#H50 S3 Gagreel Video Teaser with Gifs of course!

We got the first teaser of S3 gagreel.

I sure hope the real one will be better quality and have a ton more of laughs for us 🙂

And why can´t they release the un-beeped version of potty mouth Alex!? I hate that stupid beep!


This is McGarretting wire man 😉


McGarretting wire! Oh Alex, you are a hoot 😀


Scott is getting there. Just needs a bit more time 😉



Yes…maybe…fuck I don´t know. Eek! LOL Pottymouth!


Acting that they are driving the car…


Typing to mom, doing that Facebook thing 😀


Alex was a bit too hasty with his line 🙂


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40 responses to “#H50 S3 Gagreel Video Teaser with Gifs of course!

  1. Maria Joaoi

    Alex is such a goof. I can’t wait to put my hands in that box if DVD along with the one from Supernatural.


  2. I think he did this McGarretting line on purpose! That goof!
    Me: I hate that BEEP!
    CBS: What – WHAT – whatwhatwhat?
    Me: I. Hate. That. FUCKING! Beep! 👿
    Thank you for those gifs Paula! You’re so fast! And you picked so amazing precise little moments!


    • My idea exactly, the McGarretting wire was Alex being funny on purpose LOL
      That beep is ruining the fun for me! Why does it have to be so beeping loud too 😉


  3. Manu

    If they did a full 45 minutes ep with just Alex and Scott messing about I would be the happiest woman 🙂
    This made my day, thank you


  4. When Alex says he’s doing the FB thing his voice is so sexy! 😛


  5. visage13

    This is soo funny. I love the 2nd pic Paula, his smile is priceless.


  6. He is such a naughty boy with the pottymouth. 😛 Me likey alot! I don’t normally like it when guys curse a lot, but with Alex it’s so hot! LOVE,love love him being a goof! I wish they didn’t censor the gag reel and would just put a warning for language on it instead. Everyone can see what’s being said anyway. 😕 WARNING: Adult language coming from very sexy mouth. His smile may cause panties to disintegrate and spontaneous puberty or ovulation are likely to occur. 😆
    Went back for one more look and, POOF! THEY ARE GONE!
    Thanks Paula for your gifs!


    • I agree with cursing being rude but with Alex I want to hear every single little f*ck from his mouth 🙂


      • buttercup

        He he, i love it when mcg leads us down these roads of no limits and naughtyness – he can do anything and we all go “ahhhh – he’s so frkn hot and sexy!” We just can’t help, can we!!!


      • buttercup

        There’s this one scene in the rollerderby ep (at the end) when he comes out of his office and says “who’s this scumbag!” – his voice is frkn hot and ahhhhh – TPD-voice!!! (IHH/NID)


    • AlexNymph

      The biggest warning label should say: May cause immaculate pregnancy.


  7. buttercup

    I think the priceless stuff in this gag reel is that they’re not acting, it’s them real and having fun together, i mean Scott is such a cool guy too, with his mom-stuff talking, ha ha! I’m so much looking forward to seeig this!


  8. Anwyn

    That is so good. Alex beeing HIMSELF. I totally agree with Paula about being content to watch Alex pure for 90 minutes. I’d even go further and say I wouldn’t mind watching him making fun, being sexy and so on and so forth for a whole serial. I know I am crazy. Duck away 🙂


  9. BlueEyedMonster

    Love this can’t wait for the DVD. Thanks Paula you fucking rock! (cursing in solidarity with Alex). And for all the haters out there who think Alex looks sooooo different and sooooo old since his Moonlight Days, The yes …. maybe gif that is such a Mick face! Not matter what he does he is still beautiful and still makes my heart flutter.


    • Anwyn

      I so much agree that Alex is still fucking sexy. May be all the haters and negative guys out there envy Alex’ extremely good and fit looks, cause a lot of the average people never have such a gorgeous body, not even when they are young. Alex definitely has his act together and we all get older. I wish a lot more men could preserve some of their sexiness once they get beyond 30.


    • buttercup

      In my opinion Alex looked good in every year of his life (at least the ones I’ve seen him on screen 😉 ) and he’s about the same age as I have, so – he fits with me every year/(time) I look at him 😉 !!


    • venia

      I can’t belive anybody would think alex is not as sexy as he was on MOONLIGHT to me he is even hotter as he gets older. I mean that body in those what cargo pants. come on, he gets sexy every year to me.


    • Love watching Alex, what every year he was on screen.
      Loved him in Oyster Farm. Loved him Mary Bryant – he was great in that.
      Loved him even more in Moonlight, liked him a Dr. Andy *ducks* and
      LOVE, Love, Love him as Steve McGarrett.
      With age comes maturity and with Alex, the more he matures, comes more sexiness!! He just oozes with sexiness right now, and will continue too..

      Okay, time for bed.. I am starting to sound like Lurxgirl 😉


  10. lunaterra12

    Love this!! I was beside myself when I saw the clip!!! Thanks for the little breakdowns! 😀


  11. venia

    I love the gag reels thank you so much. They are the best on the dvd, and most of all love the alex and scott gag reels those are always the best to me. thank you so much Paula you rock !!!


  12. Oh my.. That smile in the second gif, I um.. WOW!! *THUD*


    • Okay, I made it back, I had to scroll quickly past that second gif, but the third gif is great too.
      Love the McGarretting Wire, love all that Alex does!!
      The “What? What? What? What?” gif almost looks mall enough to be a Avatar (hint, hint!).
      The Beep is annoying, but it’s according to some kinda of law that is has to be beeped!! I can’t remember what it is. But you can lip read that man anytime 😉


  13. Marta

    It’s only a minute but of much fun. TY for the awesome gifs, Paula. Alex stands out till in the gag reel.


  14. heymomo

    Hooray for gifs!! Knew I could count on you gals!!


  15. Canadagirl66

    Awww…this is so great…LOVE the gag reels! I LOVE goofy Alex and LOVE his potty mouth even more. He can say that word to me as often as he likes….as long as he prefaces it with “I want to”…and finishes off his sentence with “your brains out” 😛
    Something else that I find so interesting is that even between takes and being all goofy, Alex never reverts back to his Aussie accent! Have I mentioned that I find that man fucking fascinating…IN.EVERY.WAY!!!


  16. darn his potty mouth. needs to wash it out with soap. i’ll happily do it for him.


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