Women´s self defence seminar with Alex (and Egan)! Yes please.

Isn´t this a contradiction in terms, learning self defence with Alex? Who´s going to fight him? 😉

Anyway, I would gladly pay the fee to get his hands on me.  The title say´s seminar, but perhaps it will have Alex and Egan showing some of the moves with each other (at some point there must be volunteers from the audience jumping onto the stage, I might 😉 )?  Ps I wish they had used a fresher pic of Alex for the flier.

Thank you to Angela Gerstner for sharing this info 🙂

And then Egan posted this pic with this text “After our first training in the new gym we were styling our new shirts designs.” I must say Alex looks lethal with that stare. I am shivering all over….*sigh* (and I still don´t like that doggy face. Why not use a fierce kitty?)

More t-shirts can be viewed by clicking on the pic below.

Alex and Egan



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41 responses to “Women´s self defence seminar with Alex (and Egan)! Yes please.

  1. Anwyn

    This must be a hoax. Imagine how the location will be flooded with crazed women trying to get laid (on the floor) by Alex. He looks so freaking sexy being himself. Thanks for sharing.


  2. gracenotpark

    LOL!!! Is this real? They better get Duke, Grover, and his SWAT team out there for crowd control… Suggest lots of handcuffs. 😉 😆


  3. You don´t believe this? Click on the top pic, there´s a link to the real site.
    I agree, they will need crowd control 🙂


    • Anwyn

      I hope we’ll get information on how it went. LOL. I have an idea about it. Poor Alex baby.


    • gracenotpark

      I guess I believe it but I wanna know what trance Egan has put on Alex to talk him into risking life and limb this way. Cuz the one who’s gonna need self-defense skillz is Alex. 😯

      Seriously, God bless him… He’s a sucker for charities.


      • marnov2205

        “Risking life and LIMB” teehee!! I’m sure I wouldn’t hurt his limb, but I’m also sure I’d try to touch it. His middle limb, that is 😛


  4. That’s what I was thinking Paula! Who is going to resist Alex? They’re going to raise so much money! Can’t really think of a better way to spend $300.00 😉


  5. marnov2205

    For real? Do Hawaiian woman have more self-restraint than us McPervs? Also, a “fierce kitty” design instead of the dog!! Paula FTW!!


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  7. I’d be on a plane in a second if I had the money! Just look at him with that sexy lean! GUH! This may be one of my favorite Egan pics of him yet!


  8. Brandy

    Well considering I live in Idaho I don’t think I will be able to make it but I would love to still donate it’s a wonderful cause. I would absolutely love to see Alex who wouldn’t the things I would do to him. Well anyway post were we can mail a check. Xoxo


  9. So Alex is wearing dark boxer briefs, right? 😛


  10. OMG, even though 300 bucks is a lot of money, I would sign up in a second – if I lived in Hawaii…
    But I really hope for Alex’s sake that the women will treat him with respect and will not just sign up to touch him inappropriately. No matter how sexy and irresistible he is – (female) fans should not forget that there are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.
    Sorry, if I come across like a party-pooper – I, too, would hope to actually get ANY physical contact with him (although I might settle for a look into my eyes and one of his sweet smiles *sigh*), but I think no fan should take the first step and just touch him uninvited.


    • I´m sure we all only joke about jumping Alex. I doubt anyone will cross the line, unless there´s an open bar at the event 😛
      But they could do a bit of roleplaying, take a woman from the audience to play the attacker, and Alex as the woman, showing his defence skills 😉


      • Well, I’ve been to a couple of conventions in Europe (Fedcon and Ringcon, namely); and even there some fans occasionally do not stick to the rules and ask for hugs in Q&A panels or approach the celebrities at the bar, so it is not totally unimaginable to me that some women might “lose it”. But I guess, most will be too “scared” anyways. I have met a few celebs at these conventions and have learned that they are just people like you and me in the end, but being in close vicinity with a man like Alex who just turns me on by walking *blush* would certainly scare me… 😉
        I like your idea, by the way, of Alex playing the WOMAN to show his defense skill! *lol*


    • venus

      as much as I would do the things you mention I to would have to much respect to sexual assult alex, if I was there I would give him respect, . The only thing I would ask is if he would take a picture with me to remeber his face always.


  11. He is so damn freaking sexy in this picture, it has to be illegal. No man has the right to look like this in crumpled pants and shirt, just leaning against something. Plus the scruff and scowl – it’s dangerous for women’s health. But I like taking some risks. So if I lived in HI, I would destroy every razor on the islands.


  12. LaHagela

    This is going to be mayhem!!!
    I want to know how many women are gonna fly in for this??
    leiCa – please don’t destroy every razor on the island, I don’t want him looking like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty 🙂


  13. AlexNymph

    Time to cash in your retirement accounts, ladies, let’s go! But seriously, SOMEONE must get him in such a hold as to display the FWA while someone else gets a photo of that thing.

    Alex playing the woman in a demonstration–he must wear a wig and talk with a woman’s voice–that would be hilarious (and worth going broke for).


  14. venus

    do you know how many women will show up fo rthis thing just to have alex put th his hands on them. I think this would be a sell out and yes I would go, but it would be hard for me to focus becsue I would be entrance by alex.


  15. Marta

    All i can say is that Hawaiian women have so much luck because this is a great chance to meet, speak and probably touch this handsome man. I would like to know if a McPerv will go to this seminar and makes a report for us, including video and pics, please?


  16. canadagirl66

    Although I talk a lot about wanting to put my hands all over this man (that’s because I do), if I was there I wouldn’t be able to MOVE. I would just stare. In stunned silence. With my heart racing. And my mouth gaped open. Drooling.
    *runs to check out flights to Hawaii*


  17. canadagirl66

    Just realized that the date is wonky. I wonder if it’s supposed to be Saturday, November 16th or Sunday, November 17th???


    • I have seen on twitter, Egan is not very good with dates. It can be kind of confusing 😀
      Think we should just be there on both days, and demand satisfaction…… I mean service….. I mean training 😛


      • canadagirl66

        I like the way you think FOYeur!!

        I can’t believe that he’s going to be this accessible….so I’m completely tempted to book a trip.
        BTW…NotMcG is rolling his eyes at me and saying “I’m not going to Hawaii” Perfect….I was trying to think of a way to get him to stay home.
        #avoidsanypotentialawkwardmoments #whathappensinhawaiistaysinhawaii



  18. K

    Found this blog while searching for more info/publicity on this event. The comments are too funny. I live in Hawaii and am treating myself to an early birthday/Christmas gift to myself to be in attendance! Yikes. Definitely more expensive than I expected, but I feel a lot better knowing that 100% of proceeds are going to a local hospital.

    Although I would like to get down and dirty with Mr. O’Loughlin, I promise to keep my cool. 🙂 I’ve seen him a number of times before around Hawaii (but never actually met him) so seeing him in person won’t be as much of a “shock” to me. I’ll be able to control my urges. 😛

    Let you guys know how it goes!


    • Hi K, welcome to our crazy world
      Please enjoy it on behalf of all of us!!
      Hope you get to grapple with him a bit 😛
      Please keep us posted – we would love to hear from you…..


    • If you get the chance to meet Alex personally, please say HI! from us all, that unfortunately live across the big pond. Lucky you to get to that seminar 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from your experience. Please come back and let us know if you made him blush 😀


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