Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #9

Alex and guest stars on Hawaii Five-0

For young actors going to Hollywood, one of the first things you need to do is realize where they’re going to pigeonhole you – how they’re going to market you. Because if you don’t know how you’re marketable, it doesn’t matter how persistent, driven or talented you are. You’ve got to know where you fit so you can kick off from there, then you can shine in whatever direction you want.

– Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Style, March 2011

This country has afforded me, my family, work and security. For that I’m forever grateful.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Hollywood News, 31 March 2010


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14 responses to “Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #9

  1. karen1228

    Great set of photos! I wish P. Diddy would be asked back! That was a very good episode – one of the 1st times we got to see Steve shine with kids.


    • I think Alex’s own comfortable and easy way with children, changed the way they initially thought of writing McGarrett (as we saw with the boy in the elevator in 102)


  2. lindae5o

    Great photos!! Alex is the best. I hope he didn’t get any more ideas from the tattoed man, though !!! He looks too much impressed. LOL


  3. Tanja

    I love Daniela Ruah, she’s a big star in Portugal. (her and my native country)
    She and Alex make a very cute couple…..


    • I would have loved to see their to characters meet again. Not sure if they will ever do another cross-over episode again though.


      • buttercup4u

        I would have loved that too, we knew her from LA but Steve didn’t trust her entirely, he looked wonderful in that blue shirt, his eyes were shining, against the beach setting.


  4. Great photo set! These guest actors even if they aren’t sure who Alex is when they get to Hawaii, leave singing his praises, just shows just what a terrific guy we all know he is. ♥


    • All of these are from some special episodes to me. 🙂
      Think I should start making a collection of all those praises from the guest stars. I actually thought of putting the up here, but I could not easily find them, because they are mostly from tweets and interviews I do not have. :sad:.


  5. I would love to see more SEAL flashbacks. Bring back Freddie 🙂


  6. He doesn’t have twitter account but doesn’t mind to take pictures with everyone, knowing that they will post it for the fans. So thank you Alex.


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