New shirtless #AlexOLoughlin /Steve pictures emerged from the set!

Can a day get any better!? Just saw there are new shirtless pictures and squeeeeee!

Can you tell there´s apparently sharp “rocks” that he is trying to avoid. They should have given him protective footwear!

Looks like the paint job (to cover the tattoos) has improved a lot, though the picture quality is quite poor, still can´t really see the orange on the back. Thank you make-up department! 🙂

I only uploaded a few of the pictures here. You can look up the rest here on Just Jared. A lot of similar ones. I will be doodling some later on, trying to fix the quality issues a bit (the frontal one looks pretty awful, colourwise, the man is obv perfect 🙂 )

After playing with it a bit we got these ….

jj-dl-or jj-dl-bluejj-dl-tropicaljj-dl-quote

Original article on Just Jared

Alex O’Loughlin Bares Hot Shirtless Bod on ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Set!

Alex O’Loughlin shows off his hot shirtless body while walking through the water on the set of his show Hawaii Five-0 on Monday (January 20) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 39-year-old actor’s home on O’ahu was damaged earlier this month after a fire broke out in the garage and threatened the rest of the home.

“The first company arriving found smoke and flame coming out of the garage,” HFD Capt. Terry Seelig said (via People). “The fire appears to have caused heavy damage to the garage and its contents and nothing to the house.”




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30 responses to “New shirtless #AlexOLoughlin /Steve pictures emerged from the set!

  1. Manu

    A day always gets better with this kind of pics 🙂


  2. No blue shirt!!! *happy dance* I mean, yeah, shirtless!!! *lol*


  3. Marnov Fucup

    Like you say, these are awful pics, haha 😛 He looks like he’s in a paddling pool, LOL…


  4. canadagirl66

    *drooling*….damn he looks fine!!!
    I cannot wait for this ep….and this scene better be longer than a few seconds. Me need some shirtless McG!


  5. That is a very nice way to start the day. 🙂


  6. vanduyn

    These are awesome! As you say tho the front on one is bad! 😀


    • I actually think that one is beyond my skills. Maybe I need to photoshop his torso from somewhere else to fix the pixelated red mess 😛


      • buttercup4u

        Forget the front 😉 pics, i’m interested in #4 – look at these wonderful hip muscles showing us all the way down to his “what’s there?” like “follow the yellow brick road!!!”


  7. buttercup4u

    This is like “steve mcgarrett playing alex” 😉
    This are awesome pics, he is awesome, his body is awesome, his body is making our panties pop away like popcorn 😆 just breathless great!


  8. Thank goodness for no orange goo! His @ss is amazing in the one of him wiping his eyes. GUH! And the man V…holy sh!t…I want to rub my thumbs into those sexy grooves while I torture him with my tongue, from his neck down to those washboard abs. Then it’s a quick pull of that white string with my teeth and Heaven Awaits! *SLURP*


  9. I love that saying “Hubba Hubba” Works here!


  10. imfriggingud

    Mmmm just viewed all the photos, seriously one hell of a sex god, so hot, wow (note to self, excessive drooling over the phone makes the screen wet, hey little like the panties heh lol :-D)


  11. *swoon* The man is even gorgeous wet *slurp*


  12. Karen

    It’s a cold, snowy day here in NYC and looking at these pics just warmed me up sooo very nicely!! Thanks!! Hmm, I’m hoping if I bring some of these photos outside w/me, he’ll melt all that awful snow!!


  13. Tanja

    OOOOOHHHHHH, the ‘dirty’ things I would do to that body, if given just 5 minutes……It would be x-rated in the most x-rated perv movie ever! LOL! 😀
    Love the blue shorts, though….


  14. I feel so spoiled this season because they are giving us in each episode some great moments to McPerv. I only hope the editing won’t kill this scene because we need to watch shirtless McGarrett with shorts.


  15. At first I was reading wrong when Paula used the words FRONTAL and AWFUL in the same sentence. Then I re-read and figured out that the awful was the orange goop. I wish that wardrobe used the transparent boardies, though…. A FUCUP can dream…. :::sigh:::


  16. wet dream. oh yes I did.


  17. Lesley BAILLIE

    Had a good laugh reading all these comments. I havent had time to study these pics but what Ive seen they are great.


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