Steve sugar coated for our pleasure

Have a fun #FriskyFriday everyone!

320-br-1 320-br-2320-br-3



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19 responses to “Steve sugar coated for our pleasure

  1. Did he learn his technique from Dusty? Something this silly shouldn’t be so HOT! There really is no need for me to point out the obvious… 😯
    Oh Paula, that last gif is going to wreak havoc on my plans for the day. 😛


  2. Lisa

    Licking screen:) oh my


  3. lunaterra12

    Um… that last gif… the coating highlights certain lovely parts!!


  4. Anwyn

    Jesus Christ, this is an assault to my health. How much yummy can one take at a time??
    Thank you for pointing out the obvious, Paula.


  5. marnov2205

    Doesn’t he look org@smic when rolling in that wet cold sand?! And as clever girls in previous comments say: no need to point out the obvious. It points on its own. 😛 Thank you, Paula, our gif fairy!!


  6. AlexNymph

    One word: Excited!

    Thank you Paula–your gifs are truly gifts!

    Trying to figure out how to freeze the second one at just the right moment–I must play with my DVD tonight.


  7. Manu

    I bet he is tastier than a malasadas 😉


  8. Could be there´s an invisible FUCUP working him on that 2nd gif…


  9. I think there is Paula! Or he’s pitching a little tent in his fatigues?! 😉


  10. I keep watching the 2nd GIF, thinking, “WFT is Alex doing?” It’s like he’s trying to keep his neck out of the sand….The other guys aren’t acting like that. Maybe his neck is very sensitive/ticklish….Food for thought, FUCUPs….


  11. canadagirl66

    My lady parts haven’t been this excited in a long time! Sweet Jesus…that first gif…how he dives in like that..and thrusts his hips over and over and over again…GUH! And then the second gif….oh my…how I’d love to climb on and…well…ummm….in an effort to not be too naughty, I’ll just say it starts with an ‘f’ and ends with ‘his brains out’. *sigh*


  12. buttercup

    For my personal safety I can’t tell how many times I’ve been watching gif #2! Thanks Paula 😉 !!!
    You make minor and unimportant things big and indispensable!


  13. I love these gifs! Not only because there is so much pretty, but because you can clearly see how much effort Alex puts into his scenes! As he said, he can’t do things half-heartedly. He is so Steve in these scenes you can feel it through those gifs!


  14. i went through this while being in the army- this is real- and no fun at all!!


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