Sharing #AlexOLoughlin Adventures with Friends…..

For us here at Intense Study, most of the fun is sharing our fangirling with friends and people who like what we like about Alex. As with most things in life, the best part lies in the excitement we get from experiencing events with friends who appreciate Alex as much as we do!

I do no enjoy seeing a movie, or some sort of other entertainment, with somebody that I know, don’t get the same value out of it as me. But on the other hand, having somebody with me who like it as much as I do, makes it much more than double the fun to enjoy!


There are a group of ladies who share their Alex fun on a site called Long Legs O’Loughlin (LLOL). A number of them are great friends and have shared many adventures while following Alex’s career. Most of them have been fans of Alex since the Moonlight days. They attend events together and have traveled to Hawaii to share in the fun of SOTB over the past few years.

Being in LA, also has its perks for some of them and they attended the “Australian In Film” (AIF) event this year. It took place on 24 October and Alex was honoured with theBreakthrough Award’.


They shared their stories on LLOL and have graciously given us permission to use it here as well. This is a shorted and combined version from two of them and their accounts of the event:

Pommienana: Lisa, Audrey and I walked outside to see the arrivals and where outside about 20 mins. There were some paparazzi and fans from the US, England and of course tons from Oz. It was getting quite cool. Audrey spotted Peter Lenkov getting out of  his car and then saw him in the lobby.


She walked over said: “Hi Peter” and reminded him  about her encounter at SOTB and on Audrey and my flight back  with  him on Hawaiian Air

He was very gracious and seemed genuinely happy to see us again. I also said “Hello” and told him it was delightful to see him without worrying about ‘sand in strange places’ and he laughed and  said: “Are you here for the event?” and I said: “Yes, I have probably been a member of AIF long before you have.” He smiled again and said, “Good, then you will see Alex”.

We knew absolutely then that our ‘Golden Boy’ would show up.



We went back outside, Alex was one of the last to arrive along with Malia, who in person is stunningly beautiful. 

We waited a long time and one of the staff came over to tell us that the proceeding were about to start and would we please go inside. Audrey and I did, but Lisa wanted to wait – she had a special card for Alex that she wanted to give him.


Lisa: Once they announced that the event was about to begin, Mary and Audrey decided to go to the table.

I had found a nice “congratulatory” card for Alex earlier in the day and had written a nice long note inside. I wanted to stay behind and try to get it to him. I waited just inside the lobby door.

Once Alex signed a few photos outside, he and Malia entered the lobby. I called his name and he stopped. I congratulated him on getting the award and told him that I was so happy for him. He smiled and said, “Thank you so much.”. I handed him the card.

He extended his hand, so I shook his hand. We then headed to the event.

Pommienana: Dinner was lovely and the awards ceremony fabulous. Alex, as usual, was his charming, witty and gracious self. Lisa had joined us; she had had a brief encounter with Alex in the lobby and given him the card.

We were happy for her and he had told her that he would be around for a little while afterwards.

AIF Awards 2013

Lisa: It was lovely, the food was delicious and our table mates were friendly.

Peter made a nice speech upon presenting the award to Alex and Alex gave a lovely acceptance speech – thanking two of his first agents who have since passed and Peter for giving him a chance with this project.

Pommienana: The ceremony ended at 10 pm right on time and Audrey told Lisa she had to go to the loo. I did not know that and thought she had left for the lobby, so I picked up all our belongings and headed to the lobby behind Lisa.

The lobby was almost deserted as most people were meeting and mingling around the bar for the after party but Alex and Malia were standing there alone, probably waiting for their car to be brought round, so Lisa got the moment with Alex she has been dreaming about for years.


Lisa: After the gala was over, Audrey excused herself, I took off to find Alex, and Mary stayed behind to talk more with some of the table mates. I crossed the room to the vicinity where Alex was seated, but the table was empty. My heart sank. I then walked outside the ballroom into a smaller anteroom and Alex was standing right in front of me hugging a friend goodbye.

I looked beyond him down the hallway and saw Malia standing in the main lobby, so I knew they were on their way out. Alex started walking down the hall toward Malia.

Mary came out of the ballroom at that moment, as she had been trying to find me. I whispered, “There goes Alex.”. We started walking to the lobby. When we arrived, he and Malia were just standing there. Nobody else around them.

Alex AIF Awards

I have to warn you, ladies. When I looked at him, he cast some sort of spell over me that rendered my brain mush!! We walked up to him and Mary started talking.

She was speaking very softly so I couldn’t hear most of her conversation. I noticed that Malia had stepped off to the side and was just standing there. I wanted to give Mary her moment with Alex, so I walked over and began talking to Malia.

Funny, but I could talk to her! I began talking about Lion and the first big birthday party. I mentioned that I had hoped he would wait 48 more hours before being born so that we could share the same birthday.

She laughed and said something to the effect that she didn’t think she could have waited any longer. Then she said, “So you’re a Scorpio too”. I replied that I was and she said that she thought they would have their hands full with Lion.

At some point while I was talking to her, I looked over at Mary. Alex had his arm around her shoulder and was saying, “This is Pommienana. This is Pommienana.” I then stepped back over to Alex and Mary.

Mary was saying something about LLOL and Hawaii. I said that we had been to all 4 SOTB’s and stood in the same place – at the end of the red carpet behind the big sign. Alex smiled and said, “I know. I remember,” and then thanked us for our support.

I then asked if it would be ok to take a photo. He replied, “Of course.”. I had not brought my camera but had my iPhone. I haven’t had much practice taking photos and said so.

Malia then said that she knew how to take photos and asked that I give her the phone. NICE! Mary moved in for her close up and Malia was showing me how to take a photo. She wanted to take a second photo just to be sure.


Just before she took the second photo Alex said, “I like the phone,”. I immediately turned bright red, cupped my hands to my face (like Macaulay Culkin in the “home alone” poster), and said, “Oh, my God! I’m so sorry”.

Alex just started laughing. Well, in all my fluster to get photos I had forgotten about a Christmas present I received last year – a “skin” for my iPhone which was a photo of Alex from a photoshoot a few years ago. So while Alex was posing for the photos, he was looking at a photo of himself on the back of my phone!! I was mortified, but Alex laughed. Mary got her second photo and I moved in.

I remember his arm around my shoulder and my arm around his waist. I also remember my head leaning back against his shoulder. Both photos were taken. I thanked Alex and then repeated the comment I had made to Malia about wishing Lion had waited 48 hours so we could share a birthday.

Alex looked at me and said, “So your birthday is in 3 days?” I nodded and he said, “Well happy birthday to you!!”.

I then reminded him that I had given him a card earlier in the evening. He said, “Yes – in the blue envelope”. I indicated that I knew he was busy but I hoped he would find time to read my note. He bent down, looked straight at me and said, “I will. I promise. I will”.

He then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Reality ceased to exist at that point!!! I was floating among the clouds. I remember Mary saying in her sweet little voice, “You gave Lisa a kiss. Could I have one also?”. Alex said, “Of course.”

So Mary got her kiss too. We then said our goodbyes and I went over to thank Malia again for taking the photos and gave her a big hug, which she returned. I then repeated my wish for a fun first birthday party and they were gone.

Mary burst into tears and I was giddy but still dazed. We ended up being with them for almost 10 minutes. Alex listened to every word we said and we had his undivided attention. He wasn’t looking around the lobby to see who else was there. He was focused on us.

Amazing. Nobody was pushing or pulling him or trying to hurry him along. He was so kind and sweet to us. There is so much I wanted to say to him but my brain stopped working when he turned those eyes on me.

Malia couldn’t have been nicer. We both made it a point to engage her in conversation so she would not feel left out. She was beautiful, had a lovely smile and was friendly. Her photos make her look quite cold and harsh, but she was the opposite.

This was a dream come true for me and I have to thank my dear friend Mary for making it happen! I’m terribly disappointed that Audrey wasn’t with us. I kept looking around for her, but didn’t find her until later.

I was glowing with happiness!! It’s an evening I will never forget. Love to you all . . .

Pommienana: I am so thrilled for her (Lisa) but sad that Audrey was not back in time {NEXT TIME LOVELY AUDREY}. Lisa walked up to Alex and I was just behind her. He looked so gorgeous and so happy.

She asked him to be sure to read the card and he said he would and she asked: “Could we have a picture with you please?” and he said “Of course”

I was amazed when Malia said “I will take it for you, I know how.” How nice that was of her!!! She is truly beautiful in person and ladies she was wearing an exquisite Wedding Ring!!!!! Alex was not, but she definitely had a matching set on her ring finger.

After Lisa had her picture taken Alex kissed her on the cheek and then it was my turn. He had remembered me from our other entire SOTB meeting.

I had my picture taken with my arm around his waist and as always because I am so small in height my head resting on his  chest {NO BAD THING} No cologne was discerned just his own marvellous natural scent.

I wasn’t sure if I would be as lucky as Lisa so not willing to take a chance I got cheeky and said “Lisa got a kiss,  could I have one too please?” He gave me a smile and put those lovely lips gently on my cheek. ‘HEAVEN’. I think I said ‘Thank you’: I hope I did.

The last thing I said to them was “Happy Birthday to the baby” and Alex said  “Yes, we have to get back there.”

That is my beautiful story and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing with you. I wish you could each one day have such a glorious encounter and also get to share time with precious friends you love.


AIF Awards 24 Oct 2013

Just a reminder that this is the personal account of an event from friends who had the privilege to spend some special time with Alex and his partner Malia. If you have ever met the couple, please feel free to send us your account of it, with some photos if possible.

If you haven’t personally met them, this is not really the place to try to give us your speculations about them and the state of their relationship, either positive or negative. Alex is a man we all adore, but he is definitely not without flaws. Please respect his choices and private life as his own, when you comment. This is all about the adventure and experience of these few fans, meeting the man whose career we all follow.

Again a big ‘Thank You’ to Pommienana, Lisa, and Audrey from LLOL, for allowing us to share their beautiful story and pictures. We are all proud of Alex, whenever he receives recognition for his work, especially with awards like these!

And thank you once again to @mymaximus for sharing some of the pretty pictures we posted on here 🙂



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32 responses to “Sharing #AlexOLoughlin Adventures with Friends…..

  1. SJ2

    Alex taking a picture with an iPhone covered in a skin with his own picture on it is the best, most precious bit of fangirl wonderfulness I have heard in a long time!! Love that, thanks for sharing the story. 🙂


  2. Linda E.

    It was fun to read this encounter again. The LLOL ladies are a lucky bunch !!
    No wonder we all love this beautiful man !!!


  3. Kimphin1

    What wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, you lovely, lucky lucky LLOL’ s


  4. WOW! that was wonderful! How very awesome that these ladies got to meet the real Alex and Malia. 🙂 MY goodness it just makes you love him all the more doesnt it!! *swoon* THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful story with us ladies ♥


  5. me encanto ya he leido otros comentarios de lo amable que es ALEX ojala algun dia pueda verlo personalmente como decimos en URUGUAY este SR. tiene angle es un ser bellisimo ❤


  6. gracenotpark

    I love reading this stuff…thank you so much for sharing. And particularly thanks for including Malia in your attentions, and then for reporting how lovely she is in RL. It isn’t surprising, but it’s lovely to have a first hand account of her, and their happiness together. 😉


  7. wow!….that was awesome LLOL’s girls….I’m always happy when somebody is so lucky to meet him and specially to make him feel how much his fans love him and support him and express to him the joy of meeting him. Good for you!…..As you said Alex is a man with flaws like everybody else but his warmth and kindness make him an angel


  8. SueB

    Alex is the Best and this is wonderful to read! Thank you for sharing!


  9. It’s always a pleasure to read fans wonderful experiences with our Alex and every time his kindness makes us love him more 🙂 In this case it also feels very close to my heart because Mary and Lisa are good friends of mine! It is also nice to hear some positive feed back about Malia, from what the girls said she seems a nice lady in real life


  10. So so great to read a first hand report from this event and your encouter with Alex, Pommienana & Lisa. Thank you so much! ❤ It's always amazing how down-to-earth and gracious he is. I laughed aloud when I read the part with the phone cover. It's these little details that makes encounters like this even more special.

    I'd like to share your report on our board as well. I already have the permission of Pommienana to do so, now I need Lisa's too, please. 🙂

    Eu, could you please translate what dragona wrote? I could try, but it would take too long to do it myself and I don't trust automatic online translations. 🙂


  11. cvc-eve

    Enjoyed the story and am glad you included your own photo at the end, it is really nice to put faces with the fans who are so familiar by their “names”.


  12. Thank You for posting this for me ladies
    I actually like the other photo of alex and i because Alex has the most gorgeous smile on his face. Probaly when he spotted himself on Lisa Phone { HYSTERICAL} It was one of the best nights of my life and I am sure Lisa would not mind Miracle if you used our story on your Board .After all we all love Alex and are Ohana . If you want to read the LONG involved Version on LLOL just go on the main Page and Check Australians inFilm benefit there are lotsdof lovely Pix and fun details.


    • Such a great experience! And I still can’t get over the phone cover. 😀 I keep smirking when I think about it.

      Yes, now that H50 is on hiatus I’ll have the time to check the longer version on LLOL and maybe use that one on our site and translate it (that’s the big part to do, cause as I said before, I don’t trust google translate or something like that). So thanks again, and also thank Lisa for me, please.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Miek

    That was awesome! I’m so happy for you that you could really get to speak to him and to get a kiss to top it all of!! Dream fulfilled, lucky ladies! Thank you so much for that great report on your amazing time with Alex. I Laughed out loud when the phone cover was mentioned. His way to handle these embarrassing fan moments is so good. He does have a way to leave you speechless and comfort you at the same time, doesn’t he. Also love the comments on Malia. Wish them both the best and hope they are very happy.


  14. Thx so much for sharing that beautiful story with us! A kiss on the cheek by Alex! Heaven, indeed! Have you washed your face ever since? 😉


  15. What an amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing it with us fangirls who have to drool from far far away!


  16. sandra

    Other that what we all see in him, and you all know what
    those things are, there is really something magical about
    him, which I noticed the first time I saw a promo for Moon-
    light, but to be able to stand next to him, speak to him would
    be magical in itself. lucky ladies indeed.


  17. lunaterra12

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!! We know how sweet and considerate Alex is, and it’s nice to hear that about Malia too. They compliment each other well. Thanks again for sharing, ♥♥♥


  18. buttercup4u

    Indeed a great story, concrats!
    I envy “the smell” – you make me want to smell him too! I’m sure i would never forget his smell! No parfum, just his malny man smell 😉
    Love malia, i’m happy for them!


  19. canadagirl66

    This is beyond wonderful! My heart swells hearing about these encounters with Alex and once again confirming what a kind, generous, and genuine human being he is. I also love the kind words about Malia. Thanks everyone for sharing!


  20. BlueEyedMonster

    Looking stunning as always Pommienana. So happy to hear you all had such a good time and of course Alex charming as always.


  21. Karen

    Ty for sharing your stories. I’m very happy to hear nice comments about Malia because as was mentioned she comes across as harsh and cold (that old saying is true, never judge a book by its cover)!


  22. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us. You are very lucky fans and i’m very happy for you.


  23. Thank You SO much ladies for the wonderful kind comments. i just light up each time I think about this magical evening and i think i always will!!!


  24. Just stumbled on this post – long time ago but great to hear about these lucky ladies experience meeting Alex and Malia, and lovely to be able to put a face to pommienana’s name ☺️
    May there plenty more fan girls catching up with him


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