Nekkid beauty, Michael, with socks on

“Promise me, you’ll never leave me “

– Deirdre, deleted scene from FEED

And who can blame her? I wouldn´t want this beauty to leave my bed…






Jack Thompson’s initial reaction when Patrick Thompson and Alex O’Loughlin brought the idea of FEED to him was, “What is this, some weird nightmare that my son and Al had conceived after some really bad night on the booze?” 😀

Link to the video clip of this deleted scene: click me



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31 responses to “Nekkid beauty, Michael, with socks on

  1. Marnov Fucup

    Wow! Shame that you couldn’t delete more of the woman in the fat suit, though, it scares me a bit. Anyway, I love this position, I mean, angle… The socks make laugh very very fierce 😆


  2. vanduyn

    Is this in the deleted scenes? thanks Paula!!


  3. Just so sexy…. even with the socks 🙂


  4. alexnymph

    Oh, if that blond nymph would only unfold its legs . . .



  5. I am savoring the curve of his delicious round @ss and those luscious long legs. Even as a blond in brown socks, the man is delectable. Thank you for FEEDing us this tasty treat today, Paula!
    ACA, alexnymph, those long legs need to be spread so we may feast on the forbidden fruit that is the FOY. Anyone else feeling hungry?


  6. karen

    How in the world did he keep it contained??? LOL


  7. Audrey

    I wouldn’t want him to leave me either.
    These are fabulous, sexy shots. Thank you Paula. XXOO


  8. marthalomew

    I’m sorry, I know he’s a great actor, but this is dead gross! Just my opinion.   Martha In loving memory of my brother Alfred(2/26/63 – 2/23/93) & sister Maria(1/16/58 – 3/3/13)



    • veniascott

      Don’t fear all us plus size gals don’t look as gross as you see in the movie. We actually look pretty good.


    • Hi Martha
      According to what Alex said in the interviews about Feed, it was the question he wanted to ask the public – Why do we find this spesific image so dead gross while we can watch death and distruction without even blinking an eyelid?


      • Thanks now I understand it I am going to re watch it again because now I get the point of it, and it has me intrested in it again. And yes see alex naked again as well he is hot here no lie.


  9. veniascott

    Maybe being a full figured woman myself, maybe someone could explain th point of feed to me. I love alex but is this movie making fun and exploting fat women? If it is it would be hard for me to accept this movie. If you know the point of feed let me know. other than that I think alex is sexy here to me. they way we hold her close the caressing and the soft kisses. Alex sure can work it.


    • Hi Venia
      I guess you missed our post on Feed earlier in Jan:
      This was my summuary on it:
      Maybe there were just too many ideas that needed to be told on a limited budget. The unusual practices of the relationship between ‘Feeders and Gainers‘, told within a thriller is definitely a unique concept. The original idea and concept was mostly to shine light on the subculture and the love and affection between the parties and also the reaction we as an audiences might have to the sight of something that shock our ideas of what is ‘normal’ – in this case a fit young beautiful man and a grossly obese woman getting off on each other. The intention of the movie makers was never to either promote or on the other hand pass judgement on anything, but to give people something to think and talk about …….. and maybe they succeeded, because here we are talking and thinking about it.
      And also:
      If you watch the interviews Alex did after the movie, you can always hear his thoughts on Feederism and the fact that he saw affection between the people involved.


      • thanks foyeur. Your explation helped. I am going to re watch the movie (I got it from Neflick) and remeber your explation now I understand it better. I did miss the feed post the first time around I will go back and watch it, I think it will help me see the story it makes sense to me. Ok any reason to see alex naked.


  10. Paula, it’s possible to put here the link with this scene for us to watch it?


  11. He is a sensual man even in those socks! *swoon* I would trade places with her any day and I don’t even need a fat suit 😉


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