McGnificent arms

I got a sudden urge to admire Steve´s guns.

303-arm-paddle 303-boat1303-arms2 303-arms303-arms3 303-bw-seat303-hug

303-hug That tanned skin makes me want to skin him and make me a jacket. That way I would have him wrapped around me #justkidding!



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39 responses to “McGnificent arms

  1. I loved this episode! The 3rd pic, so beautifully tanned and the last pic so sweet!!!


  2. *hands up* i’ve always been an admirer of the guns. god help me


  3. Greasy McG with his arms up…oh my, I love love love his under arms!
    There was so much to love about this episode! Not only were the guns tanned and gorgeous, but we got to see those sexy long legs in shorts!! I would die for a glimpse of his nekkid inner thigh… ((THUD))
    The last gif and pic is so sweet. One of the best Steve/Cath hugs ever! It looked so natural! And “neglected” Danny is amusing too. 😆
    His triceps in gif #3 are Frickin’ Amazing! I just want to take a bite out of him or lick the salt off his glorious muscles! “Steve, Man Sushi!”


  4. Well you just keep indulging those urges!! 😛 And the pic is lovely! 😀


  5. When u get that urge again by all means share some more !!


  6. SueB

    Great episode to watch the guns! Love is guns and other parts!


  7. buttercup

    The guns are McGnificent, I agree!
    BUT HIS FOREARMS in the last pic is what drives me out of everything when I look at it – the veins, the muscles, the slight peeking of the fading forearm tatts, abrasive burns, the strength, the hands and fingers!
    Oh Paula, I’m with you – the more I look, the more I love!


  8. Anwyn

    Even though I like the gifs very much, I did not spot any gun or calves. Are guns his arms? I am sorry to sound so clueless but I am still learning. Please enlighten me:-)


    • Buttercup

      As far as i know, the guns are the muscles of his upper arms!


    • Sorry I missed this, but yes. Guns are his massive arms and biceps more exactly. Alex himself referred to them as guns in season 1 episode with commentary. He was joking and said “look at those guns”. Episode 16 (where he had his face painted with black, to blend in the jungle. If you remember he was lifting that big log in the air and then answered his phone). He was laughing at that scene too 😀


  9. Ok, Paula, you take the skin, I take the FOY and have it stuffed. #totallyjustkidding


  10. that third gif is causing me eyesight trouble as I try to switch between ogling Scott’s ass and Alex’s arms *sigh* ♥


  11. You people are dangerous: I almost don’t need the pics and gifs – the way you’re all talking about his arms just gives me enough to dream of… 😉 (I totally agree with buttercup on his forearms *sigh*.)
    This is also one of my favorite episodes, since I always like to see Steve and Danno together.


  12. I’m jealous on everyone who gets a big hug from him. 😛


  13. Marta

    We all dream to have his arms around us, don’t we? Cool gifs Paula!


  14. Ontlls

    I want a hug!! Not for you gals.. Steve.. he is such a hugger!! Look at the at that last picture, pulls close, he is bear hugger! 🙂


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