Classic buddies from s1

That time when Danny did not mind Steve´s “bookem Danno” 🙂




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8 responses to “Classic buddies from s1

  1. Tanja

    They are sooo supercute together! I imagine that it is the same way off set. These 2 just simple love eachother, they will only deny it forever! 😀


  2. vanduyn

    Awesome post!! thanks 😀


  3. Love it! Because I soooo loooove Season 1!!!!!


  4. I do wish they would use that line more often in the later seasons , its iconic! I love it 😀 Love them. McDanno forever ♥


  5. …..Sigh! McDanno. The first bromance we all love.


  6. The iconic “Bookem Danno” will always be part of their lifes even after H50. And in this season that we had the line/phrase less times, i miss that.


  7. SueB

    I love Steve in the background when Danny pushes with his cane! He looks at his watch and wonders when lunch is?


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