Let´s wash away the awful memories of yesterday´s hotel manager. This is possibly my most favorite face in so 1.

so1-lip-mcg so1-sigh-mcg sigh-mcg



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13 responses to “Prettieeeee

  1. very pretty indeed. it’s the face we never get tired of seeing


  2. Audrey

    Mahalo, our guy is looking awesome.


  3. Hey Gorgeous!! I’m pissed because I have so much to do today and this weekend that I don’t have much time to play with Steve/Alex. I’m soaking in the sexy for as long as I can. Thanks Paula for this So1 beauty! OMG his mouth and the batting eyelashes… *sigh* The B&W is fabulous!


  4. AlexNymph

    Gah! He was so damn cute then. Best hair ever. And don’t get me started on that jawline. This is the look I fell in love with. Thank you, Paula!

    Happy Friday to all!


  5. Anwyn

    I think I am a little bit out of control. This flaring nostrils of his in gif No 3 are killing me. I don’t know why this does so much to my lady parts, but that’s how it is. It’s all there, the beautiful eyes, the full lips that invite me to put my lips on his mouth, and the small lip bite in gif 1. OMG leaving now to recover.


  6. canadagirl66

    He is so f*cking beautiful!! That sexy mouth is making me crazy. Oh how I want to taste those full lips and that tongue. Better yet…oh how I want those full lips and that tongue tasting me. *sigh*


  7. Season 1, especially certain epi’s, was IMO, the best he’s ever looked, I want this look back!!! TY for these gorgeous gif’s !


  8. buttercup

    S 1 Mcg is pure perfection!
    The hot-bloodedness (i’m pretty sure there’s no such word 😉 ) the determination, the frkn gorgeousness of his face!
    Ahhh, Mcg never not takes my breath away!


  9. EU

    ….Alex is so expressive that he would has been perfect to play the main role in The Artist…..sigh! S1……the definition of perfection


  10. Can’t stop watching the 2nd gif…it is mesmerizing…those eyes, those lips…ooh those sexy, soft, sensual lips. How I would love to suck on them..not to mention his tongue..LOL Just the thought makes my lady pants wet. This is the McG I fell in love with. He is perfection!!! I agree with AlexNymph…best hair ever!!! How I miss that hair. 😉 Thank you Paula for these and all the gifs you post for us to drool over.


  11. ACA on the hair! It looks so soft and touchable…. My fingers are twitching just thinking about it………….


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