#H50 – Steve’s head is made from fiberglass?

Can you believe it! They deleted this funny scene with Steve and Danny.

Lucky for us, we at least got to see it in the dvd extras 🙂
The video can be viewed on our FB, go here:



We could argue that Steve was a bit silly to try to protect himself with that surfboard. But we all know, in reality Steve would be much more smarter (he could obv hide behind the car). But then we wouldn’t have this funny scene 🙂 So the surfboard served its purpose and we got a laugh out of it 😉

Steve in action

Some gun action


Aha …. a surfboard

Maybe not the best idea ever 🙂






Remember when these Season 3 first bts pics came up, and then we wondered what ever happened with this scene. Now we know…



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14 responses to “#H50 – Steve’s head is made from fiberglass?

  1. excuse me while i have a moment. because second one i can see muscles moving in his arms. *fans self* oh be still my heart.


  2. I think he never meant to hide behind but use it as a distraction, so the baddie would shoot the colorful thing while he hid behind the car. 😉

    Thank you for the great gifs, and even more so for video.


  3. Anwyn

    Muscles moving, nostrils quivering, the man is all agitated and in motion. Love all of it but THAT FACE in #3 is killing me. Ladyparts like what they see as usual. No matter what he does, is so freaking sexy. Fans herself, close to a heartattack. Thanks for the thrill, Paula.


  4. Karen

    All I can say is that man is poetry in motion. Sigh, plop and thud.


  5. vanduyn

    These gifs are fabulous! Seeing his muscles moving like that and his face!! Awesome Paula!! 😛


  6. Paula
    I LIKE the way you think !!!!
    Thank you Sweetheart for these YUMMY gifs


  7. buttercup

    Those deleted scenes are yummy, and thanks paula for making them yummier for us in those absolutely brilliant gifs of yours!
    I’ve received my blu-ray dvds from thr us and they’re working allright, althought i sometimes think the syncro sucks, maybe it’s just the bluray qualitiy that’s throwing me off thr tracks 😉
    Woe, that steve looks awesome in bluray!
    Unfortunately, i couldn’t find the time to watch properly and undisturbed, (yeah right)!


  8. marnov2205

    LMAO!! Too bad this scene ended up on the editing floor, it would’ve killed me!! Killed me with laughter, that is. Fibreglass Head is my new pet nickname for Steve.


  9. Wait! What? A surfboard? Where? Watching the gifs again and again… but… nope. Just a manly piece of art. With flexing muscles, rolling tongue, crinkling eyebrows, straining pants, nudified trigger finger and his sexy nostrils of determination.


  10. His arm and thigh flexing in gif #2 …*need to blink*…*swallow*…*sigh*


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