Happy Thanksgiving!

“In Hawaii, we have an expression “hang loose”, and with board shorts, we definitely do”. (from H50 undercover)

You know what this means, right? The reason we don´t seem to get pics of Alex in boardies in HI. No one survives that sight. Broken cameras all over the sidewalks and beaches…

In Thanksgiving tradition, I like to say that I am thankful for shorts and boardies, cause they seem to make Steve “happy” …unfortunately I ran out of time and didn´t have time for more shorts appreciation gifs. Hope these will do





Happy Thanksgiving!


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21 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love the first pic of course 😉 And I am sorry it has to be said, why is he wearing those long socks with shorts in the last picture. Definitely a fashion don’t lol But, he looks very cute in that pic, love the smile. 🙂


  2. oh yes please hang loose AOL \m/


  3. The ONLY time running makes me happy, is when running is making Steve/Alex “happy.” 😛


  4. Those socks are to improve circulation, not for fashion.


  5. I really THANK YOU for all the wonderful gifts you give us daily, though these ones are wet/ sweat sexy shorts……..even more delicious than any turkey. Hope everybody had a great day today ❤


  6. I’m thankful! I’m thankful! I’m thankful! I’m thankful! I’m thankful! I’m thankful! I’m thankful! “7” for all the wonderful gifs of what all women should be thankful for!


  7. these do very well 🙂
    Thank you!


  8. Marnov

    Happy thanksgiving to you all and a big thank you to Paula and FOYeur for keeping this great place going 😀 ! ❤


  9. Anwyn

    He has the most beautifully sculpted calves I ever laid eyes on. That is why he is perfect from head to toe. A lot of muscular men are all right but when it comes to the calves, it’s a sad thing. But not AOL. I love love love the pics revealing those delicious calves. And yes, Alex hanging loose – what a thought, ladies.


  10. Thanks so much for these treats! No turkey needed if you can savor these legs here! 😉
    Oh, how I did love the episode with the martial arts fight!


  11. Thank you for these gifs. They make me as happy as the FOY in gif #6! 😆


  12. Today i’m thankful to Foyeur and Paula for your dedication on this blog, your intense studies and witty comments, your skills for pictures and gifs – Paula is the best, that have the power to put a smile in my face everyday. I’m thankful for all the fun that amazing women around the world have here, sharing with passion, humor and joy, their support to a great actor but most important a wonderful man.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  13. He can away away from me wearing shorts anyday! lol I do love the cage fighting scenes though *swoon*


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