Bottoms up, sort of

The blue pants were getting a bit jellis of all the attention the whities got, so in all fairness, I had to give them another chance. Fair is fair. Ok, so here´s so 3 blue pants with “smack that bottom” (and a few other surprises).


302 – all kinds of nice a$$ hugging gems. Squee #1.


309 – strut and stomp go together like a horse and carriage…


313 – extra durable seams (why won´t you rip!?!) and ventilating his nips


319 – “wanna touch this?” Squee #2


323 – cheeky b@astard with that manly strut


324 – if only we could see those hands unbuttoning…well anything really.

hope you enjoyed it…



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29 responses to “Bottoms up, sort of

  1. Thank you Paula! The blue pants will definitely stay my favourite for S3 😀


  2. I think that tiny wiggly naked butt is stealing McG´s attention.


  3. Oh my.. Good Morning, Good Morning – WOW!! Um.. don’t need my coffee today I am awake now!! (actually Will Bryant woke me up, dreaming about him, might be watching today, but not that ugly part!)
    Okay, sorry, back to the Wonderful Blue shirt and Jeans.. Love Gif #3.. Love that shirt on him.. Please can we have more of that V-Neck shirt but in White *fans oneself* Oh my.. um.. WOW!!
    Last gif, his hands are huge and what those fingers can do… *THUD*


  4. Gif 1) long glistening legs and soaking wet swim trunks clinging to his glorious ass and thighs…watched on TNT and they cut this scene! Straight men running network obviously!
    2) Every little girl’s dream is to get a pony…my dream is to ride this stomping steed…oh yes I’m going to say it…bareback. 😛
    Paula, did you guess this would be my favorite gif?!
    3) ASs, legs and nips…Oh MCG!
    4) YES! A thousand times, yes!
    5) I want my face where his face is!
    6) I LOVE it when he runs his hands over his belt or his gun! Those long orgasmic fingers and veinp0rn so close to the FOY…TPD!!!


  5. Reblogged this on My daily dose of Alex O and commented:
    Paula is the master of gifs! Double the pleasure!


  6. Marta

    Hello blue pants! I already liked them, but now i love them. They fit perfectly as well as that wet shorts. It’s very pleasant to watch these awesome gifs.
    Next post is about the tan pants, right?


  7. visage13

    Oh my these leave me speechless, wow.


  8. Thanks Paula for this totally delicious “PERV PARADISE”


  9. lunaterra12

    This was a lovely find this afternoon! Mahalo!


  10. Vixhen

    Oh how lovely…but yes that last gif with those manly hands….OMG! I think I’ll just stay down here on the floor where it’s comfy! Thanks


  11. canadagirl66

    I know this post is supposed to be about that glorious ass of his…and it is glorious…no matter what he wears. But it’s those amazingly masculine hands in that last gif that have my attention. And normally I think about those huge manly hands all over me…but all I can think of right now is him touching and holding his huge manhood (and you just know it’s glorious too). *shudder*


  12. Anwyn

    Absolutely mesmerizing. You kept me staring and looking for all the delicious details. But the little wiggling one at the end is also just awesome.


  13. buttercup

    That man has the most adorable @ss since the beginning of time!
    The powerful walk and his sexy moves make that butt even more amazing! Recently I thought I could watch him from the back for 40 minutes and still be one happy person 😉 !!!
    Oh those butt views, you made me really happy here, really happy and joyful and all sorts of other things!


  14. Oh how could I have missed this post?
    These wonderful globes in these wet shorts! (They cut this scene on TNT? A lot of jealous man working there, huh?)
    And these legs bursting with energy, powered by dat @ss!
    Droolworthy – hook, line and sinker. Strut, lithe and swagger.


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