Action! Playing both sides … of the law.

A little bit of this and that for tonight 🙂
Ps I still wish to pick a fight with Marcus the most, for some odd reason 😉










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20 responses to “Action! Playing both sides … of the law.

  1. lunaterra12

    Why why did you post these??? I’m going to be useless for the rest of the day. lol


  2. Ohhhhh Paula! What have you done?! I love them all and totally get the Marcus thing 😉 He is the ultimate bad boy.


  3. Ontlls

    You gals can pick a fight with Marcus, I will pick a fight with Will Bryant and make up 😉


  4. karin@notmcnerd

    But where is my Kevin? He’s good and bad!


    • canadagirl66

      Kevin’s there. Don’t you see him? You must be distracted by Steve’s sexy strut and Michael’s inviting mouth and Will ‘s alluring eyes and Marcus’ amazing face? It’s okay, I was too for a little while, but then I spotted that good cop/dirty boy. He’s right there…in gif #4…showing off his sexy scruff and chest hair. Yum.
      *runs to watch chair scene….AGAIN*


  5. I forgot to add that young US Marshal there. Oops.


  6. Anwyn

    Love them all, but just can’t take my eyes of young Will with quivering nasal wings. This quivering does something to me. OMG I am also useless for the rest of the day.


  7. buttercup

    I love Marcus, because I’m drawn to the bad guys !!
    I love Kevin too, because he was a bad guy too, because TheShield was baddisch too 😉 !!! Because I think the chair was bad (but bad in a good bad way 😉 !!
    Thanks Paula, so much to love here!


  8. veniascott

    thank you paula for giving us the bad ass alex. by these clips you have showed us another reason we love alex because he is a good actor and be bad ass as a bad guy and a good guy like Steve!!Thank you mostly for using the clip from ‘crimal minds. That episode he was in was on tv here in Michigan. Everytime I see the BIg wheel, I cry all the time. Oh that is when I knew alex was more than hot he ws really a good actor. I never thought I cry for a killer but I cried for him at the end of crimal minds. When he died on the wheel and how he was a freied to that young boy broke my heart. Great performance by alex and it shoshowed what we as fans already know about our man.


    • I should rewatch CM too. I have been watching some episodes lately and think Alex´s role was quite unique and it fit him perfectly. I wish they would revive his character for another episode.


  9. Wow! All these gifs show that he is such a versatile actor. All these tiny little moments in his roles make him special.
    I can’t stop watching. Sigh. What’s your excuse for posting them? I think you’ll say the same like Steve in the last gif: “I had no choice!”


  10. He’s just a bad bad boy in a very good way. Simply delish.


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