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414 happy, suited ending

I have to skip this episode to the very last minutes for captures. I felt the buddies were sitting in the car for nearly 30 minutes, or more. It got boring for me, I was almost in tears of frustration. I need yummy or funny McG! I was so happy for those last minutes…McYummo, yey! I didn´t even chop out Danny this time 😉

Obv some nice moments during the epi too, but I need a rewatch tomorrow to see what I missed today.

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New cute interview with Alex by Telestar

Lovely quality, you get to enjoy Alex in his full (clothed upper body) beauty 😛 Things I learned from watching this, Lion tries to ride poor Dusty. Alex shines when playing against great actors (Carol Burnett). He would like to meet Hugh Jackman. What he thinks should happen for Steve in the very last episode of H50….



Oh no! He couldn´t believe they actually covered part of his face with the subtitles?

f-iv-love f-iv-eyebrow f-iv-smilef-iv-oh-manf-iv-2f-iv-5f-iv-touch


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