Must have been magical … classic McRoll

Just to warm up those who are currently experiencing the winter chills.


Getting warmer already?


Oh Boy!


Mmmmmm …….



Tongue smiley 22

I will never get tired of watching Steve  diving for Cath´s neck…



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27 responses to “Must have been magical … classic McRoll

  1. karen1228

    VEIN PORN!! Love the veins in his neck (1st photo) as he pounces!! Winter?? Where?? Not Here!! Thanks – I needed this!!


  2. LindaSue

    Oh, Paula. Such a beautiful post for this Monday. I just love this scene and you captured all the good parts!


  3. I’m home sick. You warmed my whole day up! Xo


  4. Such a nice way to warm up on a cold winter day! Thank you! 😀


  5. What do you mean “warm” – man, I’m HOT now! 😉


  6. buttercup4u

    I suppose <>and halloween 2012 were the only proper kisses they gave us!
    Thats why we love it so much!
    And yeah… those 2 veins in # 1 are perfectly gorgeous! It looks like he is pushing them out for us especially, or is it his head with his weight, well, anyway, gorgeous!
    I love thf b/w 😆


  7. Leni

    **sigh** We desperately need another scene like this.


  8. karinnotmcnerd

    It seems funny now that we all (or most of us) know and love Cath, but this scene was our first glimpse of her and I remember thinking “WTH! Who is this b—-!” Broke my heart!


  9. That was definitely the hottest scene of the four seasons 🙂


  10. mmmm naked and sexy Steve ♥


  11. sylvie

    OMG, I have no words, I can no longer speak and barely breathe, you’re killing me Paula. So hot to see this gifs and photos this way. THANKS


  12. This was, is and might will always be my fave Steve and Cath scene! Mahalo for those GIFs and pics.


  13. Happy to see classic Steve is still working it´s magic with all of you, too 🙂
    We are so long overdue for a hot and steamy McRoll scene!


  14. PERFECTION!! THX for warming me up!!


  15. Kimphin1

    Is it hot in here? It feels hot in here. WHEW!!!!

    They cut away too fast, but I’m sure the next thing we would’ve seen was Cath realizing that she was STILL VIBRATING, even without the phone’s help


  16. buttercup4u

    I once read an interview with Michelle about that 1st scene they did together, according to her it was a very funny and awkward situation, she smoked and he ate tunefish sandwich (if I remember properly) and they both didn’t like either things 😆 !! And then they had to make out in bed!


  17. veniascott

    I myself am not a catherine fan myself(please don’t hate me) but I have to agree with Paula I never ever get tired of seein steve go for her neck, or steve in bed period!! This is sexy . yes.


    • As long as you appreciate the possibilites with Steve´s sxting techniques,you are safe. Steve horizontal is quite possibly my fave view too. Just watching him stretching in bed gets my mind in overdrive, let alone some rolling around.


  18. Paula, what a naughty girl you are on a Monday. 😛 I think I may have said this before, but I had to buy a 2nd Season 1 DVD set, because I burned a ring into the disc with this episode on it. 😳 Oh Lordy, I do love the “pouncing,” but the gif of the “self-assured” smile, with a quick glance at the camera has been the “ping” in my panties since the first time I saw this. Also, the way he talks to her with his lips grazing over hers and his F***ing Orgasmic Nose rubbing against hers…*shudder* I remember people making comments about how gross their “morning breath” would be. Really? Has no one had morning sex before? Shower sex following morning sex is nice too. 🙂 I bet I could get Steve to stay in there for more than 3 minutes. 😛 GUH!! These are just so HOT and the B&W with the lighting adjustments make them even sexier!


  19. karen

    Comments about their morning breath? Really? Every TV bed scene does the same thing.


  20. Paula!! OOH and AHH!!! This is FLAMING HOT { and so am I} even in black and white
    Thank you darling


  21. I’m sorry for my delay to comment, but it’s never to late. This is hottest McRoll scene and i would like to watch another sexiest moment between these two. Thank you Paula for this post! I lost my panties again. Definitely makes me feel better after of being sick during these couple of days.


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