Small Mick treat

A small Mick treat, cause I loved it when his hair got messy and he got hurt. The blood on him is so becoming 😉 I think Alex´s wonderful acting skills were too good in this scene. After all as a vampire, he should have bounced back quickly. Right?

And since I´ve missed Mick´s face, had to add the beauty shot 😀



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15 responses to “Small Mick treat

  1. Thank you for the beauty shot! *SIGH* I liked his hair messy as opposed to the “helmet hair” he had, especially in first scenes of Sonata.
    There is so much gorgeousness going on in that last gif. His mouth is perfectly kissable and the eye sexing nearly dropped me to my knees. I’d probably end up there anyway. :mrgreen: #yesIsaidit!


    • The eyesexing was heavenly! I was just now too scared to even look at the shower scene. That´s my drug, those moments when he just eats her up with his eyes…


  2. Oh my lord in heaven! That last gif is killing me!! Excellent as always!! Thanks 😀


  3. AlexNymph

    I always loved this scene–one of my favs for the hurt and the messed up hair–so sexy! And the head wounds that are “always worse than they look”. Love his woozy looks. UMPH! Even vampires take a while to shake off a bullet to the head 🙂


  4. Sara

    yes I have to agree. He is very sexy especially with those eyes. I just want to melt.


  5. EU

    ….please, do it whenever you miss Mick because it will be always welcome, Mick eated her with his eyes and told her so much with that look. They have that love-hate relationship with Coraline and it was wilder than with Beth…..


  6. Paula I’m a Mick /Coraline shipper all the way Thanks for this !!The Beauty shot””” OMG. I have NO knees left but Thanks again anyway


  7. Sandex10

    FYI, NO Mick treat is ever small. 😀


  8. Ontlls

    ((((BIG HUGS)))) Paula, Love always a little bit of Mick St. John. Thank you, Thank you!
    Saw this pop up on phone yesterday, but I can’t respond on my phone, and I had to work late last night, and now this Tues AM, I finally got here.
    It was worth the wait.
    Love some Mick St. John in the morning. Thanks again!!


  9. *sigh* I miss Mick too, love this set!! That’s decided then, I’m rewatching the season in the weekend 😀


    • It is hard to just watch one epi of ML, I always end up watching 3 at least and would watch more but have to go to bed because it´s probably getting closer to 4 am. Oops 😀


      • I know what you mean. 😉 I just watched the episode the gifs are from – and I had to WILL myself away from my TV set to do some stuff for work. One of my favorite shots from this episode is when Morgan/Coraline is in the shower and looks through the glass and you can hardly see Mick’s face. You just get a glimpse of his eyes and STILL you can feel the sexual tension. SO HOT!


  10. Anwyn

    After my recovery from the AlexgrabbedmywristsandIjumpedonhim kind of thing I have to mention that the last gif of this post is giving me the rest. How can anyone be so God Damn Sexy. Really, really relieved sometimes that this is shared crazyness.


  11. karen

    Thank you for the Mick goodness. I miss him every day.


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