A Month of Mick (#27) – Enjoy the pretty – HApPY BiRThDAY ELLeN

Yey! Another party day, another bottle of beer or champagne! Smiley (we might just as well call August, the month of parties and drinking from now on! *hick*)


Before we start our final weekend of Mick……

ml1-attractiveWe go back to the beginning…….

ml1-fountainRemembering that first hello……


Remembering times of Mick just being Mick….ml1-driving…….and sometimes when love just hurts 😀


There were even times of nearly dying…


and the past came back to haunt us just a little…


Sometimes real life  just silently creeps up on you…..


But we believe there can be happy endings……

bday-ellenWe hope you and everybody else have been enjoying our month of Mick till now!

Happy Birthday Ellen S (@ess270 )


From Paula & FOYeur


Filed under Birthdays, Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

26 responses to “A Month of Mick (#27) – Enjoy the pretty – HApPY BiRThDAY ELLeN

  1. Happy Birthday Ellen!! And thanks girls for our pressies!!


  2. With these wonderful ladies, one birthday, everyone gets a gift. Thank you sooooo much!


  3. Happy Birthday Ellen ❤


  4. lunaterra12

    Happy Happy Birthday Ellen! Wishing you a great day and year ahead!


  5. buttercup

    What a nice BirthdayPresi 😆 and we all can have a piece of the cake!
    Hello ess270, and happy birthday from switzerland!
    The header shouldn’t be passed by my virus-scan! Look at those pecs, I’m out of words!


  6. ess270

    nice to pop in and re-check those pecs during the day and see all these lovely comments ;-D #NeverEnufMick


  7. Happy Birthday Ellen! 🙂


  8. Karen

    🎉Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your present with us!!

    I really love the second to last gif!


  9. Happy Birthday Ellen!
    Is it me, or does anyone else find him sexy in the bathtub gif? I know he is in agony, but DAMN…his face looks like he could be receiving pleasure as well. That’s right…you cut me out of the gif. I am the one who pushes him into the tub, rolls him over onto his back and goes down on him. 😯
    Sorry, Ellen, I hope I didn’t spoil your birthday with my fantasy. 😳
    No doubt what I’ll be thinking about when I blow out my birthday candles this December. 😛


  10. Oy…I can’t seem to get my emoticon to work. 😯 Silly me 🙂


  11. Happy Birthday Ellen. We tell you ladies how much joy you bring but hope you know how much. Special wishes for you. – Brenda


  12. Happy Birthday Ellen aka ess.Have a wonderful day ♥


  13. Happy Birthday Ellen.. Hope you have a Great Day!! 🙂


  14. SueB

    He is Sex in Motion! Would love me some of that!


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