410 – Steve in silence


410-officer 410-squinting410-memories410-sword410-emo3410-emo4


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13 responses to “410 – Steve in silence

  1. Audrey

    Steve in anything works for me. Thanks Paula. XXOO


  2. Anwyn

    Love Steve’s thoughtful silence. He is so good in everything he does and by the contrast of him being thoughtful and silent we can appreciate the goofy and funny person even more. TY for sharing.


  3. Love, love, love the 1st and 5th pictures. Very creative and he looks really good as usual.


  4. karen1228

    Great choice of photos. Alex rocked this episode!!


  5. I’ll admit I am a bit of a sap, but these make me tear up all over again. I think this episode was brilliantly done and Alex showed us once again his incredible range of talent. The episode itself stirred up a lot of emotions about our nation’s history and how war has affected the actions of our ancestors towards different cultures.
    Since I wasn’t alive during these years, it is hard to judge those who were involved. My heart breaks when I think of the Japanese Americans losing their homes and families when on December 6th, 1941, they were just as American as anyone else.
    I feel a bit guilty to perv over Alex in this episode, but he was absolutely delicious in his dress whites! It was nice to see him from head to toe in them. 😛 He just keeps getting more beautiful in every episode. There were some wonderful close ups of him to gush over. I love Steve the “softy” as long as we are talking about his heart and not his… 😯 I prefer a good mix of Bad A$s with the softness.
    Thank you, Paula, for once again blessing us with your beautiful gif(t)s!


  6. Alex can convey the best of his acting with his facial expression even better than with words. He has a rare talent, a half smile, a thoughtful glance, a teared up frown… I could watch him for hours 🙂


  7. Alex is a very versatile actor, he has an such a range and his facial expressions are amazing 🙂


  8. I loved when he was sitting at home looking through those old photos with fondness and then his face and expression at the end with the glove…oh ny he’s is one talented man! His face and range of emotions that were expressed made me sob. I Love his face! Well that and everything else about him 😉


  9. gracenotpark

    I do not know how he does it. His facial expressions read as genuine to the emotion he is portraying. So given that he’s really only reacting to a script, I truly cannot imagine how he gets his face to strike such a perfectly natural and revealing pose. But I love that he can do it, because it makes me feel what his character is feeling, which then makes them seem like actual people we could meet on the street. So it’s effective… and affective. When McG cries I cry; when McG laughs I laugh. It’s ridiculous really… 🙄


  10. “When McG cries I cry; when McG laughs I laugh. It’s ridiculous really”. But is a viewer’s reaction to a great performance from an actor. He does it with such naturalness and grace that the character becomes real. And he involves us into the storyline like a wizard/magician.

    Beautiful gifs about awesome McGarrett’s moments on 4.10. TY Paula


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