A Month of Mick (#28) – Act you age!

We know that the vampires don’t age. They stay at a certain age and they look that age forever. The big question is about the age of the mind and at the time of being turned how will ‘mind’ age affect each vampires behaviour as time goes by. The main question for this always arises from Moonlight, Episode 5 – Arrested Development , where we have a teenage vampire who are killing woman – mainly prostitutes it seem.

To be stuck with raging hormones that you don’t know what to do with, for eternity, must be hard.

Our young vampire seems to kill his “potential” love interests, because of differences in what they want from  each other –  or maybe because of his hate for the prostitute that turned him. The only thing that I can think of as being worse than to be a teenager for eternity, would be to be menopausal for eternity 😀 Not that I know what it feels like to be menopausal -#notthereyet 😛

The main question is – Up until what age will the body have such an influence on you that it will affect you behaviour so much? Most often the theory would be that as we age, we acquire wisdom. But how does a vampires body being turned at a certain age, mess with this ‘wisdom’?

This episode suggests the theory that a child will always have a child’s mentality, just as a teenager will always have a teenage mentality. But how does our body’s age affect us once we become adults? Will a 25-year-old act the same way as a 30-year-old or a 40-year-old?

(Okay I admit, this post it is actually mostly about the pretty……but it would be interesting to hear what others have to say about the age thing. 😛 )

The workload and the pressure are quite challenging. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never work harder than this as an actor – unless I’m doing a war film for Oliver Stone somewhere in the Vietnamese jungle, it’s boot camp and he’s making me sleep in the trees and not allowing me to eat at all.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Starlog, March 2008


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16 responses to “A Month of Mick (#28) – Act you age!

  1. lunaterra12

    I wonder, since you are in a body that will never age and you have boundless energy as long as you feed, if you wouldn’t feel forever like a teenager or 30 year old. Sure you gain more knowledge with your experiences and from the world changing, but I think I would never feel like I was 120 or what have you.


    • I think vampires who are well fed and recovered in the freezer, will definitely have more energy than any human (young or old). I think we got a glimpse of the feeling of energy, when Beth was on Black Crystal. The way she describe of how she was feeling……sigh…… Just think of how those vamps can just go on and on and on……… 😛


  2. Eternity as a teenager or menopausal bitch..hmmm…No thank you!
    You really got me thinking this morning FOYeur. I think the type of person you were when you were turned may be more of a factor than the age. Since we didn’t get nearly enough back ground episodes of Mick, I am going by what we saw. Human Mick seemed to be a loving,caring person and very passionate. Although he slept with his best friends wife, he stepped aside when it was discovered he was still alive. He carried regret in his heart as a human, and continued to do so as a vampire. He seemed to be more of an “old soul” than Josef, who was of similar age.
    So I know he said he was a monster when he first was turned and careless, but he seemed to always have a compassionate side for the humans. If he would have been turned before going to war and his affair with Lilah, maybe he wouldn’t have been the same kind of vampire.
    When your turned do you hold on to the same values like Mick, or do you just use your new power to get what you want and kill whatever is in your way?
    So when a turned teenager gets horny, does killing and feeding satisfy their urges or do you think they actually had to have sex to get off? I am not a huge fan of the genre, so my knowledge of vampires is limited to this show mostly.
    Thirty sounds like a good age to be turned, because you have had a chance to make mistakes and have success as a human by that age. I think that would affect how you were as a vampire. 😕
    I think I’ll just look at the pretty now. *sigh* He is excrutiatingly beautiful in the bottom left pic. I just want to nuzzle in next to that long neck and nibble along the scruff of his chiseled jaw while I fondle his chest hair. MMMick!


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    He takes my breath away!


  4. WOW, Great post, great pictures and lurxgirl said most of it. It’s Saturday I don’t want to think to much today!
    OY!! it’s the last day of August, no more Mick days 😦 Loved all the reviews and loved all the comments and posts.
    My collection of Mick pictures has greatly increased (((HUGS))) to all!!
    Thank you! 🙂


  5. Karen

    I know that with age comes wisdom. Vampire or human whatever age they were turned is how’ll they’ll be. Mick was a mature adult and that carried over with him. He was a vampire with a conscience! A gorgeous vampire to boot!

    I’m so sad to see this end. Goodbye Mick, you’ll always be my first love but I’m so happy you gave me Steve to love and adore now. 😢😘


  6. Wow, what a great post! Much to think about on a hangover sunday 😉 . So, at first let me enjoy the pretty!!! *sigh*
    I am not so convinced of ‘with age comes wisdom’, knowledge, yes, but I don’t know much about wisdom 🙂 . But I’m not sure if knowledge and wisdom goes hand in hand?
    And I don’t like this “act your age” thing, because I don’t want to be defined by it or deal with people’s expectations of what someone of ‘my age’ 😛 should act like or look like. Yes my body’s age affects me, but only in the way that I can’t hear my knees cracking because of my hearing (dis)abbilities. 😆 A problem a vampire doesn’t have. Come on Mick, bite me! Age? Bite me!
    So what happens to a vampire when he gets “older”? He gains knowledge, maybe he gains a kind of serenity to accept some things or the eternal stupidity of humans and of course he gains coolness. But I think what makes him HIM, what defines him is his character. That doesn’t change. Mick was a good guy as a human, and he hasn’t lost his humanity as a vampire. I think he is more human as a vampire than Josef was as a human. Maybe he behaved like a monster after he was turned, but he was so strong (not only in character) to save himself.


  7. vanduyn

    This is one of my favorite ML episodes!! Thanks so much! 😀


  8. SueB

    “To be stuck with raging hormones that you don’t know what to do with, for eternity, must be hard.” Best pun ever! LOL


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