411 – McGrinch in kevlar

I really enjoyed this episode 🙂 Nice, interesting story, I only wished we had been given the dinner that Cath was supposed to pay for. Maybe watch Steve enjoy his free meal, once again 😉 Ending was a bit too sentimental for my taste. Anyway, DDK was really great and a pleasure to watch, but as usual my captures must have Steve in then. Sorry Chin :/




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25 responses to “411 – McGrinch in kevlar

  1. Audrey

    I totally enjoyed this episode, it was off the grid for H50, completely different from other stories. I think DDK was fabulous as always. Even though I’d like to see Alex all the time, but as an actor and the lead in the show, it’s good to give him a break once in awhile. As he’s said before, it’s hard work, and long hours.


  2. I have to admit I was not a big fan of this episode. Too violent for me, felt like a Halloween episode instead of a Christmas episode. Shootings don’t bother me so much but beat downs and stabbings, not a fan. I liked that Chin was featured and I liked the Danno and Grace story, very touching.

    Nice pics as usual 🙂


  3. ebbie1

    Not seen the epi as yet (it’s downloaded and ready) but some glorious shots of dat ass,, my goodness the man is built ☺♥


  4. gracenotpark

    I loved this ep, cos it kept changing on me. First it was hilarious. The humor was poppin…from fritz the dog to Danno’s legs to McG being smarter than him. Hee! Then suddenly it got serious and creepy. I almost had to close my eyes when dude started after Chin. Then it hit me what was in the freakin safe and damn! At the end it turned sentimental and weepy. I kinda liked that. And yes, a little light on the McG, but I agree w/Audrey. Alex should get a break, and the McG parts were good ones at least. 🙂


  5. Instead of re watching the episode like I usually do, I will just stare at these yummy gifs all day! It wasn’t my favorite episode either, but I agree with Audrey that Alex needs a break sometimes. Good thing we got some extra goodies from the beach earlier this week to make up for the lack of McG in this epi.
    But when he was on screen, he was absolutely scrumptious! I love the way he runs his gloved hand across the car door as he slides out so sexily. Thanks for the “hitch” gif. Why is the act of pulling UP his pants so hot? 😕
    I am very much enjoying the gif of him “galloping” into the killer’s home. His thighs are so strong and muscular and mesmerizing and…I just want to lay my hands on them and sink my teeth into them. Maybe I should eat? I have referred to Steve as yummy and scrumptious and that I want to make a meal out of his thighs. 😛 Well at least an appetizer to the main course just to the north. 😯
    Even with the lack of Steve in every scene, we got some nice veinporn, some great faces, some nice strutting and a small glimpse of him in the beautiful blue button down dress shirt. Thanks for the great gifs Paula!


  6. God bless you for capturing that hitch!! 😛 Excellent post as usual!


  7. ooooh the tings you notice!! I never noticed the hand sensuously slide over the car window or the trouser hitch (he should have just let them fall down!) . Loved the scenes where he was arguing with Danno, felt like old times again. 😀 Alex and kevlar & Thigh holsters in my opinion is a match made in porn heaven 😉 . sigh. ♥


  8. buttercup4u

    I agree with you all, too less mcg in it, but he surely needs some time off to relax!
    Love the grey shirt, but i’m getting angry with these dark pants, they lose themselves in the dark background (one has to watch slow-motion to get the butt) – free the tan/white pants!
    Thanks for the gifs, paula, perfect work!


  9. Lee Ann

    Enjoyed this episode but how did the killer get his safe door repaired in one day after the burgler drilled through it & saw the gross “souvenirs’? Also, where were Danny & Grace when they returned the puzzle box? They both were dressed for winter.


    • Lee Ann, that repaired safe door also bugged me big time.
      But the time frame is also a bit off, with them referring to a burgelary the previous night. I think it happen a few days before, because the guy’s MO is to keep the people he murder for torture for a day before he kills them and then he still had to dumb the body and then they only discovered it later. So for me the dialogue was a bit incorrect in that regard
      But then also to repair a safe, without any sign that it has been done within 2 or 3 days even, would also be a bit much 😀
      And it is a bit sad when they miss the small little details like this – I have seen a few this season – more so that before. 😦


  10. Linda E.

    @ Lee Ann: They went to Japan. Another great episode of HF-0. When is the show going to get the respect it deserves, in the form of returning viewers?
    Your gifs are great gifts !! Thank you! Love the strut, the long legs, the hitch. I guess the weight of his gun is pulling his pants down. He should carry a bazooka !! Bwahaha !! Steve/Alex is a sight to behold. Love him so much !!!


    • Lee Ann

      I thought about Japan for half a second, but that story concept was too ludricous to accept. Every 8 yr old from NJ has a valid passort & a winter wardrobe in Hawaii (stored away?) & they both speak Japanese & Danno now has money for 2 RT tickets -to Japan?.The writers are pushing it.


      • Hi Lee Ann
        I also thought it was maybe a little to sentimental that they would fly all the way to Japan. But as far as the posibility of it – my thoughts:
        You must remember that Grace lives in Hawaii and so all her belongings should be there (even her winter clothes), but her Grandparents live in New Jersey and the UK (both with very cold winters this time of year). And because her Gandparents are in the UK, she most probably also have a valid pastport to go and visit them.
        Her mom is married to a very weahlty businessman and he no doubt can take them anywhere in the world. He could have also helped with paying for the tickets as Rachael might have seen how much it would mean to Gracie to have the experience of the event. For me it is a great pity that Claire (the actress who plays Rachael) is not available to be on the show to help with better scenes of the broken up family. We kind of forget about her and Stan – and it would be good to see them once in a while as well to remind us who they are.
        I do not get the feeling that they want us to believe that Danny and Gracie understood the man. Part of the frustration for me, that this Japanese man does not even know how far they have come for it – it would have been even better and more worth while if he knew!


  11. Anwyn

    Kind of agree with ya all. Meaning that this was not my favorite episode and that the story leaves a lot to our imagination, which is not entirely bad. And of course miss him when he’s not around that much but grant him some free time out of very selfish reasons 🙂 Preserve the pretty!!!
    As usual Paula made the best out of it.


  12. buttercup4u

    Still waiting for some mcroll going on, cath with steve by the grave showed us how close the two got this years, i’m glad steve has in her a save place!
    But i really like them to get the camo’s out and play mr&mrs smith 😉


  13. I loved this episode. I always like All Steve-all the time, and constant McRoll, I but love the while case and DDK rocks nice for him to be featured. My dad would have done what Danny did in a heartbeat. HI and Japan are about 7- 8 hrs (My not McG is in Okinawa now I I sickly asked him, lol) I agree with the post that said I think Grace has a passport, her Grandparents are in The UK & Stan is rich, so they must travel. I also agree Rachel chipped in, b/c what a wonderful gesture. Fong spoke to the Dad so I hope he knew they were coming from HI, too. That father breaking down – what a piece of acting. He was phenomenal. Thanks for these, as always. love the hitch! xoxoxox


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