Remember this?



Click to view in full BR resolution!



Click to view in full BR resolution!


Another example of a sleeping beauty with lethal paws 😉



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31 responses to “Remember this?

  1. lunaterra12

    LOL too funny! Love all the pics!


  2. *sigh* sooo gorgeous…. *thud* and sexy… *sigh* HOT 🙂


  3. Love the kitty 😀 Alex is perfect, isn’t he?! Thanks!


  4. veniascott

    sleeping beauty if the perfect word to describe this clip, Oh I am drooling and siging at the same time. It makes me think of that scene in the little Mermaid when she sees the human prince and she is in love. OH yes the kitten is to cute for words, both are perfect touch


  5. I remember but your #1 is even hotter in slo mo and wowza. schwing


  6. I think I’m in LOVE ……….. with the kitty of course 😉


  7. Oh my! What a gorgeous sight. 😀 Thanks for that.


  8. buttercup

    A good fangirlie never forgets a shirtless scene 😉 !!!
    I love the ones with the gun btw his legs! Thanks paula, you rescued my evening!


    • I love the ones with the gun btw his legs! >> Oh you know I had to bite on this right? What “respectable” McPerv doesn’t love the gun btwn his legs? 😛


      • AlexNymph

        Never really saw this STILL shot. And panties went POOF! It was actually his right thigh, eye$exting it from his knee (little scar there) to his _____, that did me in.


      • buttercup

        I absolutely love the way his unbelievable sexy hands are handling “the gun”!!!
        No kidding, i love those scenes of him checking on the ammo!


  9. Ontlls

    That is beautiful, but I still love Season 1 Episode 5, will never forget the first 🙂
    Beautiful gifs as always! 🙂


  10. I have been sick this Friday but these pics always make me feel better and bonus a kitty cat today. 🙂


  11. Anwyn

    So gorgeous and luscious and sexy. Shirtless scene can’t be forgotten, never ever. Where on earth do you get those kitten gifs from ? I am a real cat lover, I’ve got three of them. Thanks for reminding us of sleeping beauty!!


  12. canadagirl66

    When that first gif first opened on my phone it looked like the sheet was being pulled off him….and I gasped a little. Oh if only Catherine was pulling that sheet off of him…and if only Steve slept in the nude….so many “if onlys”….sigh.
    Oh well…until the day we see this man in all his glory (a girl can dream can’t she?)…these little snippets of him partly nude will have to do.
    Oh and…I’m more of a dog person but I have to say that kitty is adorbs!!


  13. I want to kiss the scar on his right knee cap, but my inner vampire says, “That neck is begging to be ravished.” RRARR


  14. tanja

    Does anyone realise that the first 2 gifs are what we would be staring at if we were on top of him?
    Love the Kitty! That would be our position after doing the horizontal mambo with…..well ya know……


  15. The first 2 shots took my breath away (panting) and the kitty made me think of one of Egan’s workouts.


  16. The kitty! The kitty!! Squeee! You should post more kitties, Paula. Oh and that guy that goes with the kitty isn’t so bad either 😉 ! “A sleeping beauty with lethal paws”, totally! I love this post, thank you!


  17. EU

    how could we forget???? my panties shakes to see him pulling the trigger of his gun near to the other. lol!……I’m a cat lover…..the best pet IMO<3


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