#AlexOLoughlin – The Perfect Profile

The first time saw Alex in anything, was in ‘The Back-Up Plan’. It was on my TV screen in 2011. And one of the things that caught my eye, was his profile. To me, it was just perfect!

And it was just one of the many reasons that got me interested in him…….. 😀

You can imagine my surprise when I first saw somebody suggest that Alex might have had some ‘work’ done to his nose. Did I miss anything? For me, his profile in ‘Oyster Farmer’ (the 2nd movie of him that I saw), was just as beautiful as in ‘The Back-Up Plan’. To me, there was no suggestion that his profile was any different. Why would people even think that? Weird!! 😕

This study has been in progress for a long time and  I just want to share my ‘agony’ about it, because it has been the most difficult for me so far. Yes, difficult, because I kept staring at pictures of Alex and not knowing which ones to use! 😛


All of us have our own favourite reason why we adore Alex. Some purely follow him for his acting. Others might just appreciate how gorgeous he is. But most of the devoted fans we come across here on our site, loves the full package……. 😀


Some find his nose utterly erotic. Most probably because of those nostril flares we often see from Steve; and definitely also Mick’s glorious sniffing in the Moonlight days.

Alex himself thinks his nose is too “beaky” and he once said he regards it as his worst feature. Well, I have some news for him – his nose is a big part of his profile and his profile is just plain PERFECT for me!


As I said earlier, I have seen so many comments, searches, and speculations about Alex’s supposed “nose job“. Even some of my online friends regularly ask the question; wondering if there have been some small alterations done to his nose. But you all know me by now, whenever there is a question or a statement about Alex out there, my mission is to prove it as either correct or show it as false speculation – for me the outcome is not really relevant or important, but getting as close as possible to the truth, is the thing. 🙂

Before I continue, I just want to emphasize again – I do not see any cosmetic work as either right or wrong. It is always the choice of each individual to do as they wish with their own body. For some it might be the best thing in the world to do, but for others the worst ……. So for me this is not about the judgement of cosmetic surgery, but about the facts that are visible to us. I love to clear up questions and speculation by finding the truth, without judging any actions or outcome.


So what is the most logical way to find if there has been any cosmetic work or alterations done to a nose? My suggestion in such cases is to take the earliest pictures and the latest pictures we can find of the person and compare them – that should give us the best answer about any possible changes. If there are differences, try to establish when the change took place.

But the key is always to compare pictures from the same angles and in the same type of conditions with each other (A classic case of comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges).

Different facial expressions (smiles, frowns, etc.), lighting, slight changes in the angle of the shot, make-up, body weight, scruff, wearing glasses, and even photoshopping done on some pictures, can play tricks on what we see. 😐

What to look for?

I am not an expert on nose jobs or cosmetic work at all, but common sense tells me that someone would do it to correct a ‘flaw‘, or something that they feel is an imperfection. Something that, when it is corrected, would let them look prettier or more handsome. They might feel that altering how that feature looks, will let it fit better with the rest of their features.

What are the things that people would ‘correct’ in most cases?

  • When some part of the nose looks too big, they would like it to be reduced (I think the cases where it is seen as too small and needs to be enlarged are pretty rare) There are mainly three places on the nose that might be seen as too big – the size across the bridge of the nose, or the tip of the nose, or the size of the nostrils.
  • The other ‘correction‘, would be to straighten the nose.
  1. The ridge of the nose, does it look as straight as before?
  2. The tip of the nose, does it look the same size as before?
  3. The size of the bridge across, is it the same as before?
  4. The area around the nostrils, does it show the same size?

We took pictures of Alex’s earlier characters and some of his latest and compared them – and this is what we see:

(please click on the pictures to enlarge and to page through the slides)

From the left

From the right:

From the front:

What do you think?

I think a way to explain why people would ever think that there had been work done, is to show how, within a matter of seconds, his nose takes on different shapes and sizes. Here we show  Alex’s nose in one episode and show how it changes with different shots in a scene ……

Can you see how his nose sometimes seems to look different within a few different screencaps?

The picture of Alex as a barman from 2002, is one of the earliest pictures available of him as an adult. Here we compared it to a few pictures from over the years – looks pretty similar to me ….. 🙂

My conclusion to all of these comparisons would be, that if a nose at present looks the same as a nose in 2002, then any pictures that might look different over the years, where just illusions of light, make-up, angle or some other reason that would make it look different to what we might expect ……

All I can say after this study, is that it is, and has always been, just perfect. Not just the nose, but the lips, the jaw, the ears, the brows, and the eyes ………

The Alex O’Loughlin profile is PERFECT!

We hope you all enjoyed studying all the pretty so closely with us.

After all, everything we do here, we do to have another excuse to look at some more of Alex’s pictures, and to have more fun with him!



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29 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – The Perfect Profile

  1. gracenotpark

    Awesome study! I have seen the queries about his nose, too. But his nose, like his eyes, is so darned expressive, I’ve just always thought it looked different according to his mood and facial expression. Everything about his face is changeable and expressive. Part of his magic. 🙂


  2. Thank you FOYeur for the intense study! This gal finds his nose utterly erotic. *thud*


  3. Who knew a nose could be erotic, I say this with a sigh of delight 🙂


  4. Sylvie

    Waouh, what a brillant study and an impressive work you’ve done!!!!!
    All in him is so perfet as you say.
    Thanks FOYeur.


  5. I confess. I did say to FOYeur that his comic con pics make his nose look different to me. But it´s probably just the lighting creating the difference, cause even in his earlier pics, it looks perfect. And who would mess with perfection 🙂


  6. As far as I know the only thing Alex had done in relation to his nose is he had a mole removed from the end of it. Looks like the same nose throughout all those years! 😀


    • Yes, that one is part of the “moles & holes” study, because it did not alter any of the shape of his nose. (that mole can hardly be seen before the removal)
      I suspect there has been more than one little correction operation like that in connection with the moles and piercings.


  7. Marnov

    Whoa!! That I call a REAL intense study! You’re amazing, FOYeur! Well, I never thought of his nose as anything but his, it’s weird why anyone should think there have been any adjustments whatsoever.


  8. Nothing like some hardcore NoseP0rn to brighten my somber Sunday! FOYeur, you really outdid yourself with this one! I know you have been working on it, wanting to perfect it, and you certainly did just that! I am glad to know I am not alone in the adoration of his nose. Wow, That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one! 😆
    His nose is “perfectly imperfect” don’t you think? I agree with GNP about his nose being as expressive as his ever changing eyes. When he flares his nostrils, I get weak in the knees and when he, as Mick, sniffs…. my panties go “Poof!” and I go ((THUD)) 😛
    I have commented before about what his orgasmic nose does to me and where I’d like him to put it. *S&T* Starting with a sniff of my hair, brushing across my ear, down my neck, across my breasts, circling my hardened buds, following each pass with warm wet kisses. *shudder*
    I really need to get back to my other studies, but I will be back for more when I need another break. 🙂 Great job FOYeur!


    • gracenotpark

      I know! How he made sniffing sexy is beyond me, cos usually people get a real funny look on their faces when they smell something. But Alex managed to make it erotic… Go figure! The perfect nose, perfectly deployed. :mrgreen:


  9. Nope FOYeur, you are right, one perfect (untouched) nose, one perfect man. Thanks for the pretties.


  10. Oh, and Thank you, Thank you Paula for the gifs of Mick, especially the sniffing beauty one!! 😀 I think it’s time for another Moonlight Marathon!


  11. Anwyn

    Exceptionally well done job to prove that perfection doesn’t need alteration – just different angles of adoration. Alex has a natural talent with the expressiveness of his face and his nose is no exception.


  12. Amazing job, FOYeur, to find all these pictures similar in angle and expression! Once more I stand in awe of your dedication!
    I agree with your conclusion – maybe people wondering whether he might have had a nose job just can’t believe he’s that handsome naturally… 😉 I sometimes actually catch myself speaking out loud: “How can you be so goddamn beautiful???” No wonder people are wondering…


    • So right! It’s a pop. A profile of perfection – not everybody can handle this! 😉
      All I have to say to those people is “deal with it folks. This guy is true-born”.


  13. Oh, and I LOVE the very first picture of those where Alex is wearing glasses! Absolutely adorable!


  14. And again one of your outstanding studies FOYeur. Chapeau! That some people think he has done surgery you can even count it as kudos to his expressive and changeable facial expression!


  15. AlexNymph

    Wow, thanks FOYeur for such a long and perfect study. So sorry you had to look at all those photos too 🙂

    I don’t think he had work done (he’s not that vain, for one thing), his nose just changes with lighting, facial expression and body mass (thick, thin). Thank you again!


  16. Oooooohhh too many gorgeous photos *thud* ..

    On another note I don’t see a difference at all, he looks pretty dam fine to me! 😀


  17. Another awesome study – thank you, Foyeur! Your attention to detail is always amazing and your work on the pics since 2002 until today is very cool. I agree that his imperfect nose is perfect to us.Abd in Grace’s words ” Everything about his face is changeable and expressive. Part of his magic”. Probably he doesn’t realize that but is the way he conquers us all.


  18. r1015bill

    Your work here also makes the argument that his hairline hasn’t changed as well (although you made that argument very persuasively in another blog post.) Excellent picture matching across the years.


  19. I know it’s a little late to comment but I couldn’t do it without the seriouness it deserves, firstable because everything about rhinoplasty passions me and second because I consider Alex has a beautiful perfect profile. Also I see that you FOYeur make these studies with such a dedication that I want respectfully give some others details that could support your thesis:

    1. The nasal cartilages continue growing during the all life, in a minimum grade of course but that’s why the elderly noses look more prominent than the youth ones.
    2. When a rhinoplasty is planned at least four nasal angles are measured in patients and you have given good photos showing them: the nasofrontal angle (photo with arrow No.1), the nasolabial angle ( same photo arrow No.2), the nasomental angle and the nasofacial angle. I ‘ve been studying old and recently photos and they are the same and it’s impossible perform a rhinoplasty without modify some of them.
    I also found out that Alex has others facial remarks points in perfect simetry, for example, his ear lobes are at the same level as the external eye angle, his chin is lightly behind his lower lip , if you trace down a line from the internal eye angle , you can see that his nostrils are inside of them and believe I can continue giving and giving more…..sigh!
    So, there is enough evidence that Alex has a perfect and untouched profile :o)…..


    • I keep forgetting to thank you for this comment.
      It is good to get an educated opinion of a medical professional like yourself on the matter. Now I can state my opinion with even more confidence.
      There are so much about this pretty face we can talk about! …maybe while drinking a bottle of wine and giving big SIGH’s every now and again.. 🙂


  20. buttercup4u

    This is f,a,n,t,a,s,t,i,c,!!!!!
    I love the last gifs, his expression shows dislike and disgust, but he looks so frkn sexy doing this, his curled lips!
    His profile is heaven! Him waiting for the gov and the camera going around, their trying to kill us, right at the beginning 😉 !!


  21. Lynne

    Wow, now this was an intense study…..And getting a chance to analyze every little molecule of that face and nose, perfect! Perfect nose and perfect piece.Thank you for your commitment


  22. I don’t know who figured out his nose was plasticized, but he said he was big stupid. At first glance, the same nose as before.
    Thank you for showing me this study. Someone else seems to love my nose, not just me.
    Alex is as perfect as he is, I have never seen a man as perfect as he is.


    • 7 years ago when I made this study, there were a number of fans on Twitter who kept suggesting that he had rhinoplasty. People look at pictures and make comments without really looking at what they see – then they make silly comments like that.

      Liked by 1 person

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