From down under – Jack the young mastermind criminal

Jack the young heart breaker…sigh…


A man of many faces…..

And a man of many talents……




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14 responses to “From down under – Jack the young mastermind criminal

  1. vanduyn

    PAULA!! You wicked, wicked woman!! As if the first gif and pics weren’t enough you almost stopped my heart with the last one! Lord! 🙂


    • Anwyn

      What she said!
      BTW, are we all insane because we love and adore him so much, or do we love and adore him because he’s so brilliant and good looking. Actually I don’t care cause this is an addiction I approve of. Conclusion: can’t get enough of him no matter what age, what looks, what role…


  2. So young, so gorgeous *sigh*


  3. Marta

    Jack, the lover boy! And heartbreaker! Pearl had very lucky.


  4. marnov2205

    What a gorgeous post, Paula, so much pretttteee!!The more Jack you serve, the more I adore him 😀 !


  5. I think I had better go to the doctor’s to see about this uncontrollable spasming in my tongue and fingers. 😀 Maybe a dentist about my jaw not wanting to close? Or a therapist, because I can’t get that stupid “Cupid Shuffle” song out of my head. “To the left, to the left….” :mrgreen:
    He made those saggy waist banded briefs look like the gates to Heaven! Did they fall that low on accident, or did someone direct him to pull them down to the “Edge of Glory.” I need to lie down…his hands near the FOY is killing me! ((THUD))


    • I think you can save yourself a large Dr’s bill – my diagnoses – all the large number of ‘candy’ consumed 😛 And maybe the jaws is just used to the large ‘candy’ now and it refuses to close 😛
      As I have said numerous times before – the director of Oyster Farmer is my hero – she knew how to get many things to ‘the edge of glory’!! 😀


  6. buttercup

    I usually have Alex as McG in my head, because he has about the same age (as myself) and due to H50 playing on TV!
    But these pictures of Jack are so beautiful, so young, so laid-back, so australian! He portrayed Jack the downshifter (?) absolutely perfect! He didn’t care one minute about his appearance, he was such a natural, with his most perfect body (what oyster farmer has a six-pack anyway!) I love him in that movie!
    His body in those grey flea-bitten shorts is doing all the lurxgirlie-stuff to me 😉 !!!
    Every pic is a beauty, way to go Paula!


  7. buttercup

    I know why we all love those pics, because his mouth is parted in nearly every pic!!!!!!
    My fav is the one in the car, it has something naughty !! yeeeEEEESS please!


  8. Jack!!! I love me some Jack about noon! Jack, we are spying on you! The smile, the pink beast, the FOY (*to the left, to the left* thank you LG, you think it’s catchy? 😆 ), the body and the special appearance of: The Eyebrow!
    And you are right FOYeur! The director is a hero!!! So many perfect shots to honor HP, His Perfectness! Head to toe!


  9. lunaterra12

    So much Jack to love!! I should watch this movie again because.
    ❤ ❤ ❤


  10. Great post. I really love TOF. It’s such a lovely film with such a young Alex. But he’s already so great in it.


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