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Steve, dressed to impress

Comparisons with the original Hawaii Five-o and the Hawaii Five-0 we all love, have never been important to me. The present era of Television is so far removed from what we had in the 70’s. Not only did technology explode since then, but acting skills and fashion changed quite a bit 😀 . I kind of feel sorry for Jack Lord and his team, who had to wear suits all the time – in Hawaii! I wonder how many different suits and ties Jack were dressed in during the 12 years and 281 episodes that were made?

Lucky for Alex, present day Steve only have to wear a suit on special occasions. But boy, he does clean up nicely once we get to see him in a suit. Over the 4 seasons there seems to be an increase in the number of occasions created by the writers for him to wear a suit. Let us investigate……..

Season 1

It looks like in Season 1, ‘The Suit’ was used for “undercover” work. In episode 103 to infiltrate an illegal casino and in episode 108 to attend the art exhibition of a drug dealer.

Season 2

In episode 202 ‘The Suit’ was used to impress the new School Principal Governor and in the end it worked more on the office spy Home Affairs girl. In episode 212 ‘The Suit’ was used for the happy occasion of Chin’s wedding – getting lei’d with it as well 😛 . In episode 216, we got treated with ‘The Tux’ to support the boss and his charity

Season 3

In episode 309, ‘The Suit’ is used for the occasion of being glorified security guards for super models 😀 . In episode 311 ‘The Tux’ was dusted off again to impress the girlfriend – unfortunately Alex Steve gained a few pounds since the Governor’s charity event 😳 . In episode 318 ‘The Suit’ made it to a funeral.

Season 4

In episode 403 ‘The Suit’ was used to support the girlfriend with her change of career paths. In episode 409 the thanks giving men of Hawaii dressed in  ‘The Suits’ to welcome the President. Just the best ‘Suit’ was used to impress intimidate the Internal Affairs men in episode 413. And in episode 414 ‘The Suit’ for the first time made it to our screens for no real prominent reason. Are we seeing a new era of Steve wearing more suits, just for the sake of wearing a suit?

As far as we have seen in the past, the fangirls love ‘The Suit’ and would like to see Steve on display in it more often. (Most of us, we think, have fantasies of ripping it off though 😛 ) . But what do you  prefer? ‘The Suit’ with of without a tie? Should the jacket come off more often (preferably with some shots from behind with it ) ? Or should we have Steve follow in the Steve of Jack Lord’s era and have him wear ‘The Suit’ all the time? Or like Danno, let him wear the dress pants with a shirt to work?

Let´s have a minipoll on which type of suited look you think is most attractive 🙂


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