409 – triple squees and a meow

Here are some more 409 treats to make your night, perhaps, more enjoyable.


Take a deep breath, and jump right in.

I´m getting torn between a shirtless Steve and a crisp white shirt with dark suit McG! The agony!


 “Kevlar” 😉



Did you spot Scott spitting?! Eewww…

Brief glimpses of bulges and almost nips. I wanna play with Steve too!


Oh, it´s the weird kitty again. Sorry for the intrusion.

animated-cat1It´s ok, you can breath again.




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19 responses to “409 – triple squees and a meow

  1. Audrey

    Thank you Paula, these are awesome. XXOO


  2. vanduyn

    As much as I love the Steve’s, I LOVE the kitty!!! Thanks so much Paula! P.S. I did not see Scott spit! Thank God! I HATE that!


  3. I have a weakness also for that thin shiny dress belt….. purrrrrrrr!!!


  4. Unfortunately, I did see Scott spit…disgusting..ewwww Love to see Steve in a crisp white shirt but have to admit I prefer him in kevlar and those fitted pants 😛 😛 with a hint of Foy….can’t stop watching gif #7 *sigh* Thanks so much Paula for making my day!!


  5. I admit I am torn too. I love the suit, but give me shirtless any day! 😉 And the kitty, I love cute little cats and that one is too funny.


  6. Thanks Paula! I was wondering if the gecko, or the one that’s not the gecko would play peek-a-boo with us….


  7. Ontlls

    “Kevlar” or um, “FOY” Sorry I love those pants 🙂
    Yep, that crisp white shirt is beautiful, and I love the cutt-off shirt,

    But those shorts are just to big, long and baggy OY!!

    Not impressed with Scott’s manners either 😯


  8. SueB

    I am going to drink all his glory in and Give Thanks! Thanks to you too for giving me more to be thankful for! 😉


  9. The white crisp shirt I’d love to see crumpled on my bedroom floor. 🙂 I have other ideas for the tie. :mrgreen: Actually, I wouldn’t mind if he kept them both on… for round one at least. Time for this McPerv to go to bed and stop typing everything she is thinking. 😛


  10. Love the crisp white shirt especially in the “I’m making an entrance” gif but nothing does wonders on me as much as the grey vest 🙂


  11. Poor Scotty baby probably got a fly in his mouth since he leaves it open and drooling while he ogles Steve’s butt 😉

    Definitely prefer the white shirt and dark suit, its sooooooo handsome and more sexy imagining him (or Me!) slowly stripping it off him to reveal the hidden delights underneath *swoon*


  12. Anwyn

    As most of us think, AoL rocks no matter what he wears. He is freaking sexy when he’s sweating and dirty and he looks gorgeous in a suit with crisp white shirt. Sometimes I don’t know what to say anymore because it is so hard to top what we all have said so many times before. He takes my breath away.


  13. Eeewwww, you made the ‘spitting gif’, lol! Unfortunately I saw that, and I hate that.
    Now, suit, crisp white shirt, shorts, kevlar, cut-off, hm… I don’t care. It’s all breathtaking – just because of the man inside. *sigh* So much beauty this season. He is getting hotter and hotter.
    Thanks for (nearly, 😉 ) all of your gifs!


  14. Karen

    Spitting is such a guy thing – disgusting!

    Love him in a suit tie although I’m a major tatt girl and seeing them up and close and personal on those massive guns well, need I say more!


  15. wow!. it’s great but I always asking myself if Alex doesn’t press his muscles intentionally to make those succulent p0rnveins looks so huge….a total 10!
    When he uses one eyebrown is an attitude of “Don Cachinbon”…sorry I’ve been trying to traslate but I can’t. 10!
    That beast is a demon who hypnotize me… 10!
    Those big eyes, he looks like a tiger…GRRRRR! 10!
    Steve in a suit……a dream just to imagine I’m taking it off :P, 10!
    Sweet bro Steve!……….melts me….sigh! 10!
    come on!, the guy is a HUGE ten!!!…………


  16. It’s hard because he looks great with everything he wears, but all we want is him without anything.


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