New cute interview with Alex by Telestar

Lovely quality, you get to enjoy Alex in his full (clothed upper body) beauty 😛 Things I learned from watching this, Lion tries to ride poor Dusty. Alex shines when playing against great actors (Carol Burnett). He would like to meet Hugh Jackman. What he thinks should happen for Steve in the very last episode of H50….



Oh no! He couldn´t believe they actually covered part of his face with the subtitles?

f-iv-love f-iv-eyebrow f-iv-smilef-iv-oh-manf-iv-2f-iv-5f-iv-touch



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18 responses to “New cute interview with Alex by Telestar

  1. Marnov Fucup

    Paula, I see you’ve been spending the night with Alex 😉 But seriously, this is too much cuteness to bear… Huh… Liferuiner and pantykiller…


    • I agree..way toooooo much cuteness 😉
      Awwww Paula, it must be time consuming to bring us all these delicious insights into Mr Sex on Legs!!! We appreciate the sacrifice you make for the sake of your readers 😛 😛 😛 😛 It’s a tough job but someone has to do it 😉 😉 Now excuse me while I find another pair of panties 😀


  2. The last gif…*SIGH*…those fingers brushing his nose then his kissable lips…((THUD)) I’ll just spend the rest of the night down here on the floor. 😛
    The thought of Alex and Hugh Jackman together makes me all Hot,hot,hot down under. 😉


  3. buttercup4u

    His nose *asdfjlskjgk;ljk;* and the last gif (those fingers and lips) – IHH/NID – it’s all about me having all the wrong thoughts at the very wrong time!
    Did I say N.O.S.E. asdfjk;ljk; 😆 very beautiful find – thanks a lot!


  4. Anwyn

    Great find indeed. Thank you so much Paula for finding and sharing it with us. He is so delicious – everywhere – and his fingers, Yummy, just think of all the things those fingers could do 🙂 There are some pretty hot Australian actors. I like them all, but AoL is the prettiest and the sexiest.


  5. Cute is right. I loved this interview. Alex treats his show and character with such respect in his interviews. And he seems so happy with his life. ~~~~sigh~~~~ I need a 24/7 Alex O’Loughlin channel that I can just watch all day long. Thanks as always for making and sharing the pics and gifs. 💐


  6. buttercup4u

    Around 5:34 when he says “dangerous” his accent is frkn amazing! I love it when he mixes the australian in 😉


  7. Janet

    The french journalist is good looking too and elegant! It’s a good and different interview and Alex is so…. adorable…. one more time.


  8. oooooh those stills are better than the interview!! *swoon* he’s just so adorable!! 😀 (the interview was pretty good 😉 )


  9. Sylvie

    Is that means that I’m gonna see him in my TV magazin???
    That’s the one I buy each week, hurry up next one please !!!!
    Never get enough of that Man.


  10. lindae5o

    This interview is one of the best. So many interviewers ask the same questions we hear again and again. Alex is just freaking adorable !!!


  11. It’s a really nice interview. He is happy and we all love to see him like that. Thank you Paula for the awesome gifs, because the nice interview turns to a tease to all McPervs.


  12. Tanja

    LOL! I can just see poor Dusty trying to run away from Lion when he tries to hop on her back….That’s probably why Alex takes her to the set so many times, so she can have a bit of a rest…..
    Alex is just like candy; you can’t never have enough!
    When you decide to go on a ‘diet’, there he comes with yet another cute interview or whatever hot thing he does…
    *sigh*, I’m gonna be addicted to this man for the rest of my life, aren’t I?


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