Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter: Episode 4:12

It has really been a torturous long wait once again! Okay we did have a lot of family meals and holidays and New Years parties to get through, but none of it can compare with our ‘mild’ obsession ………. can it?

I am sure just being on our screens, made most fangirls happy, but let’s look how hard Steve´s actions have been on our panties this week?

1. Veinp0rn (either neck or elsewhere):


FOYeur: Paula thought it would be nice to venture to these subtle veins here on the right hand side. What do you think, are they good enough to be called vein p0rn?


FOYeur: This one definitely get a Danno instigated intense 9 from me 🙂

LurxGirl I’m okay with some soft core p0rn now and again, but when it comes to Steve’s veins I want it hard core, throbbing, and obscenely obvious! You’d think a guy would get nervous with a zipper so close to such a large vein. :mrgreen: The top one is a mouth watering 7, because his neck is always delicious, and the bottom one, with the hint of chest hair is a tongue tantalizing 10 for me!

FOYeur: Maybe he is used to zippers being so close to his large veins 😛 , or maybe that is why he prefers the buttons?

Average score for category 1: 9,5

2. Letting the eye brow(s) do the work:


 FOYeur: Caught you Grover 🙂 As usual the brows are doing the talking. I think it deserves an 8.

LurxGirl I’m not sure if it’s the b&w, or the huge gloved hand as a bonus, but this is definitely a 10 for me! Maybe it’s the “you’ve been naughty, and I caught you” look in his eyes. Then there is the strong nose, open mouth and just the right amount of scruff on his face. Glad to see his hair is growing out a little too. 🙂

Average score for category 2: 9

3. Teasing us with the ‘pink beast’ (Paula’s pet name for ‘the tongue’)


FOYeur: The beast is searching – I give it an aching 8

LurxGirl: You can’t blame the pink beast for wanting to lick those delicious full lips. Don’t be shy PB, you can come out and play with us anytime! 😛 Again with the orgasmic nose and I would love to sink my own tongue into that chin dimple. I give it a 9 because it’s a little shy.

Average score for category 3: 8,5

4. Haunting us with ‘Dat FACE’ :


FOYeur: Oh yeah, you are welcome. This man will be the end of me ……  9

LurxGirl: Batting eyes.Nose.Kissylips.((THUD)) I give it a knee wobbling 10!

Average score for category 4: 9,5

5. Caressing the gun (may include trigger finger p0rn)


FOYeur: Giving that big gun a two handed lift …… lifting heavy hard guns and naked trigger fingers in one picture ……be still my heart. I give it a fluttering 8

LurxGirl: He looks gorgeous in the forest, but the trigger finger wasn’t enough to get more than a 7 from me.

Average score for category 5: 7,5

6. Doing the STRUT (modeling those pants 😛 ):


FOYeur: Just call him modern-day Tarzan, strutting through his  forest ……. call me Jane and I’ll give it a roaring 10

LurxGirl: God bless the terrain that makes him have to lift those fantastically fit thighs. The dark pants don’t usually give us much detail, but the lighting here is in our favor. McG and his heavy equipment in motion is a 10 for me! “Tarzan Steve” in a loin cloth…*sigh*

FOYeur: That will have to be a BIG loin cloth 😛

Average score for category 6: 10

7. Kicking down doors (or people or some other bad@ss move):


FOYeur: With no doors to kick down or perps to manhandle, we have to settle for a spitting badass Steve. This man will definitely win a spitting contest easily. I will have to give it a badass 8

LurxGirl:The spitting may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s kind of hot to think what this man can do with his mouth. A good spit takes nice tight lips and a good strong tongue…*shudder* I too will give it an 8.

Average score for category 7: 8

8. Mesmerizing us with that smile (sometimes even a laugh or just by being cute):


LurxGirl: I am loving the faces we are getting in response to Grover. That shirt make his arms and neck look enormous, but unfortunately it hides two of his best features.  😦  Steve’s playful grin here is a 9 for me.

FOYeur: Cuteness overload. Or is it naughty overload? In my imagination he is smiling down at me …… saying, you are a naughty girl, aren’t you? 😀 I’ll give it an imaginary 10!!!

Average score for category 8: 9,5

9. Dishing out hugs (or other acts of kindness or affection):


FOYeur: The Steve/Kono hugs are great. I give  it another 8

LurxGirl: The hug is an 8, but then he looked into her eyes and made it a 9. If he looked at me like that, I would have yanked down that zipper with my teeth! 😉

Average score for category 9: 8,5

10. The seduction of  “The Tantalizing Tushy”:


FOYeur: This my problem with the new work clothes for Steve. This strut is great and oh so sexy, but the tushy is hidden. My imagination gives it a 10 ….but my reality gives it a 6

LurxGirl: The shirt does so much for the upper half, but I wish he’d tuck it in. It should be mandatory that we have full view of his @ss when he is strutting away from us! Hear that PL? There was a good shot of the side of his tushy in the last scene. Paula put it on FB of the twins in the hoodie and jeans. MMMmmm…he has such a perky butt in those jeans! Maybe Paula can show us that one again? I do like the hip and shoulder sway in this gif, but no tushy 😦 7

Average score for category 10: 6,5

Click for Paula’s Tushy treat

11. Titillating us with those perky pecs and/or nudging nipples:


FOYeur: Thank you hoodie, you are giving us the ever so promising nips………………….it is inviting my teeth ……….. I give it a turn-me-on 10! 😛

LurxGirl Even Danny looks like he wants to brush against those titillating buds. Hold still McG, I don’t want to get my tongue caught in the zipper! I give it a tongue twitching 10!

Average score for category 11: 10

12. Doing something hot that you won’t find in every episode:


FOYeur: Making mundane things, über sexy ……. I think we all need help!! (serious help) ….. I give it a sighing 8!

LurxGirl: It is embarrassing how I could watch this for hours. 😳 Our man is a multi-tasker and ambidextrous…two excellent qualities in a lover. 🙂 It gets an 8 from me too.

Average score for category 12: 8

Adding up all the averages from each category, we give this episode 87% on the Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter. It is not bad, but I really would like to see it above the 90% again! 😦

Looks like most of the panties boarded planes to Honolulu this week 😀

Paula made us something extra to remember this episode by……….. I think we will remember it for all the delicious faces. 🙂


LurxGirl:“So you think my shirt is too long, huh?”
Maybe PL should have a “dress Steve” episode or an “undress Steve” one would be even better. 😛
I don’t know how he keeps getting more youthful and delicious with every episode this season. I think makeup has finally figured out his skin tone and to not F*** with the silver hair! I would love to see him in an all B&W film someday. His features just pop in B&W… 😳 …I meant facial features… 😆

FOYeur: I think he looks younger because his hair is getting longer – by the time they get to Moonlight length, he will look 6 years younger 😀

Please feel free to give us your opinion of where you feel we got it right or wrong! 😀

And always remember, this is just us, having some fun with our favorite “toy” …….. 😛


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25 responses to “Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter: Episode 4:12

  1. Miz Bunty

    I so so want the curls back. Certainly would make my toes curl. Know what I mean??!


  2. We were a “little” impatient for a new episode and watch our boy on screen. It was a 9 average rate for me. He can dress shirt , t-shirt or hoodie, jeans or cargo pants, suit or unifom, but what we all want is to undress him (with hands or teeth, depends of each one). And once more he teases with our hearts and panties.
    Thanks for pointing the random scene that is pulling out his seatbelt – he manages to make mundane things look very sexy.
    Thank you girls, it’s always fun to review the episode this way!


  3. Ladies, let me just say that I love the way you think (and share that with us)! 😉 I had to laugh out loud a couple of times, and, apart from the pics to drool on, isn’t that something we all need on a daily basis?! Thank you SO MUCH!
    Now, about some of the pics: No matter how often I have tried, I have NEVER managed to handle my seatbelt with just the left hand. Kudos to Alex! (I will try again later, damn it! ;))
    And then I just adore the very last picture, which would be half as good without LurxGirl’s quote “So you think my shirt is too long, huh?”. Brava! 😀


    • We think Alex might have accidentally heard of McPervs comments and insists on hiding his jewels this season :/
      I´m still hoping for a big reveal at this season´s finale…as in, off with it all and a nice loooong shower scene 😉


      • If he accidentally heard our comments, we are lucky he comes out of his house at all. 😆 We need to talk to the wardrobe person who shrinks his pants and tell her to burn the long tailed shirts. 🙂


      • buttercup4u

        Do we really have to wait till the season final to see Cath again?
        I’ve heard, she might not be in a few eps! Well, maybe the heat has to boil up again btw these two and Paula is very right with the hot steamy shower!
        Their relationsship was a bit waned recently (i can see some vague resemblance to RL lovestory’s he he!)


        • Yes, she isn’t in a few eps now, but according to an editing pic PL posted on twitteryesterday she will appear in 4.14, where Danny and Alex are getting kidnapped.


  4. Loved your selection 😉
    I really hope the hoodie will be back


  5. Oh God I’m gonna be late for work, I’ve starred at these farrrr to long! *sigh* For me his sexiest look is in those jeans and hoodie *drool* and the scene with Danny at the door definitely the best for faces and porn. #McDannoGirl 😀 I just love both your reviews, always sooo accurate and detailed 😉


  6. LurxGirl: The hug is an 8, but then he looked into her eyes and made it a 9. If he looked at me like that, I would have yanked down that zipper with my teeth! 😉
    PREACH!!! You are so right!! Thanks for saying what we’re all thinking! You girls do an awesome job!! Loves it all 😀


  7. karen1228

    What you all said! The hug and that look melted me into a big puddle of goo…. Great job ladies! Love it!


  8. Brenda

    2&8 are just the cutest faces and the squeezable tushy and pecs are just magically delicious. None of the pics are less than perfection. 10


  9. dawn russell

    its his eyebrows that talk for him in the scenes ooh and those eyelashes
    are just sooo


  10. This judge gives him a ten point O-o-o!


  11. Thanks for all these gifs and your special recap of the episode. I absolutely agree with you. 🙂


  12. canadagirl66

    Awesome job ladies!! GUH to #4…. I lose all rational thought when he blinks those gorgeous eyes like that.
    And is it just that my panties are delirious after seeing him look unbelievably sexy in that hoodie or is his right nip preventing hoodie tie movement. S&T!!!!!


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