#AlexOLoughlin – Wiped Out Hunk

My tiny leftovers from the fitness shoot.

There´s the “whew”




and also “oops”




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13 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Wiped Out Hunk

  1. Anwyn

    Poor heart of mine!!


  2. buttercup

    Wow, wow woooow, his body is just W.O.W.!!!
    And the man behind is amazing! I’m so happy he’s living his dream!


  3. He has the best legs!! 😉


  4. lunaterra12

    oh my loins………..


  5. Marta

    Thank you for not forget this very important part of the video. You know how much we like to watch everything in detail (even the tongue but specially the legs).


  6. Why is the bottom one so small 😦 Love them, Love them, Love them.. Can I say more or say… *scrolls back up*


  7. Maybe I’m hallucinating, but it appears that TAN LINES are peeking out when the shorts ride up on those HOT MEATY THIGHS!!!! :::::::thud:::::::::


  8. tanja

    OK, why is it that when I see this man, I can only think of having dirty, sweaty, 24hr marathon sex with him? (excuse my French!)
    The man is like the most delicious candy in a candy store and I just can’t resist taking a bite (with the chance of exaggerating and getting extremely fat 😉 )
    I’m a fan of dozen of other actors, but with them it’s just simple romance (fireplace, good wine and poetry). This hot specimen of man is just something I would love to tear apart….grrrrrrrrrrrrr


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