#AlexOLoughlin – The fans asked and he answered! (2013)

Earlier this year, fans were given the chance to ask Alex some questions. Of course he only answered the easy ones 😉 , but they were still entertaining 😀

Question 1What is the best thing about working on a show like Hawaii Five-0Maddy W


Alex:  The Bromance is probably, there is so much to the show. One of my favorite parts of the show is the relationship between McGarrett and Danno. I really feel that it is kind of the glue for the whole thing and so I miss it when he is not there. But we always fill it with other interesting things.

Stuff with Doris McGarrett was, it’s terrific and it’s sort of left in limbo at the moment, you guys all know what is happening.

It is great for me as an actor, it is really great character stuff. It is the fuel that is sort of burning away behind everything else he does. That’s the nice serialised character stuff I get to sink my teeth into.

Question 2:  Do you own as many cargo pants as McGarrett does?


Alex:  I don’t think I own a pair of cargo pants, let alone many pairs, that I would need to count. I do however have cargo shorts, I’m a big G-star cargo short guy. I always have been. They’re my go to.

Question 3:  What is the weirdest place someone has asked you to say ‘Book ’em, Danno’



Alex:  Probably in a public restroom, is probably one of the more strange places. But you know where it is gotten to now, people don’t ask me to say it anymore. They just tell me to do it, it’s like “Yo, Book’em Danno”, and I am like I’m McGarrett but okay thanks.

It’s just like people just like the opportunity to say that line, because it is so famous.

Question 4:  Do you see yourself in Steve, or is he completely different from you? – Krystal L


Alex: He’s pretty different, I mean we both have a  tenacity. We both have a kind of disci … I am pretty disciplined, me Alex, with most things and so we share that with him. And then of course aspects of who I am, I mean I play this guy every day year after year, aspects of who I am is gonna show up, in him.

But ultimately he is like, he is much less emotional than I am {snort}. He’s much sort of tougher and smarter. 

All my characters are usually, you know more of a person, man, more of a … everything that I  am.

Question 5:  What has been your favorite episode to film in H50? – Cameron G

Alex:  That’s a tough question, because we’re into our fourth year and there’s so much water under the bridge.

I think the moments, the episodes like 3:20, I think it was, which is the episode where McGarrett goes back to Korea, a big flashback episode. And his SEAL buddy gets killed, that sort of stuff is fantastic for me to do.


It feel like in some way a departure away from the sort of daily grind of formula television and it’s all based on character. I’m never gonna not want to do that, I’m always gonna wanna do characters. It’s just my nature, that’s why I’m an actor.

So any time they let me do those things, stuff with my family, with McGarrett’s family is always fine. But there is also those moments along the way, the ones that really sort of shine for me and help get through the rest to the next moment like that.

Question 6:  What is some of your favorite music right now? – Ashlee C


Alex:  Okay, I am listening to this new guy outa England. He is an English artist and his name is King Krule. He’s really interesting, he’s kind of like young Clash, he’s like the Clash when they first started, but sort of deconstructed. He’s kind of bizarre too. Like some of is songs, is like this is awesome and some of his songs I go….wow it’s weird [laughs]

Question 7:  Is it important to you that a character you play, have some redeeming quality? – Missp I


Alex:  Yeah, I get cast to play like, hero dudes I guess. Maybe I’ve got a look that fits that. But it’s the older I get, the more I want to play characters with less redeeming qualities, because there is a lot if interesting people out there.

I am kind of interested in us as humans and what makes us who we are, I mean……..NO, the answer is no [laughs]

Question 8:  Where are some of your favorite places to film? – Mindy T


Alex:  Aside from the travel time it takes to get me to there and back each day, the North Shore is probably one of my favorite places to film, because I love it out there. It is the country side of the Island, it’s very raw and it’s very kind of wild, the ocean is wild and big. So that’s, when we get to go up there, I’m always in a slightly calmer head space.

And my other favorite place is on stage, because the days are more controlled. When you work as much as we do, to actually get to set and to do 12 hours and no more and get to go home, that’s a fantastic day.

Question 9:  What do you miss the most about your motherland Australia? – Zia G

Alex:  About Australia, I miss people, I miss people more than anything, wherever I am there is like circles of people, of friends that I have in different parts of the world and that I yearn for occasionally. We miss our people, we are gregarious herd animals – humans and so that’s the main thing that I miss.

My main people, my kids and my partner are with me now, but my family are over there and I miss them and I miss seeing. My sister is having a baby pretty soon and I most probably won’t be there for that, those sorts of things.

But as far as LA, you know I’ve lived here for a very long time before I went to Hawaii. The main things I miss about here, the main things I miss about the rest of the world, living on an Island, are live music, because there’s not very much live music there, I used to go, I miss music.

I’d love more restaurants, we’re so spoilt for choice here in Los Angeles, on every corner there is fantastic sushi, great Italian, award winning chefs and it’s a little more limited there. But the food there is very good, and so it’s more sort of lifestyle stuff, I think

Question 10:  Hi Alex! I’m Diana, I’ve been a fan of yours since I saw you on Moonlight! Have you ever thought of writing a memoir? – Diana V


Alex:  Hi Diana, thank you for your support over all these years. I have actually thought about writing memoirs, not so much, kind of. But it’s not about my acting life. It’s more about my entire life. But to be perfectly honest I don’t think my entire life is interesting enough for a memoir.

But I have had a lot of really interesting experiences in my live and met a lot of interesting people and had a lot of odd and interesting coincidences and stuff.

So I often feel like I like to incorporate them into a film.

Question 11:  What is your guilty pleasure? – Carly N


Alex:  “So You Think You Can Dance”…….I love it so much, I love it so much, I can’t …. I dream about it.

Listen I don’t care if the world knows, this is the thing. I DVR it, if I don’t get to watch it within 72 hours of the DVR’ing, I get extremely grumpy. I get short with the kids, I get short with people at work.

I have to watch it and I get very emotional when it’s on. When my people gets cut I sometimes get a little,….. I get a little upset. I have been known to get a bit misty.


Link to video:



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21 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – The fans asked and he answered! (2013)

  1. Oh, thank you for reminding me of this interview. I loved it. And he made me watch SYTYCD, and I had so much fun with that. 🙂


  2. Audrey

    That was fabulous. I love that he is so animated with his answers. You can actually see him thinking about the questions and answering them accordingly.
    Thank you.


  3. Anwyn

    Oh my, that is so wonderful to share, thank you so much. This King Krule gives me the impression that Alex would have done music like this as a young man if he had decided to be a musician instead of an actor. Just love it. He’s so sweet.


  4. Was a great wee interview. I love his facial expressions, the eye roll in question 4 and his wee giggles, the mans face is so expressive, I guess that’s what makes him a great actor! 😀 and Oh that picture at question 5 *thud* omg those eyes!! ♥


  5. Thank you so much for this 🙂
    I loved the video of the interview but I haven’t been able to see it since they made it private.
    I love his facial expressions, he is so funny


    • I forgot that I meant to upload the vid on our FB, I will let you know how it goes, if I get it up. It was area restricted, so I hid my ip when I downloaded it 😉


  6. Oops I accidentally posted the previous comment with my hubby’s twitter since I’m using his computer.
    It was me “Manu” writing, not the hubby LOL


  7. Awesome post Paula! I love to watch his interviews, he’s always so animated!!


  8. Thank you! I love when he connects with fans! I bet it was fun to rewind and listen to him speak over and over again! 😉


  9. It was great to remind this Q&A. Only better than this is hearing him answering those questions. His facial expressions and honesty/candor in answering is priceless for a fan. I love it! Too bad they have not chosen more questions because he was enjoying to answer it. It was a real treat.


  10. Thanks so much for this! Even though I adore Alex, I always miss out on interviews and stuff like this, so it’s great that I can always rely on you here! 🙂
    I love his very first answer about the bromance being one of the best things about the show because that’s my favorite thing about it, too (apart from Alex himself ;)). And great choice for the gif you chose for it! This my very favorite Steve-Danno moment!!!


  11. Alix

    Excusez-moi les flles mas je n’ai rien compris à laréponse à la question 11. De quoi s’agit-il ? Est-ce que vous pouvez m’expliquer. Merci d’avance…


  12. Hi Alix
    “So You Think You Can Dance” is a competition show like “Idols” or “America’s Got Talent” or “X-Factor” (you can read about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/So_You_Think_You_Can_Dance_(United_States) _
    Alex says following it, is his guilty pleasure. He records it and then he just have to watch it quickly, otherwise he gets cranky with everyboy at home and work. He gets very involved with the contestants that he chose to like and who he wants to win. He even gets emotional when they get voted of the show. His eyes becomes misty or full of tears when they do not make it and have to leave the show.


    • Alix

      Merci Foyeur, Je crois que cette émision existe aussi en France mais je ne l’ai jamais regardée. Notre bel Alex aurait-il par moments un coeur de midinette ??? J’en profite pour vous souhaiter à toutes un trés joyeux Noël et de bonnes fêtes de fin d’année. Grosses bise à toutes


  13. Dirce Macuco

    Alex obrigado por você existir, sou idosa mas sei apreciar o que é belo e você é lindo. Adoro vê-lo atuar sou sua fã e tenho mais de 1500 fotos suas é meu robe colecionar fotos suas, bjus no seu coração te amo



    Damn it! Very good! You always have a lot of questions to ask!


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