kono as an official graduate of the police force. For many of us that moment was very significant, the birth of the team we all love so much.

The next 2 occasions we see Steve in his Dress Blues are for Danny. First at the funeral in Episode 108, after the death of Danny’s previous partner. This episode showing us how far the friendship and trust between them had grown since their first meeting. Then it takes the writers 53 episodes to get Steve back in this uniform, on this occasion; for Danny’s custody hearing. Seeing him look so gorgeous in it, made me realise how long overdue this uniform sighting was – more than 2 seasons!

The last time we saw him in this uniform was at Freddie’s funeral. For me this scene always causes mixed feelings. It was at the end of my favorite, Episode 320. The scene is filled with all kinds of mixed emotions for me – should I laugh or cry at this point? The wig …… oh dear, the wig was awful! 🙄

Service Khaki Uniform

We have only seen Steve wearing this uniform once, when the soldier´s remains were being loaded onto the plane in Episode 2:04. Not my favorite uniform for him, but it is still a uniform and good to see, as long as the make-up on his face is not too orange. 😀


Service Dress Whites

At long last, in Season 4, we get to see Steve in his White Dress uniform. I do not know why it took the producers and writers so long to get our boy into the white uniform – 75 episodes to be exact! Only one thing can describe it ‘BREATH TAKING’! The occasion in Episode 4:05 was Billy’s funeral. But nothing compares with the yummyness of Episode 410 at the Pearl Harbor ceremony…….. SIGH….

I do not know if it is difficult for the wardrobe team to get Steve dressed in full uniform for a scene or if there is a lot of red tape and protocol surrounding it, but for me it feels like it would be nice to see our Commander more often in his uniform – maybe even see Cath help him take it off? 😛

Of course there are some other uniforms that could be worn as well, like the Dinner Dress Jackets (Whites and Blues). There is also Full Dress Whites, where the ribbons are replaced with the actual medals. We also get Service White uniform, but those, I think, we will only see from somebody who is still on active duty.

So far we have had 85 episodes, 11 of them where we see Steve in uniform (some more than one uniform and also some with longer scenes than others). The occasions feel so few to me. Did we miss any of them? (So many episodes to remember and re-watch) Do you think we get to see enough scenes of him in uniform? What was your favorite moment of Steve in uniform?



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