Happy New Year!


As 2013 is ending and we needed a post for celebrating, I thought why not have some of our poll winners to cheer us on to 2014. Some are re-done since the poll aired. So farewell old year and Happy New Year 2014 with the WINNERS!

Lose the shirt Alex!Sign smiley 162

mick-undressingMick, has a vamp ever taken off his clothes as seductively as done here…what a show…

It´s a leaning dude!Sign smiley 160

mick-leaningMick works his vampire appeal and freshies form a line to the right (or was it left)

Leading us to the promised land!Sign smiley 46

107-chest-2 Navy Seal flexing his biceps, trying to trick our eyes.

Most favorite fun moment of H50 season 3!Sign smiley 45

311-lift 311-kiss

Prince McCharming carrying his lady for a romantic picnic on the beach… aaawww..

That longing to touch!Sign smiley 42

mick-hugging-beth-db  Mick & Beth – Surrender

Bestest chest!Sign smiley 46

206-strut-bwSteve, so 2. In shorts, hardly hiding anything from the view…

Modelling cargos!Sign smiley 30

 122-strut3Tan cargos for viewing the local sights?

Do we see nipples?Sign smiley 28

stan-chestThe Back-Up Plan’s Stan – wondering why Zoe thought sperm could swim so fast.

We hope you have had fun with us this past year and continue amusing and encouraging us, with our AOL obsession. And we all wish Alex and his family a bright 2014, filled with laughter and good health. And the same goes to all of our friends too!Love smiley 46 Party on!

Happy New Year!




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42 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to all of you! To those who already celebrated and to those who are waiting for 2014 to come! Cheers! 🙂

    Great post, Paula! Love all the gifs, but the Mick & Beth hug is my favorite. *sigh*


  2. Audrey

    Happy New Year Everyone. Thank you Paula for ending this one with such great shots of Alex. It will start the New Year off to the right start :o).



  3. gracenotpark

    Happy New Year and yes! Please! Keep it all coming.
    Awesome enjoyable post, as always. 😀


  4. What a way to end our Alex-Year! Thank you.
    Happy New Year and Guten Rutsch!


  5. Happy New Year ya’all!! Here is to another year of shirtless scenes 😉 And Paula capturing it all for our pleasure. Cheers ladies!!


  6. Happy New Year girls! It was a awesome year here with all of you, we had a lot of amazing studies and gifs as well witty, naughty and funny comments that make this blog a special place. Thank you! So today i’m here to stand in the frontline to continue to encourage you to keep on doing the terrific job that you do and wishing you all the best, everything that makes you happy!


  7. Happy New Year! It was a fantastic year for me to just enjoy life and most of all enjoy Alex! I am adjusting to the new demands in my RL, but will always make time for this wonderful blog I call “AOL Heaven” May 2014 be a fun Alex filled year! I hope to see many more shirtless moments and I hope they bring back those caramel colored pants! YUM I know it is wishful thinking to hope for some long overdue steamy McRoll scenes, but I keep dreaming. *sigh*
    I will continue to cherish the friendships I have made here and look forward to another year of McPerving together. 😛
    Paula and FOYeur, Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
    ❤ ya!


    • But this is RL too! Everyone needs a bit of AOL happiness to get through the every day grind on the other side of the screen.
      Let us indeed hope for more chestnuts views in 2014. I did send Lenkov a request already. I hope he listened.
      See you in 2014, McPerving ♥


    • Thank you LG. You are a big part of our fun here. Thank you for all the love and support! ♥


  8. Oh now I understand why I was so disappointed in the movie Grudge Match. Sly Stallone did not look like this. Bestest Chest for sure. Happy New Year ladies and to a wonderful 2014 full of McPerv love.


  9. Awesome post!! Happy New Year to you all! Onward to more Alex goodies in 2014 😛


  10. alexnymph

    Happy New Year to all!! Wishing us many more wonderful sights on this exquisite blog, and comments to match! Thank you, FOYeur and Paula, for sharing your natural AOL inquisitiveness with us–you make learning about AOL just so much fun 🙂

    Wishing everyone here, all my AOL friends who let me come play and say stupid and silly things, a fantastic 2014! CHEERS!

    “Should AOL acquaintance be forget and never thought upon . . .” what a sad sad day that would be.


  11. kbayer2013

    Late to the party as usual. Thanks for this amazing post! Best wishes to you, FOYeur and Paula, (and all the AOL fandom who populate this blog and help make it so much fun) for a great new year. Keep the happy coming!!


    Wishing you all Love .Luck and Laughter in 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR


  13. Dear Paula and FOYeur, all the best for 2014. May all your wishes come true. I’ve got a pretty good feeling that in that case all of our wishes will come true also 😉 Hope even more fangirls will find their way to your amazing blog and we can share loads of great Alex moments together. After all a man like that deserves a major fanbase. your doing an awesome job on realising that, thanks and keep it up!!:-)


    • Thank you!
      And thank you for your wonderful contribution by sharing your great adventure of traveling to Hawaii! ♥
      Hopefully there will be a lot more of these stories for us to share.


  14. Anwyn

    I know I am late, but still : Happy New Year to all of you and the best wishes for a prosperous Alex-filled 2014. Never let the fun run dry. I am hoping for waggonloads full of inspiration for Paula and FOYeur.


    • Thank you Anwyn
      There are such a lot of stories in my head, but to get them here inside the computer in understandable written language, that is the big challenge! 😉


  15. A very happy, healthy and Alex-filled New Year to you, Paula and FOYeur! You keep amazing me with your in-depth studies and your incredible talent to choose just the right pictures to make me – and all of us here – drool and dream! Thanks so much!


  16. buttercup4u

    Wow, Stan I’m soooo proud 😉 !!!


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