Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #6

I like my job, and I’m not naive or ignorant to the nature of what happens in this industry, but I didn’t become an actor to get famous. I became an actor because I love the work.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Movieline, 19 April 2010

Alex on the set of The Back-Up Plan

A lot of people think chemistry is strictly sexual and it’s not the case. I have chemistry with my mates, you know? It’s about two people who have a common interest in one another, who get each other, who understand each other’s rhythms, who can riff each other, who can make each other laugh — all that sort of stuff. And so we had that right away; we were laughing and the talk was easy.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Film Journal International, 16 March 2010


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28 responses to “Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #6

  1. Sylvie

    He looks so gorgeous in BUP.
    Very good choice FOYeur, nice photos and as always I like the words he said.
    Merci beaucoup.


  2. karen1228

    Funny, over the weekend cleaning around I found the BUP dvd and popped it in and enjoyed it all over again (it was way better than cleaning!!) and today I get to enjoy his gorgeousness all over again!! TY!!


  3. I’m enjoying the quotes as much as the pics 🙂
    Thank you


  4. Why doesn’t he admit that really he’s just a giant flirt and gender doesnt bother him lol 😉 Some gorgeous photos of his beautiful face thanks ♥


  5. vanduyn

    Vv gorgeous!! I fell in love with Stan as soon as I saw him. Thanks for the awesome post♥


  6. Mahalo for another great post!
    I watched BUP a few times… I watched a few S1 episodes… I never heard of AOL before, and I was like: what?? It’s the same guy?? *lol* Now, we’re in S4, I met sooo many cool and sweet and crazy girls, I started my own blog… Uhm, what I wanna say is: MAHALO 🙂 AOL UNITED


  7. FarkSpark

    Stan is the Man, for sure! I still think he and Sophia Myles had off the charts chemistry and that behind the scenes vid of them both….well, a body language expert would be saying she is definitely into


  8. I love the quotes, i love the pics, but essentially, i love the man.


  9. Alex was so dreamy as Stan. His hair was the perfect length, his body was f*ing fabulous (minus the tatts 😦 ) ,and his laugh and smile lit up the screen.
    I like him to play characters that are a little more “rough around the edges.”
    Stan was a little too sweet for my taste, until he went all “naughty boy” tearing her dress open…GUH! And WTF? NO WAY would I fall asleep after
    he threw me on the bed! Pregnancy is not a good enough excuse!
    Love the bts photo of him in his sunnies 😎 and white t-shirt with the hint of chest hair peeking out…YUMMM 😛
    Every time I read a quote of his, I fall deeper in love with this man. He has such a way of expressing himself that is so adorable and humble, but yet so profound. He is the “complete package”, not without flaws, but pretty close to perfection IMHO. 😀


    • AlexNymph

      Totally agree lurxgirl (except I like the no tats 🙂 ). The hair, the hair, the hair!!! Smile, guh! He was a bit wimpy but he made up for it. Too bad costar was JLo (Sophia would have been so much more fun).


  10. Oh l love the quotes you’ve chosen FOYeur! This man has the looks, brain and heart!
    And Stan was imho the best thing that could happen to that movie.
    I love the pic with his James-Dean-remembrance shades!


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