Black versus white, in kevlar

A bit of black and white lethal bamf for your panties 🙂









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31 responses to “Black versus white, in kevlar

  1. karen1228

    Who needs the Kevlar – the vein/neck porn in pics #1 & 3 has just done me in! Take cover – exploding panties!!!


  2. Anwyn

    Holy Shit. How can anbody have veins like his and strut so bouncingly beautiful. He really is the king of vein porn and strut and gif 1 proofs it.
    Last gif does something else to me. The way he models those pants – sweet Jesus. Sometimes I am glad I cannot touch him, cause I would – certainly.


    • Don’t think there is any “protection” here 😉


      • @ FOYeur: Hehe… 😀
        Can anybody explain to me why these huge veins of his are so goddamn (I’d say “frelling”, which is an insider for Farscape fans) SEXY???? I’m right there with you, Anwyn, but I honestly have no clue as to WHY this turns us on…
        Plus, I sometimes wonder if he does a hundred push-ups before every take. Man, he’s so damn manly!


        • alexnymph

          Perhaps they remind us of another vein he might have. Sorry, I’m really in McPerv mode today 🙂


        • buttercup4u

          It’s his all-over sexyness that makes the veins look even more attractive to us. it’s like a cloud of hotness vapors constantly around him 😆 !!
          It’s like every inch of his body broadcasts “airwaves of sexyness” towards us (I really can’t understand how michelle can even *be* so close to him *and-not-faint*!!!)


          • Anwyn

            I laugh my a$$ off. Broadcasting airwaves of sexiness… Hilarious… Well, I guess we are all in the cold weather PcPerv mode 🙂 I can almost see you all drool in front of the screen. Poor us.


        • Anwyn

          There’s nothing to explain. We are all damn crazy. If we ever got to see this beautiful hunk nekkid we would all die with a big smile in our faces. Ähm, at least that’s what I fancy and hope for.
          Talking about the ‘protection’. During martial arts kind of things the protection is hard cover jock cups and adds to the volume. If his best friend was as huge as in the last pic of the former post it would be scary indeed. Run for your lifes, girls. Jesus, what am I babbling…


  3. The first picture is my favorite, Definitely beautiful in black.


  4. vanduyn

    Those white pants will forever be my favorite! They were made for Alex. The way they snugged his body was a glorious sight to behold! Excellent post! 😀


  5. buttercup4u

    I always *shudder* when i see those veins dragging these drugs in the van! The torture is still fresh in my mind, and i can’t let go!!!
    Ahhh, those veins beauty and sickness clashing together, nevertheless he’s still stirs my guts and my heart skips a beat!
    As somebody said before, those white pants were made for mcg! He’s “white-pants-master”!!!


  6. alexnymph

    Black, definitely. The white are snug, but he’s just so much BAMFier in the black ones.


  7. Candi H.

    Good lord. That first one has to be one of the best of these vid-clips yet


  8. It’s like asking if I prefer vanilla or chocolate. 🙂 Of course it depends on my mood, both are delicious and even more yummy with nuts 😉 and drizzled with chocolate or caramel.


  9. I don’t know about “Black vs White ‘ ladies Seems to mr yhat these gifs are more about “Left vs right” {COUGH]


  10. Damn!! Those veins.. *swoons*



  11. Anwyn

    Hello, it’s me again, I am jazzed and a little bit dizzy from looking back and forth from the black moose, strutting like a god with dancing hips and veins showing off almost obscenely, to the white moose molding those pants so nicely and giving us a little bit of attitude Steve on top of it. I think I need help 🙂


  12. Black or white, I don’t mind when I can see those veins and then the ‘Moose’ is trying to break through. Anyone estimate how big the ‘Moose’ is?


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