Mick showing his cute little fangs

How about a tiny Mick snack for today. Enjoy 😀


And some vampire anger management. One swift swing and off with his head…Cool 😉




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12 responses to “Mick showing his cute little fangs

  1. Anwyn

    Tiny Mick snack, haha, I’d volunteer to be his snack for the rest of my life. So nice, Paula, to make us not forget about how it all began for many of us crazy fangirls.


  2. Ontlls

    Whoohoo!! *happy dance* Love it when Mick is posted. I will be a snack for Mick, as long as I can snack on Mick, and not just blood!

    Okay, time for work!!! 😳


  3. Between all of us, Mick would have so many snacks lined up, he’d never go hungry–for blood or anything else! 😉 Freshie line forms to the right. Good thing he’s got vampire stamina. He’s going to need it to keep up with all of us! 😀


  4. AlexNymph

    Ummmmmmmmm, what a delightful mid-morning snack it is (much better than the usual yogurt).

    2nd one: Raptor Mick!


  5. I love Mick VampedOut! This is so right on time for me. I changed my FB profile pic and timeline to Mick for Halloween!! Thanks honey! 😀


  6. Eat me Mick !! Feed on me Mick !! Let me be your nourishment for eternity !! Lost myself for a minute. Mick does this to me 😀


  7. gracenotpark

    Hee! That beheading was a very satisfying moment…
    And “cute little fangs…” Yeah, that’s what he was going for. 😆


  8. veniascott

    I will always love mick and his fangs are just perfect, and trust me my neck would not be the only place he put his fangs.


  9. tanja

    Love Mick! Did I see a little peekaboo in the beheading gif? Love his peekaboo’s, LOL!


  10. buttercup

    Oh Paula, i’m really grateful for some Mick distraction 😉
    The waiting for the mcroll moments in the upcoming h5O ep is driving me out if my mind!
    Althought my ML sources are not working anymore, i guess i’ll have to buy the dvds!


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