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Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and got us ……. Part 7

By now our regular readers know what we do with these posts. We look at the search terms that got people to our site and we have some fun answering them, just in case the people did not find what they were looking for. We think a lot of them fits rather well with the Valentine’s theme………


  • is alex o’loughlin shy

Not sure …… but we think so 😆 .

  • alex o’loughlin with model

(We really need another photoshoot from Alex – soon!!biglove  )

  • alex o loughlin tattoos meaning

“They all have a meaning… but we all need secrets :wink:

– Alex O’Loughlin, TV.com Live Chat, 1 October 2009

  • alex o’loughlin naked fake


We do not have fake naked pictures of Alex, but we do have semi-naked pictures of him with fake tattoos 😀

  • two fingers foreplay


  • alex o’loughlin latest news

We do not post all the latest news here on our WP blog, but we do post some of the news we find interesting on our Facebook page. There are various sites who do post all the latest news regularly and you can find them on our blog roll on the right hand side of the page.  🙂

  • girl takes-bath in old barn


This is not an old barn and the girl is not alone…….*love*

  • has alex o’loughlin ever used his australian accent in a u.s. tv show?

Not officially, but here is a comment from him on it: 🙂 :

“When it gets tricky is for instance at the end of a 16-hour day… That’s when my Aussie really comes out, is when I’m tired.”

– Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Australia, November 2011

  • sexy mcgarrett nude

I guess that will never happen. At the moment we have to be satisfied with 3 shirtless scenes during any given season – nowhere near nude. Apparently all the hard work Alex puts into his training, is not to be shared with the Hawaii Five-0 fans 😦

Maybe these will help 😀

  • studies of the nude body

  • in which movie was alex o’loughlin naked


In FEED, Whiteout and Oyster Farmer

  • did alex o’louglin do nude scenes


No, he always uses a body double 😛

(Only joking – see previous search. 🙂 )

  • alex o loughlin boxers or briefs

Click me and hear him say it! 😛




  • hairy

TV Guide Sexiest - May 2008 (1)

  • steve gives himself a needle on hawaii five-0

Click to find the story of the ‘Brave One’

  • pants pulled off


  • alex o’loughlin length

Is this a trick question? 😛

(Of course it always depends on the temperature outside! 😳 )

Let´s not forget to bring a ruler on our trip to HI .

  • what kind of tattoos does steve magarrett from hawaii five o have

Ink? 😆

  • nude of alex oloughlin worth???


Is there a nude painting of Alex somewhere?

I am sure it is worth millions 😀

  • real alex o’loughlin twitter


There is no real Alex O’Loughlin Twitter account!! It really breaks my heart whenever I see people following accounts that uses Alex O’Loughlin’s name without stating that they are a fan site. And also people using the word ‘official’ in the titles of their Facebook pages and sites. Alex does not have a twitter account and there is only one Official Fan Facebook Page for him, run by his publicist

– Please don’t be fooled by fake sites, pages or twitter accounts!! 😦

  • ugly tatoos on mcgarrett

We looked but could not find any ugly tattoos on him – sorry! 😀

  • what do people thimk of alex oloughlin

?? 🙄 ??

  • does alex o’loughlin like have sex


We don’t know for sure……..but

Question: What would you consider to be the secret to a successful relationship?
Alex: (Laughs) I was hoping you were going to give me some tips! OK, look, it’s so cliché, but it’s true: honesty and communication. And a good sex life.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Women’s Health Magazine, January 2012

  • what is the sex scene time in the oyster farmer?


Tricky question again – when do we start the clock? When they start kissing, remove their clothes OR get down to business ………. ? 😛

(either 1 minute 45 sec or 1 minute 20 sec – to me a very satisfying quickie :drool: )

  • alex o loughlin sexiest movie role

Maybe we should vote on it? 😀

  • jason statham

Sorry, wrong site……

  • alex o’loughlin dog


  • has alex o laughlin ever done porn?

Definitely every time he is on screen – Arm P0rn, Vein Porn, Tongue P0rn, Toe control P0rn…….. the list goes to infinity and beyond! 😀

  • does alex o’loughlin flirt


One word – eyesexing

  • alex o’loughlin embarrass armpit

GQ 1


  • alex o’loughlin and michelle on couch



  • hottest kisses ever images

Yes they all are ……. Vote for the best of the best – find your favorite kiss!

  • keep calm and love steve mcgarrett


  • wet girls and boys in the shower


  • what shirts does steve mcgarrett wear


DUH! A blue one of course – maybe the B&W got you confused? 😀

  • erotic story alex o loughlin

To us his whole story is erotic! I love you

Hope you enjoyed the Alex Valentine’s fun with us – every inch and thrust of him 😛 !





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