Shirtless #AlexOLoughlin ruining #H50 premier and we love him even more!

I present the after and before pics…this goofball was playing with us! Lovely. We can die happy now 🙂

Also copied some of the tweets that were answered by Alex. They are in random order, sort of. He was on fire! Holy $hit, best hour ever spent at work 😀

You’re welcome.

Jessy Monteith@jessyscott 20m

Q for @HawaiiFive0CBS #H50 Any other dance tonight exept the “twerk” Alex?!! we can’t wait to see it !

.@jessyscott No dancing. Only nudity #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Jessy Monteith@jessyscott 19m
Q for @HawaiiFive0CBS Are we going to see a season 1 Mcgarrett this season? meaning the crazy Mcgarrett that makes Danny go nuts? #H50

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 18m

.@jessyscott It depends how much coffee I drink #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Peter M. Lenkov@PLenkov 27m

Alex is crazy fun. You wouldn’t believe what he’s doing now … #H50

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 25m

.@PLenkov My children are more mature than I am #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 27m

I gonna miss that car, but you’ll be happy to know that Danno…we…get a braaaand new one #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Alisha Francis@alishamarie28 59m

@HawaiiFive0CBS @HawaiiFive0CBS LOVE steve’s swag . especially him dodging those bullets #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS57m

.@alishamarie28 Thanks! It’s partly mine. #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

Scott just looked at my tits! #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

Yes they are my breasts. #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

Miss Sara King@Sara_TIU_TW 1h

Question for #AlexOloughlin.. Was it hard to go back to work on #H50 after you had your son? @HawaiiFive0CBS

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

.@Sara_TIU_TW Yeah, I just want to stay with him all day. It’s hard to go to work everyday with a new baby. #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Dragging a man like that is actually harder than it looks! #H50

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS56m

Grover drops trou in a minute. He’s a bad B$%#$ #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Cassidy Douglas@Cassi_Hopee 56m

Question for Alex: if you could write an episode of #H50, what would it be about? @HawaiiFive0CBS #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 53m

.@Cassi_Hopee I would dress Danno up as a woman and send him undercover in a prostitution ring. #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 49m

Rollins need to learn how to turn a wrench…if she wants to drive a classic #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

jenn jenn harvey@harvey_jenn 49m

Q for @HawaiiFive0CBS #H50 what is your Hawaiian name?

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 48m

.@harvey_jenn Yes. It’s Kekau #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Stacie Baughtman@SBaughtman 49m

@HawaiiFive0CBS Alex how much fun do you have on the set? Do yall play more then work? #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 48m

.@SBaughtman We get in loads of trouble too. #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

K Scofield@KScofield2 37m

Holy shit Mcg just took down Chi – he da man!!! #H50 @HawaiiFive0CBS crazy mcgarrett is back!

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 36m

.@KScofield2 It was nothing personal. I just gotta help out my girl. #H50 #CBSTweetWeek



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14 responses to “Shirtless #AlexOLoughlin ruining #H50 premier and we love him even more!



  2. He was so funny! And ohhhh it got hot! Ugh thank you Alex for taking your shirt off. Now keep on going, take it all off baby!


  3. visage13

    That was a lot of fun. i had to go rewatch the episode after. And of course the no shirt was perfect. I hope they do this again.


  4. LindaSue

    Thanks for posting these tweets Paula. I need to rewatch the H50 episode and reread the tweets. And watch The View again and the ET interview …and catch up on ALL the pretty pictures of Alex as well as your wonderful posts. 🙂 It will be a very nice way to spend the weekend. Yesterday I felt like I was on H50 and Alex overload. (And I NEVER thought that was even possible!!!)


  5. Marta

    This is by far the best week for AOL fans. And the tweet event with Alex was the cherry on top of the cake.
    I love his sense of humor. It defines what man he is. Funny and grateful. The last tweet said it all.


  6. buttercup

    Have i told you, that i need a season 5!!!
    I can’t live on this planet without and charming-funny steve mcgarrett 😀😀😀!!!


  7. Way behind on my comments, but have been thoroughly enjoying all the Alex we’ve been getting this week! I don’t tweet, but I followed the twitter feed on Friday night, while I was trying to watch my son’s football game. I nearly jumped off the bleachers when he took his shirt off! I was trying to keep my enthusiasm down to minimum, because my son’s team wasn’t doing very well at the time. His body looks as good, if not better, than season 1! ((TWITCH, TWITCH, TONGUE TWITCH)) Want to lick him from head to toe and spend a couple hours on those rock hard abs alone. I need to be careful to pace myself. Don’t want to sprain my tongue while I’m only on the happy trail. Need to be at my best when I reach the “summit” that is the FOY. 😛


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