Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #8

TV Guide’s Sexiest Photoshoot – 2008

Look how handsome I was back then, before I turned gray and tired

– Alex O’Loughlin, Star, 19 November 2010

I don’t know what my sexiest feature is. Maybe my widow’s peak. My eyes. I hear I have a good… ass.

– Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide, September 2009


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31 responses to “Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #8

  1. karen1228

    There isn’t a thing on this man that isn’t sexy! I actually think the gray makes him even sexier! And tired looking, NEVER. Sigh…


  2. Marnov Fucup

    His quote about grey and tired is hilarious, it always makes me chuckle 😆 #teamgrey


  3. veniascott

    Well he does not look tired to me, but even with the gray hair he is stil sexy. More sexier than he has ever been, he has never lost his sexy appea, and every part of his body is sexy so you can’t pick just one.


  4. vanduyn

    He heard right!! 😛 😉


  5. Manu

    If i have to be 100% honest this is the only photoshoot of alex that doesn’t do much for me…
    i don’t know what it is but his look, I guess mostly the hair lenght doesn’t appeal to me as much as usual, which is strange since i really like the “Mick look”.Oh well, i’m wierd…


  6. 😆 His widow’s peak?! He is so adorkable!

    I am not a huge fan of the super hairy Alex, but this photo shoot is changing my mind. I have seen it before, but I love how you have presented it and reminded us of how sexy young Alex was, while reminding us how incredibly well he has aged. I think if he could easily pull off this look again, preferably in my bed! RRARR!!
    That is one hideous bedspread he’s lying on! You know you are freaking hot when you can still be sexy on that thing. 😛
    I love what’s on the menu at that diner! He has had a “love affair” with a diner booth more than once in his photo shoots. *drool* I’d like the hot plate special please!
    The one of him smoking…Oh my…hate that he’s smoking, but can’t lie…he’s SMOKIN’! *fans self*
    He has the most beautifully sculpted face! The one in color of him lying down is one of my favorites.
    Thank you for this incredible spread! He is so clean cut in H50, that we often forget how delicious he is naughty and au natural. Serious finger twitching going on with those soft flowing curls!!


  7. there is any body know that will be sesason 5 of Hawaii 5.o or not ?


  8. alexnymph

    “Widow’s peak”? That quote always cracked me up because I don’t think he knows what that means–I can’t see that his front hairline has a distinct point on his forehead. And believe me, I’ve looked 🙂

    Hairy. Some of the photos I love, while some are too gritty/dirty looking. Sorry, not into licking sweat, would rather lick freshly cleaned man.


  9. He is gorgeous! I find it interesting that in some photos they try and cover up the tats with shirts and in some they roll up the sleeves to show them off!


  10. He does have a bit of a grunge look going on in the shoot but his natural appeal shines through. I love how it accentuates is long lean legs, and he has an incredible sultry look on his face *swoon*


  11. “Maybe my widow’s peak. My eyes. I hear I have a good… ass.”
    I love this quote, and I have never read it before!
    He’s a triple-threat to my panties
    I can see the widow’s peak in this photo:
    His eyes and a$$, well…………THUD…………’nuf said! 😀


  12. karen

    That last one with his hands behind his head is my favorite pic of him. I carry it in my wallet. God, he’s beautiful.


  13. I LOVE this “hairy” look of his! I think the longer hair and the beard are great! But, to be honest, I also like him with really short hair. I just watched “The Invisible” for the first time, and I definitely like what he looks like there, too. He’s just beautiful. Period.


    • For me it shows his diversity in looks, just like the diversity in his acting. The very short buzz cut in ‘The Invisible’ suits him very well. He looked so gorgeous in that scene in the workshop, when the cop visited him!


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