Pretty man – Vincent

Just a tiny reminder of our favorite mass murderer, Vincent. How cute was he 🙂







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23 responses to “Pretty man – Vincent

  1. Karen

    So very pretty!


  2. venia

    he was cute but I was also moved by this performance from alex, I felt he should have gotten some kind of award for guest star tole, becaue he really move me, when he died in the end I shed a little tear I felt sorry for him.


  3. Alex the actor, at his best IMO. ❤


  4. EU

    His performance is so brilliant, he incarnated the complete profile of a woman serial killer that I felt so moved and attracted to him…..I felt a little bit strange with myself by feeling empathy with him and then I realized how powerful he was in this character……it’s for me too his best performance. ❤


  5. Could you please tell me what series or movie he made this character?


    • EU

      The serie is Criminal Minds, the episode is called The Big Wheel


    • Hi Lia, it is as EU said, from Criminal Minds. Alex was a guest star in 2009. It was in the 4th Season Episode 22.
      He did no acting job for 10 months after Moonlight, and this was his first role back after that time.
      He did a great job with it and was highly praised by the people from the show.


  6. Ahh, Vincent, it’s been a long time! Thanks for reminding me of this role of Alex! The gifs are very powerful.


  7. Anwyn

    Really great acting and indeed my fav mass murderer! Here is the prove one more time: there’s absolutely nothing that can deface our object of desire. Vincent was creapy good and when I watched the episode I was not a fan of Alex yet, but was touched by the perfomance and strangely drawn to this damaged person. Now I know why – it was the AoL effect:-))


  8. Outstanding and brilliant performance! I’ve watched it so many times and yet I cry everytime.
    Thanks so much for those gifs! Perfect!


  9. Sara

    He is a wonderful actor and I really felt sorry for his character, Vincent. He is excellent at everything he does. I have a request that maybe you can fullfill or me. In the gag reel of season 2 towards the end their is a sexy picture of him in a blue hawaiian shirt. Could you some how post that picture. I have not been able to find it anywhere. Thanks so much.


  10. SueB

    One of my favorite Alex characters! His whole body was just Vincent!


  11. Oh, Alex with glasses!!!! I guess I’m gonna have to watch this episode – for the glasses and for him playing another villain – although the ladies here apparently all routed for him (and, damn, I read a spoiler – I shouldn’t read comments on stuff I haven’t seen yet).
    By the way, and this is slightly off-topic, is it enough to have a look at your gifs or does one have to watch Alex in that hospital show (Three Rivers)? I really canNOT imagine him as a doctor… feels so trivial…


    • Three Rivers was a captivating show. But for me it didn´t have enough Alex in it, although he was playing the lead. I think it was fun to watch once but since then I have only captured Alex´s bits from it. Dr Andy was probably Alex at his most beautiful. He just looked so bl00dy dreamy all the time and the compassion his character had for the patients, was lovely.
      Sorry about the spoilers in the comments, but since these are roles Alex played a long time ago, we just assume the majority has already seen all of his works.
      You will love Alex in CM as Vincent. It is a good TV show and Alex was great in it.


      • No, no, paula, that wasn’t a complaint about the spoiler!!! Of course, it’s MY fault that I’m not up to date with Alex’s work (that’s why I largely stay away from your posts on H50 Season 4)! Definitely no need to apologize! Sorry I even mentioned it.
        Somehow I never got into Criminal Minds although it seems to be a very well-liked show. But I’ll watch THIS episode right away. 🙂
        And thanks for always replying so fast! 🙂


        • If i may butt in, i have been a CM fan since day 1 and this has always been my favorite… Its a different type episode for them and Alex is purely brilliant. I’ve always remembered this episode and his character even though i didnt “discover” Alex until several years later.

          Three Rivers is wonderful. Very different from H50 but Alex gets to *really* act and its amazing and beautiful to see.



  12. Marta

    Vincent is my favorite villain. Alex gave us a brilliant and complex character as a guest-star. It’s not very common to a guest-star in a procedural series steal the public atention and esteem. He did a terrific job! TY Paula


  13. Oh wow – now I see what you’re all talking about! I was in tears at the end, which, of course, is also thanks to the amazing kid that played opposite Alex. Terrific acting by Alex – oh, what he could do if they gave him a bit more to do emotionally in H50. I mean I love his physicality in H50 but he cannot really show the depth of his acting skills there.


  14. :3

    this episode made me love criminal minds ;___;

    alex should definitely wear more glasses !!


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