405 – thank you Billy (and R.I.P)

This episode continued with the gorgeousness. So much to capture. I barely left anything out (anything with Steve, that is 😉 ) I started working on this backwards. That´s why the end is on top. How fitting is this salute 😀 No more talk, time to present the pretties.

Hello Officer!









Our most favorite grease monkey (oops) is back! The Handyman with his cool tools 🙂



The pullower! What a change, so lovely to see Steve wear something else for a change. TY wardrobe 🙂





Le Strut


Legs with action!


Nurse McGarrett. Dr Andy´s replacement. I want him to tend to my booboos, too 🙂


Armed and dangerous. Even more than usual.


Until next time…


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41 responses to “405 – thank you Billy (and R.I.P)

  1. Nice pics! Good episode, did not see that coming. Just goes to show who the heck knows what the writers have up their sleeves. I do want to Chin to go rescue/help Kono sooner rather then later and it looks like next week is a Halloween episode so I think she is going to be stranded one more week. Ugh! Love the strut pic and the uniform pics. Thanks as always!


  2. Love all these! I was also glad to see the pullover. 😀


  3. Maria Joaoi

    Love all yr gifts and you are right so much pretteee in this ep. Loved the pullover, the jeans, the dress whites..loved everything. So much Chin time, so much love and tenderness between Cath and Steve, they are Perfect together.
    About braid boy I really had made a bet with a friend after reading that he had a new role in another show and I won that bet.
    And there we go again, I like Joe I really do but the lies, the mysteries, the fact that he broke in and stole that info it makes really hard to trust him.
    I think that I’m a bad fan, at the beginning I was certain that I was to miss Kono very much but now after 5 eps I realize that I’m not missing her that much.


    • I am totally ignoring Kono at this point. I really don´t care what she is doing. I liked her part of the core 4 but now she is on her own and I could easily have those scenes cut out, I don´t think they matter in the end. I feel they are just trying to keep her part of the stories, while Grace is on maternaty leave.


      • I agree with what you are saying but since they are showing her it frustrates me to no end that Chin hasn’t flown there yet and has not even told Steve and Danny what has been going on. So from that perspective it would be better not to show her at all.


  4. And this is why I love my blog partner sooooooo much.
    Great job on these Paula!!
    Gif #5 – His hand sliding down her arm…..such a intimate little gesture 😀
    (Alex really knows how to bring those little small touches to a scene!!)
    (I stopped counting the number of gifs, but……) Tears and the pink beast in one shot…..that might just be to hard for my heart to bear (maybe my panties might not be able to bear it as well!! 😛 )
    Sooooooo much Steve/Alex to love in this episode……… sigh…….


    • buttercup

      The tenderness btw those two is killing me, so much love and respect there – the scene with cath and steve in the hospital, him kissing her gently on the forehead – aawwwhhh! I’m helplessly in love with these moments!!!!


    • buttercup

      I also loved the way the camera got back to that scene (later) steve was still there at her side, comforting her! (He was next to her in bed – aaawwwhhh! I’m getting to be a hopelessly romentic junkie!!)


      • Ontlls

        I saw that too, and just thought, oh my.. Why can’t you stay on that a little bit longer. I am with you BC, I am a hopeless romantic too when it comes to these two!!


  5. Oh I forgot to say – why did we only get half a leg of Steve in uniform??
    They took so long (more tha 3 seasons) to put Alex in these Whites – why not gif us the FULL picture?? – Epic fail!! 😉


  6. buttercup

    Those gifs are stunning like the man himself and like the episode! So much tenderness btw steve/cath – and the billy story turned out so much different! He died as a hero, who would have thought so! I really really REALLY love the way the writers directing this story! Now, cath will have to deal with her loss (and steve with her being a “mess”) !!! This will give us so many more fantastic scenes i’m sure of! Way to go h5o!


  7. Anwyn

    Going to watch the episode later, but have to start drooling on the spot. When I see pictures like these I always get reminded why I picked Alex to see him as the leading man in my novel. He is so much of what I fancy about that it is scary sometimes and definitely he got the looks of a man commanding a space ship. Love the post.


    • buttercup

      I share the same feels, like you!
      He is so much the tough, enter with a stunning strut the room, always can take care of himself typ of guy! It’s fascinating, on the other hand, he tries really hard to trust people (like cath and danno)!!
      He’s the space ship commander 😉 !!!


  8. love it… that pullower thing reminds me of Stan… it was a good episode, not one of my favorite, but it’s stil too early in season for that…


  9. Ontlls

    Between the White T-shirt and Jeans, then that Sweater and then the Uniform!! WOW!! Overload!! *THUD*
    be back later…
    Later.. Okay, okay, it wasn’t the best episode I agree, but Catherine kicked butt. I like her, but I like her as a girlfriend for Steve, the one who supports him, not the one in front – is that sexist?? I don’t know, or maybe we are just used it.
    Billy Harrington did stir the pot for Steve a few times, but the way he was introduced was wrong, and if it was different we would be sadder to see him go, but now IMHO, I happy he is gone, but now what is Catherine gonna do, that break-down in the bar, opened up a whole can of worms!!
    Emotionally for Steve and Catherine!


  10. lunaterra12

    I’ve come here to look at this several times today. Looking at it… looking at it…. looking at it. Thanks Paula for your awesome gif work.
    Steve in this ep… from the grease monkey to the pull-over to the BAMF to the uniform… I’m still a pile of goo.


  11. heymomo

    Excellent gifs and caps ladies!! You got all my favourite parts!!


  12. Linda E.

    I want to start with how beautiful Steve was, in this episode, particularly when he was in uniform at the end. His face was just mesmerizing !! I like also, that he was clean-shaven. I love the scruff too, but in this scene, a smooth face seems more respectful.
    What a jolt to see people other than the core four, in the opening surveillance scene. It gave me a creepy feeling, like they’d re-cast the show.
    I like Catherine, as Steve’s girlfriend, and with Grace gone, I know they need her presence, but how long before Grace is back in Hawaii, and we get back the old vibe?
    I was shocked that Billy is gone so soon. I thought he was introduced to shake Steve up.
    When Joe sneaked into Steve’s garage to steal the code, I thought ‘here we go again’ – he’s going to start lying to Steve again. Maybe PL listened to the fans who don’t like Doris. We may not see her this season at all.
    Love all your gifs, Paula. Thanks. The crime-of-the-week was so-so, but Alex was EPIC !!!


  13. buttercup

    Omg, I’ve just watched the ep, great really fantastic, so much stuff to work for you, PAULA, so many great Steve faces and hands and struts and feels – can I get you my list 😉 !!!!


  14. buttercup

    Omg, I’ve just watched the ep, great really fantastic, so much stuff to work for you, PAULA, so many great Steve faces and hands and struts and feels – can I get you my list 😉 ?????


  15. Well, it wasn’t my favorite episode, but Steve definitely gives me plenty of reasons to watch it and re watch it over and over. I agree with those who thought Billy was brought in to shake things up and now he’s gone so soon? I heard the actor may have left to do another show.?? I would have liked a couple more episodes of Steve getting jealous. It just felt like they cut it short, and really Billy didn’t really matter in the end. The show had us hating or mistrusting him 2 episodes ago and we were supposed to mourn him last night? I think this was a fail. Sorry. I also like Cath very much, but do not want her to become Five-O, but I will still be watching when she does. 🙂
    I missed Danny in this episode. I think that was another fail on the part of the writers. Even if Scott was not available for certain scenes, at least make the one’s he was in, matter. The Danny we all know and love would not have left Cath and Steve. The whole Danny and Joe car scene was good, but I was thinking the whole rest of the show. “Where the hell did he go and why is he not back with the team yet?! Sometimes I think the show tries to fit too much story in 42 minutes and it leaves us unfulfilled and confused at times. Like trying to get Kono in every episode. It takes away from the other story lines and you just get short bits of nothing. *I’ll get off my soap box now.* I still love my Five-O!
    However, HUGE THANKS to wardrobe for white tee, pullover sweater, and Navy dress whites! Alex was nothing but perfection in his wardrobe, but he killed us with his tenderness and compassion. His eyes welling with tears when he was by her side in the hospital made my heartache.
    I think I just need to stare at your fabulous gifs Paula, and cool down my temper and heat up my panties! I loved him in his uniform, but that sweater…mmmmm…I just want him to wrap his arms around me so I can snuggle into it. I think it gave him a softness in the hospital scene. He was boyfriend Steve. 🙂 I am soooo glad he didn’t go for the over shirt. That would have made him look like he was just going to work.
    I should probably just stick to McPerving. 😉


    • There were two scenes where Danny had been implanted to, the end singing in bar and the memorial service on ship. Also the car scene with Joey was painfully fake. I hope this is not the way they will keep doing the episodes when the actors are not available. Might be better to leave them out and consentrate on the people they have available for stories. I feel bad for Danny fans for not getting the same treats we got.
      But since you mentioned snuggleing into his sweater, I found a perfect kitty, that shows how it´s done 😉 http://25.media.tumblr.com/7b16510c12984afd705d292fb2a8a49e/tumblr_mmka2aSFio1r3gb3zo2_250.gif


    • Anwyn

      What she said! After watching the episode I have exactly the same feeling like lurxgirl. The potential for drooling was very high again.
      What really kills me while watching Paula’s gifs is the moment when he sees Cath and starts smiling at her. The way his face changes from sad and stern to a straight smile at her. Thud!


  16. lurxgirl very good observations. I had heard the guy who plays Billy went to another show too so maybe that was not the original arc but then they had no choice. Catherine and Steve definitely were good together this week; he was so sweet. And I agree with you and Paula, they should have just written Danny out of the show this week. As you noted you could tell it was fake and he added nothing to the story. I still liked the episode but I do not want Catherine to become part of the team permanently or even semi permanently until Kono returns. With this last episode they could take her character in so many different directions. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. I don’t read spoiler sites or anything so I try to stay in the dark so I am surprised. 🙂


    • buttercup

      I personally think they will cut the cath-acting-time down after this ep! Her performance comes in waves, like last season, now they’ve done her arc, she will be in the background a few eps, as you said, with this billy stuff they will have so much possibility with her character!


  17. Marta

    Officer and Gentleman!
    Caring and supportive boyfriend.
    Mr. Fix it.
    Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett leading the team and solving another crime investigation in Hawaii.
    And i’m here watching Paula’s gifs, still drooling since i watched the episode this morning and i don’t know where are my panties. Alex in that uniform put the McPerv in me on fire. The white t-sirt is always a bonus and the sweater was a good surprise for a change.
    He was a hottie all episode, but with his kindness, caring and supporting, he had the ability to melt everything in me.
    Thank you for the awesome gifs. I hope you make a second post tomorrow for us.


  18. Anyone appreciating arm p0rn around here anymore??? The last GIF did it for me! ::::::THUD:::::::


  19. Bee-YOOTIFUL in every respect Paula . a gorgeous treat for all of us. Can’t thank you enough.
    As for poor Billy I think he was on the level {SO FAR} and we all . myself included. dumped very bad motives on him If you go back and see all the episodes he is in and simply take them at face value he comes across as a guy wanted a beautiful highly intelligent woman he once loved to work for him and Steve recognized that, That being said with the best intentions in the World former lovers Should NOT work together. It is dangerous Memories and hormones are hard ro fight even if you are in a loving relationship with the worlds sexiest officer, THOSE WHITES OMG !!!!!! Who knows what would have happened. So RIP Billy and to the handsome actor Good luck with your NEW show.


  20. Lee Ann

    I was very surprised that they got rid of Billy so soon. Now Catherine has no job- hope there is no opening in FiveO!. In a couple of episodes she shows up, with the team, holding an AK47, what is that all about?? Alex is unbelievable in his dress whites.


    • I think Cath is around more till Kono gets back. She will probably work for Steve,now that she lost her job.
      Sounds like many of us got surprised at how fast Billy was sent to greener pastures.


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