Warning! #AlexOLoughlin in Men’s Fitness with killer looks and laughs!

It´s been a while since I last watched this video, and now made the mistake of having a glimpse… I think I will be spending rest of today in bed now…


Men´s Fitness interviewer asking Alex: “What do you and McGarrett have in common?”

Answer: “Not much” and then laughing 🙂


And this is his reaction 😀


“He´s a much better version of a man”

And Alex in all his glory. Is it getting hot in here?




There are several edits of this Men´s Fitness photoshoot video, this might be the whole thing, not HD though…




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30 responses to “Warning! #AlexOLoughlin in Men’s Fitness with killer looks and laughs!

  1. Mari (@Mari21763)

    Jesus! As I put on twitter, I’ve AD’s 100s of photo shoots. ONCE I want a subject that looks like this! ONCE. I’ll shoot injection blow molded vitamin bottles, new cars, Kmart Shoes for the rest of my career in exchange! THUD Mari


  2. Karen

    OMG!!! Paula if I wasn’t already head-over-heels in love with this man I definitely am now!! TY! TY! TY! He’s just what I needed on today!


  3. Vixhen

    Thanks, Paula. There will be no work getting done today. *Goes back to look at AO in all his lusciousness and that killer smile…*


  4. Marta

    Paula, thank you very much for this post. It’s one of my favorite Alex’s photoshoot and the interview is also cool. There are no words to describe the one and only AOL. He is a FLR/TPD/SMF for sure. I’m having a AlexOgasm.


  5. lunaterra12

    sigh. I’m going back to bed too… with my thoughts of this….


  6. Ächz. Sorry I had to suffer in german. This photoshoot was beyond incredible and so are your gifs. In the “laughing scene” I always imagined someone shouting “A SPIDER” and then you would hear a shrieking from hundreds of women hiding behind the bushes. But they would stay. Because I wouldn’t give a damn about my arachnophobia – cured by this great version of a man. These hairy legs I love!


  7. Anwyn

    Holy Shit! Without a warning Mr. Perfect kills us with his SMILE and sweet modest way to give us the rest with this LEGS at the end of it all. He is too good to be true and I can’t find anything better for drooling. TY Paula for more wonderfully created gifs.


  8. buttercup

    Wow wow wow, the quality rocks so much on my iphone and i’ve never seen this vid before, i can’t wait to see this on my big screen! Om gomg omgomg i’m like a 3 yearoldkidhavingabirthdayparty!!! Tyryty – see you soon!!


  9. More proof that the man is PERFECTION from head to toe, inside and out!
    The legs gif…UNF!! His thighs flexing as the camera pans up to the FOY is causing my legs to turn to jelly. I think I’d lay out a blanket on the rocks, lie back and enjoy nature at its finest! Afterwards we could take care of two of my fantasies. Sex right after he gets done working out and sex on a blanket outdoors. We all remember the beautiful view he gave us after his run up diamond head in season 1. 😯 Some might say yuck to the sweat, but fresh sweat doesn’t stink. It just makes my pheromones go into overdrive. I can be his towel girl, or I’ll just lick it off. 😛 #SWEATKINK


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  11. visage13

    I have never seen this video. Thanks for sharing. I wish he would do more interviews. And those b & w gifs great job, love them. 🙂


  12. This man makes me want to do very bad things to him!! Thanks Paula!! 😛


  13. buttercup

    I still haven’t recovered and my brain’s overheated – because this is stunning and I haven’t got appropriate words to describe that vid!
    But now I know why they put McG in blue – because of THIS blue shirt (and as if he wasn’t hot enough standing they had to sit him on a box 😉 ***thud***!!


  14. buttercup

    He really should do more shootings/interviews (especially now with his great Egon body) I go with visage13 and thanks Paula this is awesome!!


  15. Charmaine

    When will this magazine be coming out, or has it already.



    • It was the photo shoot for Mens Health 2 years ago in July 2011. It has really been to long since he has been in a magazine like this!! 😦


      • Wasn’t it Men’s Fitness? Anyway, how GORGEOUS can this man be???? I seen this interview before, I saved it on my YT channel and come back from time to time only to see and hear him laugh and talk in his brilliant australian accent. *silly me* We don’t need to talk about the photo shoot itself…


  16. Oh my….too much. Going back to bed…


  17. LaHagela

    nom nom nom nom nom


  18. SueB

    I could watch Alex talk and MOVE all day long! Thank you!


  19. visage13

    A bit off topic but Lenkov posted a pic of Alex in the white navy hat yesterday and I know how you ladies love the navy whites. 🙂


  20. Okay, um.. ((((HUGS)))) Paula. That Video is um *wipes drool off chin* WOW!!

    That first B&W gif, that is the first picture of Alex I have ever seen,
    I didn’t know who the guy was, was introduced to him in TBUP, but thought nothing of it,
    Then I saw Hawaii Five-O episode in Mexico while on holidays, was told by a friend who he is, then I did some search, met all the McPervs here and around, and well.. you think after seeing all the picture, movies and nekkid body of this man I would be okay, well.. I am currently sitting farthest back on my couch as I can, cuz if I didn’t.. I would have fallen off.

    You know on the RDA threads, we have what is called THUNK gear.. maybe I might need to put it on before coming here 😉


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