Forever cool Mick

I often feel I need Mick the most on Saturdays. But with the new H50 schedule, Steve has taken over. Finally we got a McBreak and I got to say hello to St John again 🙂 Some of these pretties have been posted before, but this time I saved a couple in bigger size. “Bigger is better” with Alex 😉

From random episodes, things I found extra s€xy. Enjoy

Squinting and inviting lips, not to mention the intense eyes and perfect profile. Also love his sideburns.


Fabulous smile, if only he would be behind my door when the doorbell rings.


And then he gave that “knowing” raised eyebrow. He is clearly planing something naughty 😉


No one does the hands in a pocket like Mick.


I wonder if he has trained this tongue thing in front of the mirror. He is very good at it 😉


And the tiniest nostril flare and those luscious lips…*sigh*mick-tiny-flare



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27 responses to “Forever cool Mick

  1. Perfect! Just perfect! Perfection! The second Gif. His smile, and at the same time the sun on his face. Sunrise, literally. *sigh*


  2. vanduyn

    OMG! I’m toast! These are so good that I have no words to tell you how much I love them!! I love when he wears the long coat! And of course the nostril flaring is awesome!! Thanks Paula! 😀


  3. Very nice Paula.I loved Alex as Mick.And i love him as Steve.But i miss those curls .Is that wrong of me!!


  4. Mick is forever cool, but my panties just went up in flames!
    Oh Paula, you know what Mick noseP0rn does to me! I have been missing Mick too and when I see these, I instantly remember why I miss him so much!
    I can’t stop staring at his left hand as it lingers next to the FOY while his fingers sweep the coat out of the way. I love that belt buckle! Nothing but naughty thoughts come to mind. :wicked:


  5. Last night I was missing my H50 so I was on my Pinterest and started pinning some Steve and then went to Mick. I do miss seeing Mick every once in a while. Thanks all these pics are sweet!!!


  6. OOH PAULA!!Thank you for this glorious post.
    Was anybody ever more beautiful!! I love and respect Alex .the actor and the man but I will b e forever deeply in love with Mick St JOHN.


  7. I LOVE the way he pulls that coat apart, it’s like parting the curtain to reveal the bestest treasure ever! *sigh* Miss Moonlight ♥


  8. karen

    Thank you. I miss everything about Mick…but mostly his perfectly beautiful baby face, and his curls….karen


  9. karen1228

    Mick has always been my first love and looking at these beautiful gifs it’s easy to see why! His face, his hair , those lips… He paved the way for Andy and Steve…. Ty!! I didn’t realize how much I missed him till now!


  10. Hello I love your blog.
    Always pass here to enjoy.
    Not always comment, because my English is not good … lol
    Love Mick Sain’t Jhon, it is my vampire heart.
    And never wanted something so much as I want to see this series on the air again, even knowing that it will not be possible.
    Thanks for always bringing a fresh look at it.
    Congratulations on your blog.
    Lia Christo


  11. omg he is gorgeous I just love him


  12. Miek

    NICE!!! Hottest vampire ever 😉


  13. Anwyn

    Salty Tears (Beth – after Mick turned Vamp again)

    Salty tears dwell on my face,
    endless sorrow fills my heart,
    you are now a creature of the night again,
    and not meant to be a part
    of my life in sunshine anymore.

    All I ever wanted in a man
    I can find in you –
    from the look when awesome lashes part
    and reveal the stunning beauty of your eyes,
    with your face that you have stolen from an angel
    and which I never want to see in rage again,
    to the loveliness and sadness of your smile,
    you leave me captured and mesmerized,
    so, that I can only sigh and wish,
    from the bottom of my heart,
    that one day we will set sail
    to a shore where hope can blossom.


  14. Ontlls

    WOW!! Great gifs again, Love the “hands in the pockets one” – Miss Manners!! Love that line! 🙂

    Anwyn, Great poem. Um, I just came out of the shower, I might have to go back in!! WOW!!


  15. BlueEyedMonster

    Yes Alex is awesome in all he does (well maybe not so much in Man Thing) but Mick will always be special. Just the right amount of angst, broody, and flat out sexy.


  16. it’s been a few days since you posted this Paula and I still have no words…………Mick, mi papacito lindo bello y precioso ❤


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