#H50 Season 3 Gagreel – #AlexOLoughlin Shows His Best Faces (stills)

I got my hands on my blu ray disc and of course my first interest was the gag reel 😀

Presenting Dat Face in stills and of course had to make a couple of gifs again 🙂

Will post the gifs in separate post, I don´t want your screen to explode  😉

 Wishing you all a fun day!


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12 responses to “#H50 Season 3 Gagreel – #AlexOLoughlin Shows His Best Faces (stills)

  1. Anwyn

    OMG, how can anybody not go completely crazy over this man.
    TY so much Paula, for sharing these treasures.


  2. These were very yummy Paula! I was distracted from the faces in a few. #20 😯 Pretty soon wardrobe will just spray paint his pants on. I volunteer for that job! #8 Look at the hair glistening on his arms! The teasing pink beast, magnificent pecs and that thick delicious neck are wreaking havoc on my panties! Knowing what a goof he is, makes him even more sexy! I will never forget my first glimpse of the “real Alex” in the S1 gag reel!
    I fell in love with this incredibly adorable goof ball, who just happened to have the body of a Greek god! My favorite gag reel moments are those with Scott and the dogs. 🙂


    • LOL “spray painting his pants on” 😀 You are killing me! I wish they had added baby Dusty in the gag reel in so 2! She is all grown up now. Would have loved to see daddy with his puppy.


      • Ouch..my ovaries! Just the thought of Alex with his baby Dusty makes me turn to goo. Dusty you lucky b*tch! She gets to sit on his lap, lick him wherever she wants, (I know where I’d lick him if I were on his lap. 😉 ) and gets her tummy scratched and rubbed with those orgasmic long fingers…*shudder*


        • Ontlls

          Oh no.. no..don’t start with the “orgasmic long finger” you got me enough with the “orgasmic nose”.
          That lucky puppy!! She is a cutie, but so is her man! 😉


  3. Karen

    I really, really, really do love DAT face!


  4. Karen

    oops, sorry! my computer got SO excited when it saw his face that it just had to post twice!!


  5. Rossella

    ADORABLE!!! You are killing me!!


  6. lunaterra12

    I love this post so much! The faces!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Marta

    The goof ball in action, part 1.
    Thank you Paula!


  8. SueB

    Love when you do this for us! He is soooo adorable!


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