Steve, double take




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14 responses to “Steve, double take

  1. vanduyn

    Wow!! These are fabulous Paula!! Thanks so much 😀


  2. Marnov Fucup

    I’d need more than double helping of this. #justsayin

    Paula, you should have included a warning for people with epilepsy and people with weak heart and/or panties. The animations are pretty cool!


  3. OMcG! How cool are these? Not only you have a knack for choosing the perfect Steve-moments, the way you are “setting the stage” is marvelous! Thanks!


  4. gracenotpark

    Double take, triple take, quadruple take… if Alex-watching were an Olympic event we’d all be competing and finding increasingly fabulous and complex ways to gaze.

    Love these!


  5. Ontlls


    Um… WOW on the first one.

    When I recover I come back and look at the second one! 😉


  6. *sigh* Gorgeous work! These are just….. heavenly ♥


  7. Paula, your new work is approved! You can pick any image of Steve, Andy, Mick or any character, because the result is very cool.


  8. Ontlls

    Yep, the second one was worth the come-back to view.. Love how his lips and um.. *wipes drool of chin* 😳


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