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#AlexOLoughlin : I’m More Dangerous, When I’m Naked ………

On the talk show Ellen in May last year it was mentioned that Alex frequently loses his shirt as Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0. Of course for me that was the biggest joke I heard all year. …… Ellen is an extremely funny lady, but I do not think she knew it was a joke though!


(As you can see, they were still using this gorgeous picture from Season 1 😦 )

I know Hawaii Five-0 is not Baywatch and I really do not expect our special task force to run around half naked on the beach in every episode. But it is Hawaii and people in Hawaii swim and surf and enjoy the outdoor life (as far as I know). We often see extras and guest stars on the beach, but speaking for myself, I do not watch the show for them. I watch it for the regular stars and what they do – and specifically for Alex.

Up until now we have had 85 episodes of Hawaii Five-0. In Season 1, there were 24 episodes and in 7 of them we see Steve shirtless (29%). Epi 1:01 at his house, Epi 1:02 swimming, Epi 1:04 changing shirts, Epi 1:05 in bed with Cath. Epi 1:07 swimming to the boat, Epi 1:10 diving with Kono and Epi 1:11 fishing with Chin.


In Season 2 there were 23 episodes, with Steve shirtless in 5 of them (21%). Epi 2:01 on Max’s couch, Epi 2:04 diving with Joe, Epi 2:06 MMA fighting, Epi 2:09 getting out of bed and Epi 2:19 surfing with Danno.

In Season 3 there were 24 episodes and we find Steve shirtless in a “record” number of 3 episodes (12%) 🙄 . Epi 3:02 at the funeral. Epi 3:03 in the dingy and Epi 3:04 in bed with Cath.

And in Season 4, we have had 14 out of 22 episodes so far, with Steve shirtless in 3 of them. Epi 4:01 when Steve changes shirts, Epi 403 waking up alone in bed and Epi 4:07 in the shower. We have seen pictures from the set of Alex in  the water, so hopefully there will be one more shirtless scene for the season. That will make it 4 out of 22 for this season (18%).

Adding up all of these, by the end of this season we would have had 93 episodes, with Steve shirtless in 19 – just about 20% of them.

People who read our blog regularly will know that we love Alex just as much for his acting talent, his goofiness and his compassion, as for him being pretty, sexy and with a yummy body. I for one can’t wait to see Alex in a well written movie, where he can put all his talent on display. But let’s face it, his present job is in an averagely written action series, filmed in Hawaii. Every now and again there is a chance for him to show his real acting talent, but for the most part it they are just going through the motions of another crime of the week and Steve being Steve. As far as I understand it, that is what the Network wants, a police procedural set in Hawaii and that is what we get for the most part.

Although I am complaining about the lack of skin, I also want to thank Alex for at least being a good sport and doing the shirtless scenes. If we as fans of him are complaining, I only feel pity for the fans of the other regulars of the show, because they get even less skin ……… And I know it is sometimes difficult to have Steve shirtless, because there has to be covering up of tattoos and adding of some scars. And as an Alex fan, I thank you for the little we at least get!

Erin: I’d love to know how many sit-ups, when you started to realise that you had to come back to the show?

Alex [Jokingly]: Oh you know 30 000 a day, I try to do 30 000 a day.

– Alex O’Loughlin, ET Canada Exclusive, September 2011

I know the first thing a lot of people will say is that Alex is just a body for us Pervs and that is why we are complaining. For me life is about love, passion, humour, beauty and yes, also drama. We are humans of flesh and blood and we are made to appreciate it all, otherwise we can just as well leave these bodies and this earth. If we want those things in life, we want it in even higher doses in our entertainment …….. if we don’t get it, we search somewhere else to get our “fix”!


To summarize how I feel about this season:

Each episode on its own was good. The writers worked hard at creating a story for each episode and all the hard work in making these episodes, made each one a little masterpiece on its own. BUT even though most of the episodes brought a tear to the eye, it has left me cold about most of the regular characters and who they are. I kind of miss some real passion from Steve towards his team, the people they help during their cases and his lover, Catherine. The actors in the series are a bunch of pretty people with well kept bodies, but it is as if the creators want to hide it and make them into ordinary, mostly passionless people, with the pretty and the sexy rarely on display.

As the season has gone on, their passion dwindled, the beauty on display became less and the humour has become average old stuff. There has been some fresh humour with Lou in the show, but somehow  it lacks some sort of spark for me. The overall story also missed some drama – with no Wo Fat, Mom (Doris), Mary, Joe or Rachel on a regular basis to spice things up! True, we have had some Mary and aunt Deb in a lovelyThanksgiving’ episode – but as I said the episode on its own was good, without having any meaning for the series as a whole, just as the ‘Pearl Harbor’ episode……


My wish for the rest of Season 4 and if it happens Season 5, is that the story tellers will start using their biggest assets. They have created wonderful characters who we loved from day one in the Pilot episode. Please use those characters in your stories!! So many times in interviews, we hear Alex and Scott ask for some character stuff and how much they enjoy doing it. Well, we as regular viewers do as well. And more regular viewers might be created, if they got invested in a more solid ongoing story and characters.

Please use all the talents of the actors – AND by that I mean, they are all pretty decent at their craft of acting and they are pretty people, who can at least show us that they are human and passionate ……. and have great bodies!

……. AND please let Alex’s hair grow out a bit more 🙂

It’s part of why they take my clothes of on the show, it’s because I am more dangerous when I’m naked [Laughs].

– Alex O’Loughlin, ET Canada Exclusive, September 2011

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