#H50 4:05 – the never-ending captures of Steve´s beauty

I am wiped out … too much to capture in this episode. I am not complaining, but how fortunate for me to have the weekend off for this work load 😉

Ladies, place your panties in a locked drawer, if there still are some left. Maybe have some towels nearby to vipe the wet spots dry 😛 Enjoy the scenery, please comment if you like, and I have a confession. I totally missed Steve sharing Cath´s hospital bed yesterday. If only Cath hadn´t blocked him so much!




















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27 responses to “#H50 4:05 – the never-ending captures of Steve´s beauty

  1. So much awesomeness at one time can drive a girl more crazy about him than ever..Love your posts they are the best!!! ♥


  2. Reblogged this on My daily dose of Alex O and commented:
    (((THUD))) … More comments when I regain consciousness


  3. Simply lovely. Especially the black and whites.


    • I feel the black and whites are better sometimes, and especially when I have the two images on top of each other. Still left a couple there with colours. Just to spice things up 🙂


  4. Love them all!! Fabulous job!


  5. Paula your work AMAZES me girl, I bow at your feet ! Thanks sis for all the
    yummies! 🙂


  6. Sonja

    AMAZING!!! Thank you … I love especially the b/w!!
    Alex in b/w is beyond gorgeous!!


  7. Ontlls

    Great Work, Beautiful work. Thank you, thank you..

    White T-Shirt and Jeans, Oh my.. How long have we waited.. 4 season..*big sigh *goes back up to top to watch first and second gifs*


  8. buttercup

    Those gifs are stunning, thanks Paula, I’m in love with the b/w pics! The b/w makes his face even more powerful!!!
    And Bamf-McG I.LOVE.IT. one really takes him the SEAL tough guy!
    Did anyone notice the shouting he gives Cath in the killer’s house? “Cath – now – Paramedics – let’s go!!! “thud” this leaves me breathless !!!


  9. Marta

    Thank you for the awesome gifs. This episode has many moments to capture, stare and study, so i’m very happy that you had the weekend off to give us this special post. My confession is that i never drool so much watching a H50 episode. He was most sexy/hottie/yummy/handsome as ever, despite the sad storyline. The wardrobe department made a good work this time and Alex’s performance highlighted himself in the best way possible.


  10. lunaterra12

    Oh my loins……


  11. Annie Oakley

    I missed the Steve-in-hosp-bed too! Prob just as well, I have no panties left as it is. After that last scene in the bar, they’ve all jumped on the train to San Diego. Thanks, Paula!


    • gracenotpark

      OMG I was done IN by McG in the hospital bed!! So freaking cute and sweet and he looked so amazing! That whole sweater look on him… damn!!!

      These are just awesome caps and gifs. I truly have no words to say how much I enjoy them. This episode was an embarrassment of riches and you have captured them for us here and we are delighted and grateful!



  12. Seeing Steve and Cath in hospital makes me imagine that Cath’s just delivered a baby because she’s wearing a hospital dress.

    Btw great great job xxxx Such an attractive man ~~~


  13. marnov2205

    PAULAAA!!! Are you trying to KILL US ALL?? This is too much to bear *fans self* 😯 ! The black & white gifs are just incredible, sooo beautiful!! Thank you so much, you are the BESTEST GIFfer! *bows down to you*


  14. Anwyn

    Really, I am stunned. This overwhelming amount of perfection, beauty and talent captured in those gifs for eternity is more than a girl can take at a single blow. Jesus Christ, Paula, you are excelling yourself over and over again. It’s all there: the flaring nostrils, the Earnest, the Smile, and hell who wouldn’t want to replace Cath in that hospital bed. If it had been me, I would have occupied this room and never left it again.


    • This episode was very good for captures, apart from some quality issues with my downloads. I don´t think I have come across another epi with this much stuff to work on. This season might be a killer 😉


  15. AngrySteve, SadSteve, CaringSteve, SweatySteve, CarmechanicSteve, DirtySteve, MourningSteve, PissedSteve, BuggedSteve, SealSteve! So much to enjoy in this episode. I love it and your stunning gifs are the icing on the cake! Thank you so much, I can’t stop watching…


  16. venus

    I don’t think I have ever seen asight more sexy and beautiful than steve in his uniform. thank you for all the gifts showing all his differnt emotions. Thank you


  17. Paula, you are a true artist! These gifs are masterpieces!
    They are all spectacular, but my favorites are the b/w with Steve’s sweet smile/bandaging, and the two b/w in his Navy whites. The second of those makes me tingle all over. Not sure why that look does it for me, but DAMN!
    Thank you also for the gifs of him in the cozy sweater and those delicious jeans!


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