Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #4

When I stopped being cerebral and became physical, my mind cleared. That’s probably why I like to be so active. It’s a huge part of the balance of who I am.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Men’s Fitness, August 2011

Alex & Egan

Jiu-jitsu fitness training

For the past six months or so, my main thing has been jiu-jitsu. I love it so much and feel like I get a really good workout from it. I do it at least three times a week

– Alex O’Loughlin, San Jose Mercury News, September 2012



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13 responses to “Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #4

  1. The first one, heh 😛 S3x bootcamp Alex styles! Am I the only who’s thinking uhm of a different form of workout?


  2. Mmm hot and sweaty Alex, imagine the smell of pheromones *swoon* ♥


  3. Egan really spoiled us with all those great pics 🙂
    Not many recently but hopefully he’ll keep them coming!
    I love watching Alex exercising, you can see how much he enjoys it


  4. Tanja

    I recently started to do yoga. When I’m in ‘Downward dog’ position, there is only one man I dream of being right under me on that mat!
    That yoga class goes by a whole lot quicker with him on my mind! 😀


  5. marthalomew

    Man I wish I could afford these lessons from him! I would be a such a kick-ass student for sure with a teacher like him!   Martha In loving memory of my brother Alfred(2/26/63 – 2/23/93) & sister Maria(1/16/58 – 3/3/13)



  6. One word…SLLLLUURRRPPP! 😛


  7. Grapple me! Unlimited!


  8. This post is a nice workout to our eyes.
    It’s been a while that Egan doesn’t give us a nice pic or even a video. A new video would be perfect.


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